TikTok Notifications Not Working? Try These 10 Fixes

TikTok Notifications Not Working

Sounds become viral, creators make dancers to said sound, and the billion users watch in awe as their screen is filled with fascinating movements. Dancing is not the only thing that Tiktok offers, however.

From cute pet videos to simple recipes for college students, anyone can become a sensation and gain a multitude of followers overnight. With these followers comes unlimited interactions of views, likes, and comments that appear in your Tiktok inbox.

However, sometimes these do not appear nor is there any real notification of all these interactions. It can be incredibly troublesome to not be able to see all of the likes your new unboxing video got, or enjoy the comments of people loving up on the travel tips you have been sharing.

But fear not, there are many solutions available with a couple movements of your hands that will allow you to get back to your Tiktok domination in no time. 

Why is My Tiktok Inbox Not Working

1. No Internet Connection

Nothing even popping up on your For You Page as soon as you open up the app? One reason that your Tiktok inbox may be failing, and all other parts of the app, to work is that your internet is not properly functioning or there is a bad connection to your own Wi-Fi network.

A quick way to check to see if your internet is not connected or not working is to open another app or browser that requires Wi-Fi as well using the device you are on.

If nothing else is loading, then you can conclude that your Wi-Fi is the reason that your Tiktok inbox is not properly working. However, if other apps or websites are loading and working efficiently, your internet connection is not the root of your inbox problems. 

2. Bug

Tiktok may also be at fault for your inbox troubles. There may be a potential bug running through the system that is causing all Tiktok accounts to have a malfunctioning inbox.

There is no way that you can personally solve this problem, but just know that bugs are going to be common, especially on a platform that has gained one billion users in the mere three years Tiktok has been available to the public.

While Tiktok does not have a heavy history of being run down by bugs, the possibility is still very real and there is always a chance your problems are being caused by something internal. Bugs can be incredibly bothersome but there is little that can be done on an app’s part to entirely avoid them. 

3. There is Nothing to Notify You About

If you are not receiving any notifications in the Tiktok inbox, it may also be possible that there are just none for you to see. The app will notify you of any new followers, likes, comments, and Tiktoks sent to you.

The case may just be that you have not gotten any of those. With so many people using Tiktok across the globe, becoming viral and gaining a lot of interaction can sometimes be very difficult.

If you have not posted a new video in a while or had some new friends join the app, the cause could potentially be you have no new notifications to see. Post some new content and follow some new friends to see if you receive any interaction that way.

Some ways to try and boost your videos are using sounds that have gone viral and hashtags that will generate more of a specific audience to your video.

There are a lot of different sides of Tiktok and getting as niche as possible to help your videos be viewed by people who will undoubtedly love what you are creating will help increase your notification and get you one step closer to that Creator Fund as well. 

4. Your Notifications Are Turned Off in App

You may also have your setting in the Tiktok app itself off so that you are not receiving any notifications in your inbox. If this is the case, it will be impossible for Tiktok to notify you of all of the interactions your content is generating.

You will also not be getting any notice of any videos being sent to you by your friends through the Tiktok app. 

5. Notifications Are Turned Off on Device

The notifications may also be off on your device as well which is why you are not getting your Tiktok notifications after making sure your app notifications are on.

Your phone could also be sent on silent, Do Not Disturb, or any other form of notification silencer that different devices have. This will also potentially cause you to not be receiving any notifications at all from any app you have on your device.  

6. TikTok is Down

Again, the problems that are arising through your inbox may be an internal problem and nothing is wrong on your end. One possible answer is that the entirety of TikTok may just be down.

This is not uncommon at all and many other social media apps have faced the same issues. One very popular example is that of in 2021, when both Facebook and Instagram were shut down at the same time for almost seven hours.

The world went into chaos. So if your inbox is not working and other friends have shared the same problems with you, know that it may just be another incident that you cannot control. 

7. Glitch

Tiktok may also just be having a glitchy moment. A glitch can take down a lot of different parts of an app and it may appear differently for every user.

While your inbox may not be loading, another may be having troubles loading past liked videos, or even trying to load comments on a post.

The glitch is just causing your inbox to be faulty for a little. Like all other internal problems, you will just have to sit back and wait for the app itself to resolve the issue. There is nothing that can be done on your end.

How to Fix TikTok Inbox Not Working

1. Enable Notifications

Your notification may be off which is causing your problems. One easy way to solve your inbox problems and allow for notifications to come through is to ensure that your notifications are actually enabled.

This can be done on two different fronts, through the app itself and through your device.  If your notifications through the app are turned off, this is a quick and easy fix.

1. Simply open up your Tiktok app

2. Click on your Profile in the bottom right corner.

3. Then you just have to click the three lines in the upper right corner. Select Settings and Privacy. Scroll until you see Content and Activity.

4. The first selection under this area will say Push Notifications and you will just have to tap on that.  Then it will either say Push Notifications On or Push Notifications Off.

5. If on is shown and your inbox is still not working, make sure everything below is selected and there is a green sign next to each option to ensure you are receiving all of your notifications.

6. If off is shown, click Push Notifications and it will take you to your devices settings for Tiktok only. From there, Notifications will be an option. Choose that and select Allow Notifications.

This will turn on your notifications for Tiktok and hopefully allow you to be altered when you get a Tiktok notification. There is also a  very quick fix that will enable notifications on your device as well.

For your iPhone:

1. Go into Settings.

2. Scroll down to TikTok

3. Select Notifications.

4. Turn on Allow Notifications.

You will then want to make sure your iPhone is not on Do Not Disturb either, which will silence all notifications for you. To do this:

  1. Open Settings and then select Focus.

2. The first option will say Do Not Disturb and click on this. If it is on, it will be green next to Do Not Disturb.

3. Just turn it off and ensure that it has turned to gray and your Do Not Disturb if off.

If you are using an Android device:

  1. Open up your Settings App.

2. Tap Apps and Notifications and then choose Notifications.

3. Pick Recently Sent and scroll until you find Tiktok.

4. If it is sent to Silent, you just have to switch it to Alerting and your Tiktok alerts should be working again. 

2. Fix Internet Connection

Internet connections are not always the most stable and reliable. A common reason for any app to be having some problem is because your Wi-Fi is not working to its full capacity. 

There are some quick solutions to help boot back up your Wi-Fi. One simple method to attempt to remedy this issue is by restarting your Wi-Fi router.

To do this:

1. Disconnect and then reconnect to your Wi-Fi on your device

2. Unplug and plug back in your router, or power down and power back up your router.

You can also switch your device to use your own cellular data, courtesy of your personal phone plan, if available when your internet connection is down or just simply not working.

You may also already be on your cellular data which is not working, so try to switch to Wi-Fi instead to see if that helps. 

3. Restart App

Restarting the app may refresh the system so that you can get your inbox on Tiktok back up and working. Doing this is a very simple remedy to attempt and solve your issues.

To restart the app. using whichever device you are on, you will just need to clear the Tiktok app from your app history.

Once that is complete, give your device a few minutes to fully cleanse, and then you can reopen the Tiktok app. This is a really fast and hopefully effective way to start allowing you to see all of your notifications and inbox yet again. 

4. Log Out Log In

A very quick and possible fix is to simply log out of Tiktok and then log right back in. This can help let the app refresh and regroup, potentially allowing your inbox to start working again.

To log out of Tiktok:

1. Open the app

2. Click on Profile in the bottom right corner

3. Tap on the three lines in the upper right corner

4. Select Settings and Privacy

5. Scroll all the way down where you can press on Log Out.

Then, you just need to log back in and this will hopefully solve your uploading problems. If you do not remember your password, do not worry about.

Once you log out, you can easily send a password reset link to the email associated with your account and gain access right back in.

5. Wait For It To Start Working

The reason your inbox is not working may also be Tiktok’s fault and not something you can solve on your own. In these instances, the only real solution is time.

All of the internal, Tiktok system problems have no solution that you can easily solve. You will just have to wait until Tiktok is able to overcome its little bug or issue that is causing your inbox to stop working.

The wait can be very tedious, but during this aggravating time, you can still scroll through Tiktok and enjoy the billions of videos that constantly bring you laughter and leave you in wonder. 

6. Clear Cache

Your inbox may also be down because of too much access data stored on your device that Tiktok automatically saves. To clear out this information and potentially allow your inbox to start working again, all you have to do is clear your cache.

In order to clear your cache from the app:

1. Open up TikTok

2. Select Profile in the bottom right corner

3. Tap on the three lines in the upper right corner

4. Choose Settings and Privacy from the drop down menu

5. Look for Cache and Cellular Data as you scroll down.

6. Once you find that section, Clear Cache will be under it and select that.

It will immediately clear and then you should refresh your app to give Tiktok some time to process the clear cache. This will hopefully get your inbox back to working. 

7. Update App

You may also be experiencing some issues with your Tiktok app because it just needs a quick update. Apps are routinely updated by their creators to fix any problems that Tiktok has been having lately.

If this is the case for you, just head to the store where you purchase your apps on your device and locate the update area. If you are experiencing these issues because of an outdated app, Tiktok will appear in this update area.

Just update the app and this will hopefully fix all of your inbox problems. If Tiktok does not pop up in the update area, your app is already up to date and an outdated app is not what is causing your inbox problems.

8. Use TikTok.com

Using the website instead of the app on your device may also help clear up your inbox problems. Just head on over to whatever is your choice of browser, such as Safari or Google Chrome, and type TikTok.com into the search bar.

This will bring you right to the TikTok website and there you will have to log into your account.

You can enjoy the website just as you do the app, all of the features are the same. The website may try and take you to the app, however, but this is easily avoidable by tapping the Not Now option instead of the Open Tiktok link. 

9. Use TikTok on Your Personal Computer

You can also try and see if your Tiktok inbox is just faulting on your phone and turn to your own personal computer as an attempt to tackle this problem.

For this, you will just need to go to any search engine or browser of your choice and either search or type in Tiktok.com again.

Just like the website on your phone, you will need to log into your account again. From there, you will be logged into your account on your computer now. This may allow you to finally see any notifications you have awaiting in your Tiktok inbox. 

10. Report a Problem

If even after all of these possible solutions have failed you, there is still hope. You can report a problem through the app to let Tiktok personnel know you are experiencing an issue.

This can be done very easily.

1. Go to your Profile on the app in the bottom right corner

2. Now, you will go to the top right corner and select the three lines

3. Pick Settings and Privacy

4. Scroll down until you can locate the Support section.

5. Tap Report a Problem.

6. Select the little icon in the top right corner that looks like a piece of paper with a pen.

Once there, you can type out the issue that you are currently facing with your Tiktok inbox and workers should be in touch with your shortly to help solve your issue. 


Tiktok is an incredibly fun and fast growing app that offers unlimited opportunities to you and all of its other accounts. This app relies on the connections between people and it is so fun to see what sort of interactions you have with your content as well as other videos that your friends have shared with you.

It can be really annoying when your ability to see these things goes south. Thankfully, there are quite a few easy and simple options that will allow for you to hopefully fix this on your own time and enjoy the app like you are supposed to.

There are also some more time-consuming and irksome options available, but Tiktok is happy to help and keep you loving the features they have to offer. Many problems may also be well out of your zone of fixing, and patience is the only solution you will have available to you.

It can be tough when you can not see your friend’s favorite dance of Charli that she sent to you, nor enjoy the hilarious comments you are getting on your skit you recently posted, so we all understand your frustrations.

Keep all of these tips in mind for any other notification issues you may have in the future. 

David Johnson is a freelance writer with 9 years of experience writing for Techzillo and other established tech outlets like iMore. His focus and key interests are Apple and accessibility as well as consumer technology in general. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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