TikTok Audio Out of Sync? Try These 8 Fixes

TikTok Audio Out of Sync

It can be frustrating when you try watching a video you like, but the audio seems to be playing too fast or too slow compared to what you see on the screen. 

Honestly, this is perhaps the most common issue with video streaming platforms. So it’s only fair to expect it from a platform as huge as TikTok.

However, we understand that when you notice out-of-sync audios, it can completely ruin your experience on the platform.

Why is TikTok Audio Out of Sync

Sometimes you’re having issues with the internet, especially if your internet connection is unstable. Otherwise, you could be experiencing a problem with the recording, editing, creator’s carelessness, or other issues. 

Some of these issues are easy to identify and fix, as you’ll find out in this guide, while others require you to pay attention to details. For example, once you identify the app’s issue causing the audio to be out of sync, you can head over to the second part of the guide, where you’ll find instructions on how to fix each error. 

1. There Was A Glitch That Caused A Delay When Creating

There are a lot of factors in place when you create a video on TikTok. For example, for all parts of the video to be in sync, all the features must load correctly.

So having a problem with this while creating the video will affect the total orientation of the video. As a viewer, if you aren’t aware of this, you’d think the issue is due to your app, internet, or device.

So if you notice a delay in the audio or perhaps it’s faster than the video, the fault may be from the video creation team. Unfortunately, unless you have a thing for spotting recording glitches, you can’t know if the cause is during recording. So, one of the fastest ways to confirm is by restarting the video.

If the error persists every time you do this, the video has issues. In this case, you can try seeing if other errors listed below might contribute to this; once you’re sure they don’t, you can try the fix in the latter part of the guide to resolve the issue.

2. There’s A Glitch Causing All the Videos You’re Watching to Have A Slight Delay

If there is a glitch on the app, you’ll run into errors all the time, so always look for app crashes and glitches. A glitch or bug in the app can affect your video and audio sync, causing a delay in the playback speed or causing one to overlap the others.

If this happens, your audio is either faster or slower than the video, and until you do something to fix the bug, all the videos you play will continue running into the same issue.

Unlike the first error, which will only affect one video since it’s an error during video creation, this one affects the whole video you watch.

So when you notice no sync between the audio and the videos on your For You Page or Following page, you can suspect the app glitch to be the leading cause. Hence, the best way to confirm if this is the issue is to try playing other videos and seeing if they sync. 

3. A Poor Internet Connection is Causing the Delay

TikTok is a live streaming and editing platform. It works in real-time, and you can barely do anything offline. So if your network isn’t fast and secure, you will probably not have a great time on the social platform.

Also, you can lose recorded videos and editing if your internet is inadequate or inconsistent. So the internet is one of those first few things to check if your audio isn’t syncing no matter how hard you try to fix it.

If you have a poor internet connection, you won’t be able to load certain features or have issues sending and receiving signals from the server. For example, start creating your video ok TikTok, and your network briefly disconnects. The video signal might be faster than the audio, causing an unsynced experience when you begin editing or uploading the video.

Note that this does not only apply to video creation, as viewers can also have problems syncing videos that don’t have a proper internet connection to load all its attributes.

4. The Creator Failed to Get the Timing Right

It might sound not very pleasant, but you might not get the timing right when recording your video. As viewers, you expect your favorite creator to understand how things work and be able to produce great videos.

So it’s surprising to see an out-of-sync video when they finally release their recordings, especially if you had been waiting a long time as a viewer or spent much time as a creator.

Sometimes it’s not because they aren’t knowledgeable about creating a video; they might have missed the timing when recording, which can happen to anyone. Like the first error mentioned in this guide, this one also applies to the specific video in question (i.e., it affects the only video you can’t sync while the other videos are functioning correctly).

When you play a new video, you’ll notice the issue disappears, and you can enjoy a seamless audio-visual experience.

5. Mic Was Faulty

It’s a depressing experience to spend minutes or even hours recording a video only to find out later that the microphone had been off the whole time or was faulty. Asides from the time spent, you also have to fix it and remake the video or record new audio you can sync.

It’s easy to know when you have a faulty microphone when recording, though, unless you aren’t paying much attention. 

The audio frequency bar in your recorder will probably indicate different frequency levels as you record, so when you can’t find something like that, check your mic to see if it’s on and functioning.

But if you found out too late, maybe while editing, check your mic to see if it’s working before checking your internet or glitch that could be causing the malfunction.

How to Fix TikTok Audio Out of Sync

There is no manual or fixed way to fix your audio sync. It all depends on how accurate your observation and analysis are when you notice the error. If you can properly diagnose the cause of the unsynced audio, you’ll come up with a better and more accurate solution from one of the ones listed below. 

Each method can probably work for more than one issue, and sometimes one fix might not be enough to restore order, so you have to do more than one. Ensure you follow the instructions too. There are two most effective ways to resolve the issue, Errors resulting from Video and Errors resulting from the FYP or TikTok itself. You can determine which of them to focus on based on what you think is the issue.

If It’s Your Video:

Your video is the issue if other videos typically play when you open them and there isn’t any unsynced audio. It could be due to recording, timing, or device issues (such as an external microphone). So if you’ve narrowed the problem down to one of these, you can try the options below for viable solutions.

1. Try Recording the Audio Without an External Mic

Many creators use an external microphone to provide the best audio experience for the viewers, but this can backfire and cause a syncing issue.

If you don’t know how to use an external microphone, are unable to connect correctly, or are unsure if the mic is faulty, it’s better to ditch it and use your phone’s built-in microphone.

Also, for creators who use earpieces or earpods as mics, this can be the issue if your earpiece doesn’t support the excellent audio experience you’re hoping for.

For example, suppose the earpod doesn’t have a secure connection to your phone too. In that case, it can be picking audio signals quite late, just like in a video call, thereby causing overlap between your video and audio.

Check your mic and ensure it’s working perfectly, then start recording again. If the issue persists, you either have to go for something faster and more compatible or try recording the video without an external mic. If you no longer notice the issue after that, keep recording this way until you figure out the cause.

2. Audio is Always Out of Sync; Try Speaking Slightly Earlier so That Audio Aligns

For anyone who notices the audio is always out of sync, no matter how much they try to avoid or fix the issue. You can improvise and use an innovative idea to overcome this.

If your video is always 2 seconds faster when you record and notice every time you finish recording. Start speaking 2 seconds earlier before starting the video. That way, the whole video will merge, and your audio can play along with the video. 

The method might seem complicated, but it really isn’t. Unfortunately, for many reasons, some audio-visual recordings don’t sync no matter how hard you try, often caused by the device. So it’s best to make up for this and traditionally start earlier or later when you record, depending on what lag exists between the video and audio.

3. Stop Using The Sound You’re Getting The Error With

The sync goes away if the error’s cause is when you try to use a new sound or you’ve noticed every time you want to add a specific audio clip. It would be best if you considered stopping and removing the sound from your video.

You can record a new sound if it’s yours or try to get a substitute for it in the video. You can also try redownloading the sound or changing the download format; maybe it can make any changes.

Luckily this fixes the error. But if not, you can try using that same sound on other videos and see if they sync. When this sound works for other videos, your video might also be the issue. Ensure you change one of the two. Either replace the video or audio to fix the error. If the issue persists, you can try another solution suggested in this online guide.

If This Is Happening on Your FYP:

Suppose your observation suggests the audio sync error is not from the video itself. In that case, you should try fixing other issues such as app glitches, storage, an internet connection, or contacting management for help.

Generally, you should focus on this section if all videos have this issue since that suggests that the problem is general and too spontaneous to consider individual errors with all the videos.

1. Restart the App

Apps are often unreliable, especially when you have a lot of users like TikTok. If your app runs into a glitch while trying to record or view a video, you might notice the video and audio are not playing in the suitable timeframe.

This glitch could be due to many reasons that the app will probably never be able to alert you. So when you notice this, close your app and try to reopen it after a few seconds or wait a minute.

When you close the app, you stop all sessions for that period, and your device stops connecting to the server. The app files also stop running until you reopen them.

When you reopen it, the new connection will cause the app to start afresh and load all the features from scratch. All the issues faced during the last session will no longer be in effect. Therefore it should probably fix the problem with your audio sync.

2. Try Saving Video

After uploading your video and you notice the audio is not in sync, you don’t necessarily have to delete it and post a new one. Likewise, viewers shouldn’t feel helpless about seeing a video with bad audio. One of your best actions to fix this is to download the video.

Unfortunately, sometimes when the internet connection is poor, or there is a glitch on the app, the video won’t sync with the audio. 

But this result is probably temporary since it’s not from the video itself but external effects. So when you download the video, you will be able to check it out in its actual state when the creator uploaded it.

And if the video synced when recorded, watching the saved video off TikTok will provide the perfect sync, you hope to get while watching the video. But, of course, this method only works if the error isn’t with the video itself.

3. Log Out, Then Back In

Apps often runs into bugs and glitches, as mentioned earlier and one of the ways around this is to log out of your app and log back in. If your account has issues, it’s best to leave TikTok altogether. That way, you lose connection with the server. So when you log back in, you’ll establish a new connection. 

This new log-in will load the video again, and the initial glitch or error causing the issue will disappear from the app. Try loading the video this time, and you’ll be surprised to see how seamless the experience will be if the issue was with the server or account login. But make sure you log out and stay off for at least 10 seconds before logging back in.

4. Fix Your Internet Connection

Internet connection is as vital to TikTok as the human heart is to the body, so ensure a constant connection between your TikTok and the server. If there is a break in communication while recording your video, you might notice a shift in the sync between the audio and video. 

To prevent this, your best bet is to keep the internet connection solid. Ensure your wifi router, data cable, and every other means of connection are in good working conditions before you start recording, editing, or viewing videos on the app. If this network issue persists, switch off your wifi and back on or try resetting the network issues for a permanent fix. 

5. Wait For TikTok to Fix It

If the issue is from TikTok, then you don’t have to stress yourself fixing anything. The developers will get on with it, or the server will back up. Either way, you can keep your cool if the platform has server downtime.

When you run into issues like loading error, the video keeps running without the audio playing, or the audio playing while the video isn’t playing, you can wait for a little. 

This wait doesn’t usually take long before TikTok is back up, but if you’re growing impatient, you can check the server status on the Downdetector website. Once you confirm it’s down, and your area is also affected, you should wait for a fix.

6. Update TikTok App

The TikTok app constantly gets updated due to tons of new features in every version. Tiktok is one of the fastest-growing social apps, so that the audience growth will result in an equal increase in traffic. To keep up with this overall growth, new app versions hit the store, and users must update to avoid bugs and gain access to the new features. 

If you’re facing the video-audio sync error, you might be able to solve it with a simple update on the play store or apple store. Also, ensure your device is compatible with the app version; you won’t have an enjoyable experience if your device can not effectively run the app.

7. Clear Cache

Your app cache is probably full or hosting bugs when you notice glitches during usage. It is a storage site to cache app activities, so if there is a bug activity, you’ll find it logged in the cache.

The bug will continue to be on the app and triggered by some user activities. So to clear your app off these nasty glitches, you can remove the app’s cache. To do this, go to Settings, open the Apps section, select TikTok and click the Clear Cache option.

8. Reinstall TikTok

If the update doesn’t work and clearing the cache doesn’t, you can try reinstalling the app. Updating the app doesn’t remove any data. It adds the latest features to the existing one. Likewise, clearing the cache doesn’t clear the files from storage; it only cleans the temporary file logs. 

But the best way to rid your device of the app and associated files is to uninstall and then reinstall the app. When you reinstall, the app gets a new storage unit and therefore doesn’t load any issue experienced from the previous download. So if your app has run into some problems permanent in its files, this probably fixes the issue.

9. Contact TikTok

TikTok customer support is your last option if none of the suggested fixes work for you. Maybe you would prefer getting expert help instead of fixing it yourself; you should contact the TikTok support team.

You can do this via your app by going to your profile, clicking the menu at the top right corner, and scrolling down to the Help Center. You can also visit the TikTok website for help. Then, navigate to the Help or Contact page and follow the instructions to lodge your complaints.

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