Tinder Social came and went and many Tinder users are scratching their heads, wondering what happened to it. Imagine a plane driving on a runway, but the plane never gets go-ahead to take off. That, in a nutshell, is what happened to Tinder Social.

The Trial Run in Australia

When Tinder Social was being tested, its runway for testing was Australia; it wasn’t anywhere else but Australia. If it worked well there, then Tinder Social would greet the rest of the world. But it didn’t get the go-ahead. Why?

Well, for starters, if you were in Australia and used Tinder, you didn’t have any say in whether or not you wanted to use Tinder Social; you were stuck with it for the entire trial run. You might be thinking, “That doesn’t sound bad” until you realize what Tinder Social actually was.

Tinder, as a whole, is primarily a dating app. It isn’t anything else. Tinder Social was an attempt at creating a more social environment that wasn’t focused on finding lovers, but rather, finding friends. It could have been individuals that you didn’t quite click with, but wanted to explore a friendship with. You could create a group of people you met or with friends and plan events to hangout together that didn’t involve having an intimate relationship. On the surface, it wasn’t a bad idea at all.

The plan starts to unravel when the connection between Facebook and Tinder interfere with one another. You see, you can link Tinder to your Facebook. However, no one knows you’re using Tinder until you started using Tinder Social. This created a huge issue by revealing to you every Facebook friend that used Tinder; a connection that was meant to be private.

At first, you might be thinking, “What’s the problem?” Well, imagine you’re using Tinder and you were looking for someone of the same gender, but you haven’t made that announcement yet. Tinder Social outed you, something that should have been your decision to make, Tinder Social made the decision for you, whether or not that was the intention is irrelevant. It caused strife in the lives of many by revealing that kind of information, by interfering with the private lives of Tinder users.

It was made worse by the fact that profiles on Tinder Social could be viewed, even if you didn’t match with them. They could see your sexual preference. If you were married and actively using Tinder, everyone now knew. If you were part of a group that look down on online dating, now everyone knew you used it. Not to mention the absolute nightmare it was for users to even create groups with their friends.

The End Results of Tinder Social

Now that dating habits were revealed, sensitive information left out to dry, secret dating lives open for interpretation, Tinder Social was a complete disaster. Tinder was meant to be a more private, social and intimate app. You didn’t have to socialize with dozens of people on social media; it was one on one. By choosing to be a part of the social media sphere, like Facebook, Tinder Social ruined that which made it a desirable app to have, especially if you were looking for individuals that had a lot in common with you or you just wanted to hangout for the night.

It would be putting it lightly to say citizens of Australia weren’t happy; that’s an understatement. Tinder was flooded with canceled Tinder accounts and if someone didn’t cancel, then they made their opinion loud and clear about the feature. Of course, Tinder tried to wipe their hands clean of the privacy outage by stating your Tinder shouldn’t even be private to begin with. Ouch.

To make matters worse, their statement regarding the end of Tinder Social was a non-apology:

“We discontinued Tinder Social in its initial format. While the feature gained modest adoption with no real marketing effort, it became apparent that the feature as devised didn’t fit cleanly with our future direction, which will be focused heavily on video, location and AI-driven features. We do believe, however, that these features will ultimately lead to a broader social experience on Tinder, which was the original intent of Tinder Social.”

Bottom Line

Look, if you want social experience, go use Facebook, Instagram or even Snapchat. That’s where Tinder failed. There’s plenty of viable avenues for a more social experience. Tinder made the right decision by axing Tinder Social and sticking to what it does best: a great dating app.