TikTok Couldn’t Play Video? Try These 9 Fixes

TikTok Videos Not Playing

As you use TikTok, you’ll occasionally run into a hiccup or two. In this case, the hiccup is videos refusing to play. Now, it’s hard to pinpoint the root cause of videos not playing on TikTok, but there’s plenty of fixes that will get them up and running again.

If you’re experiencing issues with TikTok videos, below are a handful of fixes that can help.

Why Does TikTok Say Couldn’t Play Video

If your TikTok videos are frozen or simple just refusing to play, in most cases it’s because of your internet connection. TikTok stories require a strong internet in order to be play videos. Even if you have an internet connection, it may not be strong enough for the video to play.

Can’t I Play My Private Videos on TikTok

If you can’t play your private videos on TIkTok, it’s likely down to a bug on the app or a bad internet content. If there’s a bug, it can corrupt the video on the app and stop it from playing. You may even receive the couldn’t play video error when trying to play your private videos on TikTok

TikTok Videos Not Playing Automatically

If TikTok videos aren’t playing on your fyp, friends page or following page when it’s likely down to a bad internet connection. When you have a bad internet connection, you won’t be able to play videos on TikTok. If you know that your internet connection is bad, you’ll need to fix it.

1. Bug

A bug could be causing your video not to play regardless of if you have a good internet connection or not. A bug is caused by a failure in the system and this causes unexpected results.

2. TikTok Server Down

Since TikTok hosts all of their videos on a server, problems are going to arise at some point because servers aren’t always 100% reliable. If there’s a problem with their servers, for example, the servers aren’t responding to the IP requests, then this could be a good reason why videos aren’t working.

The chances of you being unable to play videos on TikTok are incredibly high if their servers are currently down or experiencing issue. Because TikTok does not have a page on their website where you can check the status of their servers, this is the best way to find out whether they are down is to use a third party tool like down detector.

3. Bad Internet Connection

If connected to WiFi, check that the WiFi emblem is visible and has signal strength. Having H+ or 3G should be sufficient for mobile data and internet access. Anything less could result in your videos not being able to play or you getting the couldn’t play video error.

With that being said, if you notice that your WiFi is running slower than usual, turn it off and back on. You will almost probably see higher internet speeds as a result of this. Turning airplane mode on and off would, on the other hand, be a good idea for improving your mobile internet performance so that TikTok videos will play. If possible, consider relocating to a more service- or cell-reception-friendly location.

How to Fix TikTok Video Not Playing

If you’re getting the tiktok error Couldn’t Play Video when you’re trying to play your videos or videos on your fyp aren’t playing automatically, then there are ways that you can fix it.

1. “Force Stop” TikTok

It’s possible a process in the background is putting the brakes on TikTok, halting your videos and refusing to move forward with the process. Simply forcing it to quit and booting TikTok back up will start the process over.

Doing a force stop should restore the original state of TikTok’s files and resources, which may have become corrupted due to transitory faults while in use. You can restart TikTok on iOS devices by selecting it from the app switcher menu and force stopping in settings on Android

For Android Devices

1. Locate and launch the Settings app.

2. Select Apps from your Settings menu.

3. Find and choose TikTok. Apps are in alphabetical.

Force Stop

4. At the top of the app info page, tap Force Stop.

For iOS Devices

Forcing an app to stop is simpler on an iOS device.

Here’s how:

1. Open your App Manager.

2. Find the TikTok app and swipe left, right, down, or up–whichever way flings the app away. That’s the equivalent of forcing it to stop.

2. Clear Your TikTok Data and Cache

Cache and data is prone to corruption. While it doesn’t happen often, and it’s not a big concern, it can cause hiccups in an app’s processes. All you have to do is clear them both out and TikTok should start working again, if that was the problem.

For Android Devices

1. Locate and launch the Settings app.

2. Scroll down your Settings menu to Apps. Select it.

3. From your Apps menu, find and select TikTok.

4. From here, choose Storage.

Clear Data and Clear Cache

5. In Storage, you’ll see Clear Data and Clear Cache. Select both of them one after the other.

For iOS Devices

1. Locate and launch the Settings app.

2. In the left hand menu, choose General.

3. In General, select Storage & iCloud Usage, then Manage Storage.

4. Choose the TikTok app. You’ll see the option “Documents & Data.” Go ahead and delete it.

3. Reboot Your Modem and Router

The most likely of causes is your Wi-Fi network. How’s the strength of your network doing? You could test your network strength, but it’s better to simply reboot your modem and router.

The reason being a fresh reboot of your modem and router will flush its cache, which will purge any errors that may have accumulated over time. It’s a good habit to make periodically because your network strength can take a hit.

1. Locate your modem and router (if you have a router). In the back, find the power cable for both your modem and router. Follow the cords until you reach the power outlet they are both plugged into.

2. Pull the power cords from the power outlet and give the modem and router at least 2 minutes.

3. After 2 minutes has passed, plug your modem and router back in. Give your modem and router time to reboot and start broadcasting your network. Double-check it’s working by using another device like a mobile device or a computer.

4. A Fresh Install of TikTok

1. Locate and launch the Settings app.

2. If you’re using an Android device, scroll down until you come to Apps. Select it. For iOS users, you’ll find TikTok on the left hand side.

Uninstall or Delete App

3. In the Apps menu of Android devices, locate TikTok. Whether you’re using Android or iOS, you’ll see Uninstall or Delete App. Select the option that applies to your device.

4. Once the uninstallation is complete, you can head back into your device’s parent store, Google Play Store if you’re using Android, the App Store if you’re using iOS.

5. Search for the TikTok app with the search bar and tap Install.

5. The Server is Experiencing Issues

With everything said and done, and TikTok videos still aren’t playing, then chances are TikTok servers are experiencing network issues. There’s nothing you can do about fixing them because it isn’t coming from your end.

All you can do is wait for the issue to be resolved. So, brew a cup of coffee, grab a good book and wait for the servers to come back online.

Down Detector is a great place to keep an eye on TikTok’s current status.

6. Turn Off Any VPNs

Beginner VPN users have been known to activate the VPN and connect to the server advised by the software, which is not uncommon.

When you’re playing content on TikTok, it’s critical to have a reliable internet connection. If you are using a virtual private network (VPN), we recommend turning them off before playing your private videos or videos on your FYP.

While virtual private networks (VPNs) are excellent for protecting your network and data, some VPNs might create delays and instability in your internet connection.

To play videos on Tiktok, you will need to switch off your VPN. Go to the VPN service you use and disable it so that it doesn’t interrupt the Tiktok server and you play your video without getting the couldn’t play video error.

7. Log Out Then into TikTok

If you are having trouble playing your private videos or getting the couldn’t play video error when trying to play videos, logging out and then back in may be able to resolve the problem.

Although logging out of your TikTok account is quite simple, significant risks are involved. When you log out of your TikTok account, all of your draft videos will be automatically deleted without your knowledge or consent.

As a result, before you log out of your TikTok account, double-check that you don’t require any of the drafts.

8. Report on Tiktok

As of right now, there is no way to call TikTok because they do not provide a phone number where you may report a concern.

As a result, you’ll have to report a problem through the app by selecting “Report a problem” from the “Settings and privacy” section. On TikTok, you may report a problem by going to your profile, tapping on the three dots, and then tapping on “Report a problem.”

Once you’ve done that, choose a related issue, press on “No,” explain your concern, and then tap on “Report.” After you’ve reported an issue on TikTok, you can check the status of your report on the “Your support tickets” page, which can get located here.

Go to the “Feedback and help” page and select the “Edit” icon from the drop-down menu to get to it.

Email Tiktok:

Thanks to TikTok’s transparency, customers can contact TikTok in various ways. The company provides multiple email addresses where they can get reached and a feedback form for most users’ simple questions.

If you know exactly where you want your question to be directed, emailing TikTok [email protected] is a fantastic approach to getting in touch with the company.

If you don’t want to continue to experience problems with playing videos on TikTok, you can email Tiktok. Let them know you have struggled to play your private videos and videos aren’t aren’t automatically playing on your FYP.

Feedback form:

The feedback form on TikTok is the second method of reporting to the company. The feedback form allows you to describe the problem you’d want to report. It also lets you provide feedback about your TikTok experience to other people who use the app.

When filling out the form, you’ll be asked to supply your email address.

It is optional to provide your TikTok login; however, it is recommended that you do so. Provide a detailed description of the problem you’re experiencing on TikTok in the “What would you like to tell us?” area.

Once you’ve finished filling out the form, click “Submit” to send it on its way. You will receive a response to your report via the email address you have given.

9. Restart Your Device

A software error, for example, could have caused your TikTok videos not to play. Restarting your phone will terminate all currently operating processes and clear the RAM, and it will often take less than 2 minutes to complete in most cases.

You can resolve most technical issues by turning your phone off and back on again. It will update the software on your iPhone or Android and in most cases, will correct the problem you are experiencing.

For iPhone:

  1. Simultaneously hit and release both the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons on your keyboard.
  2. Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds.
  3. Maintain control of the Power button until the Apple logo is displayed.

To restart an Android:

Press and hold the power button for several seconds to turn on the computer. The power button is often located on the right side of the device. After a few seconds, a menu with the option to turn off the widget should appear.

Other alternatives, such as Restart, may be available in the most recent Android version, which is a preferable choice.

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