Tinder Failed to Match Error 2022

Tinder Failed to Match Error

Some users have complained about getting an error that says “Failed To Match” when using Tinder.

If you have encountered this issue, you are about to know what contributes to it as well as handy troubleshooting methods you can utilize to resolve the issue on your own.

Sometimes, the issue could be a technical difficulty that can quickly be resolved with a few steps. At other times, the issue might be the other person. Let’s check out these alternatives to get to the root of the problem.

​​Why Does It Say Failed to Match on Tinder?

1. They Rewinded Their Like

Whenever someone reverses their like, even if you like the back so that you match, instead of matching, it won’t work because they reminded their like—rewinding alike is a way for you to take back the like that you sent a user on the app.

This is something that typically happens when a user accidentally likes someone they are no longer interested in. So, what do you do if there is someone that you are no longer interested in on Tinder and you have liked them?

You actually have the option to reverse your likes. Also, this is what may have possibly contributed to you receiving the error “Failed To Match on the app.

The disappointing side of it is that you may have actually wanted to connect with the individual. And since they reverse the like, you didn’t get the chance to connect your match with them.

If someone rewinds their likes, there isn’t much that can be done in this situation. If someone has reminded their likes on your profile, this may be an indicator that they are not interested in you.

Or perhaps, this could be an accident. However this situation proceeds itself, there isn’t much that can be done if this ever happens.

2. Their Account Was Suspended Before You Could Like Them Back

If you receive the error that says “Failed To Match” on Tinder when you try to match with a user, it could be a possibility that their account may have been suspended.

For a user to have a suspended account, this is something that is unexpected, and other users will be unaware of this action.

There are various aspects that can contribute to an account being suspended. Some of those aspects are privacy and security purposes, or they have violated the terms and conditions of Tinder’s policy.

Whenever an account is suspended, you will not be able to connect and communicate with the user on the app.

The suspended account would not be able to receive any messages or matches from you since having a suspended account prohibits the user from accessing the app’s features, which include connecting and matching with other users.

So the matches will remain null and void.

If you happen to encounter this issue and you realize the user’s account has been suspended, you can utilize other dating applications to see if that user is on other apps for the time being.

Since you will not be able to connect and match with that user that has a suspended account, you can definitely attempt to discover them on the other accessible dating applications. 

3. They Deleted Their Account Before You Could Like Them Back

In the same way that it is unexpected for a user’s account to be suspended, it is also unexpected for that user to take the initiative and delete their own account.

There are various reasons why someone would want to delete their Tinder account. The first reason could be they have decided to use a different dating app. There are various dating apps available that are just like Tinder.

Sometimes, if someone has downloaded a particular app on their phone and they notice that they aren’t using it anymore, it’s more so of that app taking up space on the person’s device.

If the app has been sitting in their apps for quite a while, that user may decide to delete their account and do away completely with the app. 

The next explanation for why someone would delete their account would be because they have found the match they have been searching for.

If someone has been using a dating app for a while for the primary purpose of finding love, if someone has found the person they were looking for and the feeling is mutual, the individual may decide to delete their account and continue to pursue a connection with that individual.

Another reason why someone would delete their account would be to take a break from the dating world for a while. Online dating, just like dating in person, takes a lot of time and energy.

Sometimes, all of the searchings, messaging, debating, and date scheduling can get exhausting. So, to avoid being overwhelmed with dating, some users may decide to delete their accounts just to take a breather.

Whenever someone decides to delete their account, this is a plan of action that is not expected. If a user decides to delete their account, this is something that can contribute to you receiving the “Failed To Match” error message on Tinder.

4. Bug

Bugs tend to happen when it’s least expected. But, when you attempt to open your Tinder app to view your matches, you notice nothing is showing up.

That’s a bummer, for sure. Although tech bugs can be sneaky and nasty little critters, there’s always a way to take them out and exterminate them for good. There are a few quick fixes and resolutions to resolve these buggy situations. Let’s check out a few of them!

Fix – Swipe Right on Them Again and See If It Works

If you have a bug, one of the best ways to isolate the problem is to attempt to swipe right on that user again just to see if it will allow you to match.

This alternative is not time-consuming, nor does it take a lot of hassle to perform. While the app is still open, you can try swiping right on them again.

However, if you encounter an issue with swiping right on them and you notice that you are still receiving the error message of “Failed To Match”, proceed to close the app completely.

After the app is closed, try reopening the app once more. After the app is reopened, you should still see the page where you left off that shows the user you were attempting to match with.

If you still see the page where you left off, attempt to swipe right on that user again to see if the error message will go away. 

This is a very quick and simple way for you to isolate the bug issue. 

Fix 2 – Use Tinder.com and See If You’re Able to Match on There

Using Tinder on a browser or PC would be a reliable source to use.

If you are getting this error, to log in via a web browser, you must:

1. Open a fast and reliable web browser.

2. And the search bar, you will type in the direct URL for the tinder.com web page.

4. Once you type in the URL and press enter or search, you will be redirected to the Tinder login screen on the web browser.

5. From there, you can enter your account credentials to access your account.

6. Once you are successfully logged in, attempt to match with the user again to see if you receive the error again.

There are many available web browsers you can choose from on your PC or mobile device to access your account. There’s Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox…I think you get the picture.

After utilizing the app on a PC or web browser on your mobile device, this should consolidate the issue quickly. However, if the issue is still occurring, you may want to proceed to the next alternative to see if that will work for you instead.

Fix 3 – Clear the Cache Apps Cache

Having severe cache backup can cause the functionality of your app to slow down. So, you may want to consider clearing your cache storage.

Cache storage can build faster than you think. Most people tend to forget about cache storage, especially when the app they are using isn’t working correctly.

To clear your Tinder app cache on your Android device, you must:

1. Go to your app settings on your Android device.

2. Tap on Apps and Notification in the menu.

3. From here, locate the Tinder app.

4. Tap on the Tinder app to open its’ properties.

5. You will then see some options appear. Scroll down until you see the section for storage.

6. Tap on storage.

7. On the next page, you will see the option to clear the cache.

8. Tap on the clear cache to clear the cache storage of the Tinder app.

For users that are using an iPhone or iOS device, to clear your Tinder app cache, you must:

1. Navigate to the settings on your device.

2. Select the option for storage.

3. Select Internal Storage located just under Device storage

4. Tap on the section for Cached Data

5. From here, tap on OK when you are prompted to clear cache storage.

After your cache is cleared on your Android or iOS device, relaunch the application.

After you are signed back into Tinder with your credentials, attempt to match with the user again to see if you receive the same error message.

If you are able to view the user’s profile and match it with them, the issue is resolved. If the issue persists without any progress, you may want to resort to the next method of resolution.

Fix 4 – Update the App

Updates are always a critical part of an app’s functionality. Sometimes, it is essential to consider that your application needs to be updated in order to perform properly.

If your app is out of date on your personal device, it may not work properly. So, you may want to consider checking for an update to ensure 100% productivity of the app’s functionality.

If you are using an Android, to update your Tinder app, you must:

1. Google Play Store on your device.

2. Once the Play Store is open, tap the profile icon in the top right corner.

3. Tap on Manage Apps and Device.

4. Tap updates available.

5. If there is an update available for Tinder, the update button will appear next to it.

6. Tap on the update button to update the app.

For users that are using an iOS device, to update your Tinder, you must:

1. Open the app store.

2. Tap on your account icon in the top right corner.

3. If you have any available updates, the updates will show up underneath the Personalized Recommendations tab and above the list of apps that have been updated recently.

4. Find Tinder, then tap the update button next to the app name if there is an update available to install.

Once the update is finalized for your Tinder app on your Android or iOS device, relaunch the application again. Once Tinder is launched, attempt to match with the profile you had initially wanted to match with when you received the “Failed To Match” error.

Remember, updates are highly critical for an application on your device. Updates are your best friend, not your enemy.

Fix 5 – Contact Tinder About the Problem

After all troubleshooting methods have been tested through trial and error and there is still no progress with your Tinder matches not appearing, your next option would be to contact Tinder support directly for further resolution.

 If you are using Tinder, in your Tinder settings, navigate to the Contact Us section. From there, you will see a section for Help/Support. The contact number for support would be 214-853-4309.

5. The Bummer of Them All…Tinder is Down

Typically, when there is an ongoing issue with the app’s functionality, the developers would send out a notification via email stating that the issue is being resolved and they are working to resolve the problem as quickly and as soon as they can.

Following this statement, the developers will most likely send a list of troubleshooting methods to adhere to if applicable. The steps that are sent from the developer to resolve the issue are steps that should be followed accordingly.

So, if you get an email notification from the developers stating that the issue is being resolved and to try troubleshooting methods to fix the issue on your own, it would be best to follow through with that email.

However, if you don’t get an email or notification with any troubleshooting steps, you may have to wait it out.

Fix – Wait For Tinder Servers to Correct Itself

There are many tech-savvy individuals that want to scream into the clouds if they find out that the Tinder server is down. Just like Bumble, Hinge, and other online dating applications, Tinder runs off of a consistently running server.

There is never a set time frame for which a server would be down. So, the best thing to do is to wait for the system to come back up.

Sometimes, if the issue occurs consistently for multiple users since there are millions to billions of users of this application, Tinder developers would send an email or notification stating that they are working hard to resolve the issue.

So, this is all a matter of time and patience.

And if you want to pass the time while waiting for the app to come back up, if you have exchanged social media information with your matches before this monstrosity, you can reach out to your matches on their social media pages to communicate. 

Final Thoughts

No one ever wants to receive an error message when they are using Tinder, especially when they are connecting with other users on the app. there are explanations as to why you are receiving this error.

There is a possibility their account may have been suspended before you had a chance to even like or match with them. Also, they might have deleted their account before you had a chance to match with them.

And if you have any icky bugs, there is always a way to tackle these compromising situations.

First, you can attempt to swipe right on them to see if that will resolve the issue. If you have attempted to swipe right and there was no progress, try closing the app and reopening the app, and swiping right again. 

If that doesn’t resolve, you always have the option to use tinder.com to see if you are able to match with that user.

Along with using a PC or a web browser on your mobile device, it is advised to clear your cache, update your app, or contact support if need be. However, if you proceed to handle this issue, ensure to keep these awesome tips in your pocket.

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