TikTok Voice Effects Not Showing? Try These 8 Fixes

TikTok Voice Effects Not Showing

One of the features the platform recently released is the Voice Effects. This feature allows creators to add voice effects to their video editing. But many users are still unable to access it after TikTok announced it. So in this guide, we’ll discuss why you are yet to get the feature or why it’s not working if you already have it.

Why Don’t I Have Voice Effects on TikTok?

It is good news that the much-anticipated voice effects feature is now live on the TikTok app. However, because this is such an important feature that creators have been anticipating, it is annoying not to have access to it after it’s finally released.

So why can’t you access this feature? Why are TikTok voice effects not showing on your account? For users who have never seen the feature on their account before, it’s probably because the feature is not yet available in their account or region; for others, it’s just a problem with the app itself.

Hence, we’ve outlined the reasons behind these issues and also provided workable actions you can take to fix them.

1. The Voice Effects Feature Has Not Been Released To You Yet

If you have not seen the voice effects feature since you noticed TikTok started the updates, it is probably yet to reach your account. Due to the enormity of the users, big companies like TikTok test features in units before allowing the bulk of the other users to access it. 

If you think you should be able to use the feature by now. Of course, you can try other measures, such as updating apps to fix, but until TikTok releases it, you certainly won’t have access to the feature yet. But if you have access to the feature before or your account used to have it until recently, then it’s probably due to one of the three other reasons listed in this article.

2. TikTok Server Is Down

If you often experience this issue, you could be staying in an area where the TikTok server usually has downtimes. But if the server in your area is that bad, you still shouldn’t experience this issue from the server more than once in weeks or months. So if this error results from server downtime, you can try using a VPN to access the server.

The first thing you want to do is confirm if the server is indeed down. For a social media platform as gigantic as TikTok, server downtime is possible, even if it’s not that frequent. The best way to confirm is to visit the Downdetector website to check if the TikTok server is down.

Once you confirm the affected areas yours isn’t among or confirm the TikTok server is up and running; you should try to address the error from another perspective. For example, you can check the other issues causing the errors, such as your internet connection.

3. You Have A Weak Internet Connection

If you stay in an area where internet connection is a problem or the wi-fi connection is weak, you might experience this problem more often. Like Snapchat, TikTok also uses a real-time update of its effects and filters. You must maintain a steady internet connection if you want these features to load completely.

Sometimes your wi-fi network connection might not be functioning correctly. For example, if your router is not functioning well, you’ll have difficulty making edits on the platform no matter how much you try. Likewise, if it escaped your notice that your phone has no connection to the internet, remember to check what could be causing this.

You might try connecting with your wi-fi network, but this might not go through due to a wrong password or issues with your device.

If there is an issue with internet access in your area, your TikTok might be able to display all the filters and voice effects that it already loaded when you were connected but won’t load more.

So, it’s essential to check your internet for weak connection because it’s one of the primary reasons you could be having difficulty accessing the voice filter.

4. There’s A Bug

If you’ve had much experience with social media apps, you’ll understand there is no perfect app. If there were, no platform would need to release updates every month or as frequently as most social media apps usually do.

Instead, due to the enormous amount of user requests and functionalities on the app, they often run into an internal error, which will lead to malfunction in different scenarios.

Talking of malfunctions, it can manifest on your TikTok as the absence of voice effects on your app. So yes, if your app has errors within itself, it can do anything to ruin your experience. It’s why the review and ratings on some apps are always so low. So if TikTok also has bugs, why does it affect your voice effects?

The truth is, you can’t determine the exact effects of bugs and app glitches. If the app malfunctions for user A, it can affect the recommendations on FYP or the volume of videos on the app. Likewise, user B can experience what you are currently facing, but bug issues aren’t difficult to fix; you can try out some of the recommended fixes for bug issues in the latter part of this guide.

TikTok Voice Effects Not Showing? Try These Fixes

If you’ve identified the cause of your voice effects not showing is from any of the abovementioned issues, then you can find a way to get it fixed here. Don’t randomly apply the fixes; try using the method that resonates with what you think caused the error before trying other methods.

1. Try Recording Within the App Than Uploading From Your Camera Roll

For most users, the effect is not yet in their app, so you will most likely experience the issue if you try to add an existing video from your camera roll to your TikTok account. The reason is that videos uploaded to TikTok are easier to edit since the system works best in real-time and connects to the server to create the voice-over effects.

So if you record a video without connecting live to the server, it won’t be able to add the voice effects. To fix this, open your TikTok app and start recording your video directly on the app.

Unless you can access this feature and upload from your camera roll or have other apps, you can use, don’t record important videos off TikTok to upload later. Use the TikTok app to record your video instead; you can learn the interface if you are new to TikTok.

2. Update TikTok

TikTok continuously rolls out updates upon updates to keep the creators and viewers entertained and enthralled to keep checking the platform. So if you’re still running an older version of the software, you should try updating your app and see if the issue persists.

The voice-over effects are taking time to add for all users, probably because TikTok wanted to test the features well enough before including them for everyone. However, it’s already available for most users, which is why some of the editing steps are available online.

But if you can’t access the feature just yet, head to your app store to see if there is any update from TikTok. If you can find one, there is a high chance you’ll get the voice effects button on camera roll videos.

3. Wait For the Voice Effects Feature To Be Released to You

If you can’t seem to access the feature, then you have to wait. TikTok has many reasons for not making the feature available for everyone yet. However, by the time it is open to every user, rest assured that it will be in perfect working order, and extra features will also be available to make the experience better.

So, we recommend you wait for the effects and continue checking if it’s available. Then, keep updating your app to see if you’ve finally gotten the feature. You can still enjoy the feature from a friend who can access it for now or use other editing platforms to get your videos the quality voice effects you want to add.

4. Wait For TikTok Servers To Resolve

If the error is from the TikTok server, you don’t have many options but to wait and then resolve it internally. TikTok doesn’t have much downtime anyway, so you don’t have to wait too long to get back on track. But remember, if you’ve been able to access the voice effects before and can no longer do so, that’s when you can wait on the server.

If you’ve never gotten access to the feature, you can wait for the server back up and hope that the downtime is so other members can access the feature. Otherwise, there is no point in waiting for the server back up if you aren’t affected by the downtime. To ease your mind and confirm if the server is truly the reason behind the error, check the server’s status on a website like downdetector.

5. Fix Your Internet Connection

If your internet connection is the issue, you will never be able to access the feature until you fix your network connection.

Depending on your area, internet connection problems can be due to wi-fi or data. So if you should be connected to wi-fi but receiving no internet, check your wi-fi connection; you can switch it off and back on to see if it works.

Also, try checking your wi-fi router is on and enables internet access. If that’s not the issue, you can change your network access to data. But ensure enough mobile data on your device before you do this.

Another option available here is to check your network settings and make changes if you notice anything that might be hindering your internet connection. If you can’t find any way to fix this, you can reset your network settings altogether.

This reset will clear all changes made since you purchased the device and reconnect you to the internet.

6. Restart the TikTok App

Many also recommend restarting the TikTok app to get a better experience. Suppose you’ve noticed the app glitches before and are unsure what is causing them. It might be due to bugs that have been recently on the app.

You can restart the app with hopes that all the temporary logs from the app will get cleared, and once you open TikTok again, it will load all necessary features minus the error.

If the issue persists, you can also restart your phone, which also works since you will close all running apps. So when you turn on your phone again, the apps reload all their features, and you can check if the error no longer exists.

7. Log Out and In

Staying logged in on your app for a long time can also result in the error you receive. That’s why some apps automatically log you out every time you leave the app so that you can refresh your account connection.

However, by doing this, your device will connect to the server to access your account, and the process might resolve the error.

When you log out, wait for about 10 seconds before logging back in. This idea might also work if you have not previously seen the voice effects feature on your account. Then, when you log back in, you might find that the feature is now available for your account without installing an update.

8. Clear App Cache

Caches are stored on your phone when you run an app, but they have tiny sizes you don’t even know are there. This is because caches represent all the essential activities you took on the app since you installed it. That’s why apps more frequently take up more space in the cache than apps you rarely use.

Another thing about cache is that they might also log bugs and save them. That way, anytime you open the app, you will run the bugs alongside the primary program features.

You probably won’t notice the bug effects unless it’s affecting the part of the app you use. For example, if the bug should affect the voice effects, you’ll notice it instantly when you want to use this feature.

So, when you clear the app’s cache, you remove the bugs and clear them from your app storage. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get any more bug issues in the future. Hence, why it’s recommended you frequently clear your bugs and create a safe environment for your apps to run smoothly.

9. Uninstall and Reinstall TikTok

Another option similar to clearing the cache is installing the app. Although clearing the cache removes any logged file, clearing the whole storage rids your phone of all the app features and associated files.

Therefore, when you reinstall the app, you will be able to experience a fresh experience with it on your phone. You can also couple this process with your app update.

So instead of updating your app and adding the new features to the old files. You can’t clear the old files; when you update, the whole update saves entirely in a new directive. This method clears more space and fixes your voice effects error if it originated from the app storage.

10. Add Voiceover Off TikTok

If you are still facing this issue and have tried all these suggestions above, you can go off TikTok and see if the problem persists.

If it does, then the error results from your phone’s capabilities and not from TikTok. A solution will be to take the recording, edit off TikTok and try other apps to edit your video. Then, you can upload the edited video to TikTok once done editing.

Only try this if you know enough about video editing, though, because if all you know is how to edit on TikTok, you might find it daunting to work on another video editing platform. TikTok made its video editing process and interface user-friendly, so turning this away means you have to know how to use more sophisticated interfaces.

11. Contact TikTok Support

As a last resort, you can contact the TikTok support for help and guidance on getting the voice effects back on your account, or if you are yet to get it, you’ll receive help on what to do.

However, before you contact the support team, ensure you’ve tried the steps in this guide and also consume the FAQs on TikTok’s website to see if anyone has faced this issue before you.

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