If you love watching short videos, then you’ll love Tik Tok, the short video platform that has heightened in popularity. Users can watch videos that are anywhere from 5 seconds to a minute long. They can be funny, informative, or a composed skit. As users get more involved in the app, they might find that they have a few favorite users, whether that be an established influencer or a friend that they know.

Luckily, you can follow these users to keep up with their content. One of the issues that users might run into, however, is an error that prevents them from following their favorite users. Here’s a few things that you can do to fix that issue.

How to Check If TikTok Won’t Let You Follow Anyone

To test this, just follow a lot of people and if the follow button keeps unselecting, then you’ll know TikTok has blocked you. If it only happens to a specific person, then they’ve blocked you.

When you go to follow someone on TikTok and it suddenly stops letting you follow people, you’ve been banned from following people temporarily so you won’t be following anyone for a while.

Why Won’t TikTok Let You Follow Anyone

There are a few reasons why TikTok won’t let you follow anyone. One rare case is that there’s a bug on the app. This can quickly be solved by you updating the app or restarting the device. However, a bug isn’t a common reason why you can’t follow anyone.

Follower Limit

There is a limit on how many people you can follow in one day. This limit is around 140 people for new accounts. There isn’t a way to get around this. You should be more selective about the accounts that you follow and interact with the ones that you do have before mass following people. This will allow Tik Tok to stop viewing your account as a new one.

Temporary Block

You may be blocked from certain actions on your account within 24 hours. This could be for any number of reasons. For example, if you re- follow the same accounts within a short period of time and unfollow them again, then you might have been flagged. This would make you blocked from following anyone for a short duration of time. These temporary blocks were enforced to address the complaints about overusing the unfollow option or to prevent others from using features in ways that they weren’t intended to be used.

Processing Error

If you’re sure that there isn’t a block on your account or you haven’t reached a follower limit, then it might just be a processing error. These errors occur when there’s a caching issue. Here’s how you fix caching issues.

1. Open the Settings app. The app icon resembles a gear that is kept against a gray background.

2. On the Settings menu, scroll down to “Apps” and tap on that option.

Tik Tok app android settings

3. When you’re on the Apps menu, select the “Tik Tok” app from the list of the apps on your device.

tiktok Storage settings

4. Once you click on the app, you’ll have to select the option one the screen that says “Storage.”

Clear Data and Clear Cache tiktok

5. At the top of the storage screen, you’ll see the Clear Data and Clear Cache options.

6. Select each of those options, one by one.

Tik Tok Thinks you’re a Bot

If Tik Tok thinks you’re a bot, then that might be the reason that you’re unable to follow someone. You can change your password to make it known that you aren’t a bot. You can also log out of your account and log back in. Either way, this would help your account regain the ability to follow the accounts that you want.

These are the reasons that Tik Tok might be preventing you from following accounts.

Hit The Following Limit

If you’ve hit the maximum follow limit on TikTok, then you won’t be able to follow anyone until you’ve unfollowed some people. TikTok has a follow limit of 2000 and if you try to go over this amount, then you won’t be able to follow anyone until you’ve unfollowed a few people.

This is to stop you from trying to build your account by following people excessively and not using the app properly.

When Does TikTok Let You Follow People Again?

TikTok will block you for a few hours when you’ve violated their following guidelines.

Sometimes this can be a lot more so if several hours have exceeded, you shouldn’t be surprised because it’s TikTok that has decided how long they’re going to place the ban.

How to Get Unbanned From Following People

To get unblocked from following people, you simply have to wait for the ban to be removed. Unless you know that you haven’t been following a lot of people recently, you can contact TikTok and ask them why they have banned you and ask if they can remove the ban.

After the ban has been removed, you can’t continuously perform excessive actions because TikTok will ban you again. Doing this too many times may result in your whole account is blocked, therefore, I recommend that you stop following for at least a day.