Tinder White Screen? Try These 13 Fixes


While swiping through possible interests, misfortune strikes and your screen just cuts to a blank white screen, essentially throwing a stick into the wheel of your swipe game.

This is the issue many Tinder users have been experiencing, which is really inconvenient when you are searching for someone to spend the night or the weekend with.

Why Is My Tinder Screen White

Rather than the tinder screen going white, your matches could have just disappeared. If that’s the case, there are a few things you can do about it.

1. There’s An Issue With Your Device

When experiencing this problem, it can be due to many different issues, one of them being that it could be an issue with your device. This can stem from not updating your device and or the device struggling in its processing system.

It is important to keep up on updating your device and the applications (apps) that it contains. As these updates usually boast new software and hardware that is critical to your devices’ processing and efficiency.

Fix – Force Restart Device

One very easy and good fix to this issue is to force restart your device, while there is not much of a difference between a regular restart and a force restart; there is a difference in how the power to your device is cut.

Being that with a regular restart the power is gradually cut off and then restarted and with a force restart the power is manually cut off right away, then manually restarted.

If you are on iPhone, you can easily perform a force restart by: Press and quickly release the volume up button, press and quickly release the volume down button, then press and hold the side button. When the Apple logo appears, release the button.

This will force restart your iPhone and should help with the issue you are experiencing.

If you are on your Android device, you can also force restart you device:

Simultaneously press and hold the power and volume down keys for more than seven seconds. This will force your Android phone to restart.

Which could be the answer to problem at hand and rest assured this process will not cause you to lose any information or data but will hopefully help you lose that problem plaguing your device.

Fix 2 – Update Device

Another good fix to this issue is to update your device, luckily this is also easy to achieve as well. As discussed previously, it is essential to keep your device updated; as this keeps your device working properly and efficiently.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad you can do this by: Plug your device into power and connect to the internet with Wi-Fi. Go to “Settings”, “General”, then tap “Software Update”. If you see two software update options available, choose the one that you want to install. Tap “Install Now”.

This will update your iPhone or iPad and should resolve any issues in it’s system or program.

If you are using your Android device, you can also of course update your device quite easily by following these steps:

Step 1. Open your phone’s Settings app.

Step 2. Near the bottom, tap System. System update.

Step 3. You’ll see your update status. Follow any steps on the screen.

This will update your Android device and should get you back to finding that person that makes you happy.

2. There’s A Bug

It is very possible that this problem is being brought on by a bug in the Tinder app and no we are not referring to insect bug; rather a technical bug, if you are not familiar with what we mean by “bug”, let us break it down for you.

A “bug” is an unexpected problem with software or hardware. Typical problems are often the result of external interference with the program’s performance that was not anticipated by the developer.

Minor bugs can cause small problems like frozen screens or unexplained error messages that do not significantly affect usage.

Major bugs may not only affect software and hardware but could also have unintended effects on connected devices or integrated software and may damage data files. With that said, you can see how this can cause problems with the Tinder app.

Fix – Clear Your Cache to Get Rid of Tinder Bugs

While on the subject of applications (apps), it is important to mention that this issue could be due to the Tinder app’s, app cache. In order to avoid these issues, you will need to clear the app cache for the Tinder app.

If you are on iPhone, you can clear the Tinder app’s, app cache by following these steps:

Step 1. Go to Settings;

Step 2. Tap ‘Storage’;

Step 3. Tap ‘Internal Storage’ under ‘Device Storage’;

Step 4. Tap ‘Cached data’;

Step 5. Tap ‘OK’ when asked if you are sure to clear all app cache.

This will clear the app caches’ for all of your apps including Tinder and should get you back to swiping.

If you are on Android, follow these simple steps to clear the Tinder app’s, app cache:

Step 1. Open Settings and select Storage.

Step 2. In the resulting list, tap the Apps entry (Other Apps on Android 11 and earlier).

Step 3. Choose the app whose cache you want to clear (Tinder).

Step 4. On the app’s info page, tap the Clear Cache option.

This will clear the app cache for the Tinder app and should get you back up and running smoothly.

Fix 2 – Update Tinder to Get Rid Of Bugs

This cannot be stated enough, updates are absolutely essential to keeping both your device and apps running properly and efficiently.

Not to mention they can hold the key to getting that bug out and stopping it from causing difficulties in your Tinder app; as this can put a real damper on finding someone to share your time with.

If you are on your iPhone, you can update the Tinder app and other apps by following these easy steps:

Step 1. Open the App Store.

Step 2. Tap your profile icon at the top of the screen.

Step 3. Scroll to see pending updates and release notes.

Step 4. Tap “Update” next to an app to update only that app (Tinder), or tap “Update All” in order to update all apps that have an available update.

If you are on your Android device, you can update your Tinder and all of your apps with an available update by:

Step 1. Open you Google Play Store app.

Step 2. Tap on your profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3. Select the “Manage Apps & Device” option.

Step 4. Select the “Apps” catagory.

Step 5. Select the “Update” option beside the app you wish to update (Tinder) or select the “Update All” option in order to update all of your apps with available updates.

This will update your Tinder app and if you do select the “Update All” option it will also update all of your apps with an available update.

Fix 3 – Use Tinder.com on Pc or Browser on Your Phone

Another possible option to solving this issue is to either use Tinder.com on your phone’s browser or go onto your PC to use Tinder.com.

This is a relatively easy fix, seeing as all you have to do is; if you are on your phone and that is your only option, you can close out the Tinder app, then go to your Chrome browser or whatever browser you may use.

Once you have opened up your browser, go ahead and enter www.tinder.com into the search bar and select “Search” or tap the “Enter” key. This will take you to the Tinder website.

Now, you may be wondering “Well, what is the difference between using the app and using the website?” It may surprise you that an app, or software application, isn’t directly accessible on the internet.

Rather, it must be downloaded on a smartphone or tablet. Mobile websites are responsive sites that automatically scale to fit the screen size of your viewer’s device.

This change can make all the difference when experiencing these problems with the Tinder app, so give it a go and it could be your answers to get back to finding someone.

Fix 4 – Uninstall and Reinstall the App

Sometimes when having these issue with apps such as Tinder, it can come down to uninstalling the application (app) and then reinstalling it.

This can sort out certain issues with the apps software processing and could be the answer to your Tinder issue. It is also pretty easy as most apps have an uninstall option.

Do also note, that this will make you lose any information or data in the process, everything should be as you left it.

If you are on your iPhone device, you can uninstall an app in three easy steps:

Step 1. Touch and hold the app.

Step 2. Tap “Remove App”.

Step 3. Tap “Delete App”, then tap “Delete” to confirm the action.

This will uninstall the app from your iPhone device, now to reinstall the Tinder app to your iPhone:

Step 1. Open the App Store app.

Step 2. Tap the sign-in button or your photo at the top of the screen.

Step 3. Tap “Purchased”.

If you use Family Sharing, tap “My Purchases” or choose a family member’s name to see content that they purchased.

Step 4. Tap “Not on this [device].”

Step 5. Find the app that you want to download (install) (Tinder), and then select the “Download” option to reinstall the app.

This will reinstall the Tinder app to your iPhone and get you back to swiping through the maybes’.

If you are on your Android device, you can easily uninstall the Tinder app by:

Step 1. Tap and hold on the app icon until it starts to “jiggle” (enters edit mode).

Step 2. Locate the “Uninstall” option at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3. While holding the app icon, drag it up to the “Uninstall” option and hold it over it.

Step 4. Let go, then you will be prompted with a confirming question which you should select “Uninstall”.

This will uninstall the Tinder app from your Android device, then in order to reinstall it:

Step 1. On your Android phone, open Google Play Store app.

Step 2. On the right, tap the profile icon.

Step 3. Tap “Manage apps & device”.

Step 4. Select the apps you want to install (Tinder), If you can’t find the app, at the top, tap “Installed” or “Not installed”.

Step 5. Tap “Install”.

This will reinstall the Tinder app on your Android device and could be the answer to the white screen issue on Tinder.

Fix 5 – Contact Tinder Support

Sometimes when having these problems with an app, it can be best to go to those who know the best course of action for said problem.

This would be the support center for Tinder and no, it does not mean support in the sense of a wingman or anything like that; this will be technical support for issues experienced on the application (app).

Tinder does not have a phone number or email address you can contact for customer support. You can contact Tinder via social media.

You can find solutions to problems or how to operate Tinder’s app on their help website. The help website covers an overview of Tinder, troubleshooting the app, and safety features you can use on the Tinder app.

Tinder has created a website that can answer commonly asked questions as well as fix common problems that can occur on the Tinder app.

You can use the website’s search bar feature to look up a specific question you have or browse through the many posts that answer questions.

The help website can be reached through this link: help.tinder.com/hc/en-us

Fix 6 – Wait For Them To Come Out With A Fix

At times like this, it can be best to just kick back and wait for the app developers to come out with a fix for said app.

Keep in mind that these fixes can usually be provided through an app update, so on that note remember to update your Tinder app and all of your apps for that matter. The wait time for this can differ, it could be a couple of hours or a couple of weeks.

It simply depends on how much complaints they receive for said problem. Do not fret though, there will be a fix dropped for the problem; in due time.

3. Tinder Is Down

When speaking of apps and understanding how they work, it is important to know that they store their users information and data on servers.

Servers can and will go down from time to time; this does not mean that it is lost forever, it simply means there was a problem that caused the server to go into server downtime to ensure there are not any severe repercussions to the business’s or personal users data.

Fix – Wait For Tinder To Go Back Up

It is important to mention why a server may go down. It could be an issue with it’s network card or something as simple as maintenance.

Seeing as servers run 24/7, as any technological machine; this leads to wear and tear on said machine, hence the maintenance period.

Another possible reason for a server going down can be a network outage. In a network outage, the server can’t communicate with other computers, causing work to grind to a halt.

The difficult thing about network outages is that they can be caused by anything from router failures to cable cuts to internet service provider problems. So, addressing the problem can be a quick fix one time but not at another time.

Unfortunately, when a server goes down, regardless of the reason, the best you can do is wait it out. Also, it should not be too long until the server is resolved and back up, allowing you to get back to finding that certain someone on Tinder.

4. Poor Internet Connection

In this modern world of almost constant connection that we live in, it can be hard to remember to check if you are connected to the internet and once more, how strong that internet connection is.

So when you are having problem such as this; screen blanking out on Tinder, the issue could lie with your internet connection or rather lack of.

So, in short be sure to check your internet connection when encountering these issues, as your internet connection is essentially the “life and blood” of your online activities. Also, keep in mind that certain online actions require a better connection than others.

Fix – Turn Your WI-FI Off Then On

A good fix for this situation is to turn off your WiFi then turn it back on. This helps re-establish the internet connection and can sometimes solve any connection issues encountered in the leap frog game of an WiFi internet connection.

Being that your WiFi internet is starts at your ISP (Internet Service Provider), then is sent to you by your modem receiving the incoming connection, then your router will distribute the internet to all of the devices connected to the WiFi network.

With that said, when you turn off your WiFi and turn it back on; this can help expose any problems encountered in the internet connection process.

If you are on your iPhone or Android, you can easily do this by; swiping down your notifications bar and then locate the WiFi icon and tap it to turn it off, after that tap the icon again to turn it on (the icon will be emboldened when it is on). This should correct the issue and or expose any problems in the internet connection process.

Fix 2 – If You’re Using Data, Get Into an Area With Better Signal

We all know that there certainly cellular service “dead zones”, these are essentially areas where your cell service will be either no service at all or very poor service.

It is important to consider if you may be in an area such as this or maybe you could be in a spot where the service is simply not so great.

If you do believe this may be the case, you will need to get to an area where the service is better in order to complete certain online actions such as, scrolling Tinder.

Fix 3 – Switch from WI-FI to Data Vice Versa

If you are experiencing poor or no internet connection, it could be due to the connection you are utilizing.

There is times when your mobile service data could be better than your WiFi network connection, and the same could be said for the mobile service data; it could be very poor and the WiFi network connected strong.

Whichever may be the better out of two you will want to use. So, if you are using your mobile data and you are experiencing issues, switch over to the WiFi internet connection (if possible), and if you are using a WiFi internet connection and experiencing problems with that connection, switch over to your mobile data and see if it is better.

The key here being, finding that optimal internet connection in order to use the Tinder app or access anything online.

Fix 4 – Turn Off VPN

Now, you may not notice but having your VPN (Virtual Private Networ) on can and will slow down your internet connection, this can very minimal, however, it can bring it down to a snails pace.

So, are you sure you turned off your VPN? It is always a good idea to make sure by checking that it is indeed off. See, a VPN encrypts the connection between the internet and your device (be it PC, Android, iPhone etc.).

This is essentially an extra step in the process of your online activities; therefore it will slow down your connection. So, check if you have your VPN on, as this could be the problem.

Remember with applications (apps) that they are not only prone to experiencing issues, it really is only a matter of time.

On that note, also remember that app developers and IT’s are almost always working on ways to improve the apps performance and features; in this regard, try to practice a little pinch of patience as this problem will be solved eventually.

Also, keep in mind that these answers to said problems with apps or devices usually take the form of updates, so remember to keep up on updating both your apps and device; as they are essential to keeping your device and apps running properly and efficiently.


In conclusion, keep your device and apps updated and clear your app caches’, as this can only promote optimal performance and a “healthy” functioning system.

Also, when you keep up on the care of both your apps and devices, you are preparing for future in the sense that you are minimizing the chances of encountering any problems with either. We hope these fixes and tips aided you in your technical situation.

David Johnson is a freelance writer with 9 years of experience writing for Techzillo and other established tech outlets like iMore. His focus and key interests are Apple and accessibility as well as consumer technology in general. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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