Threads ‘Sorry Something Went Wrong’? Do This!

Threads ‘Sorry Something Went Wrong’

Why Does Threads ‘Sorry Something Went Wrong’? 

1. Threads Is Down

When a server goes down it can halt certain website or app features or it can also shut down the website / app completely; in turn, not allowing you access to it. This may be there case in your scenario of seeing the ‘Sorry Something Went Wrong’ error on Threads

Fix – Wait For Threads To Go Back Up

As stated before; a server can go down or also known as “server downtime”. A server can go down for many reasons. Maybe a physical machine loses power, or perhaps the operating system or network card experiences an issue many variables can cause a failure.

Whatever the cause may be, the server will go down until the issue is fixed, also there is times when the server requires maintenance and the IT will have to put the server down, so that they can complete said maintenance on the server.

When a server goes down, the best you can do is wait it out; as there is nothing you can do to help from your side. This is quite unfortunate and at times also frustrating but all you can do is wait until the server comes back up.

This can be an opportune time to maybe water your thirsty houseplants or possibly take your dog or cat for a decent walk; simply find ways to fill your time until the server is back up. Once it is back up, you should have no problem with Threads.

2. There’s A Bug

If you keep seeing the ‘Sorry Something Went Wrong’ error on Threads, it could be due to a bug in Thread’s system.

In short, it is any behavior or result that a program or system gets but it was not designed to do. So, you can see how this can match up with the issue you are experiencing with Threads; as the site or app is not functioning as it should, due to an error, fault or flaw in the program. With this said, there are fixes for this issue that are viable methods to rid the program of said bug, simply read ahead to find the solution.

Fix – Log Out Then Back In

When experiencing to this issue and you believe it be brought on by a bug in the program; a viable solution can be to log out of Threads and sign back in, as this can help the site / app restore it’s processes and assess any errors, faults or flaws in said program as you are essentially restarting the program (Threads) and also giving it the chance to find this bug problem. If you are not aware how to log out and sign back in, you can easily do it by following these three simple steps:

Step 1. Tap your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.

Step 2. Tap ‘Settings’ in the top right.

Step 3. Scroll to the bottom and tap ‘Log out’.

After you have logged out, you can sign back in from the page it will take you to after the log out. This should correct the problem, as it gives an adequate chance for Thread’s program to catch the “bug” and dispose of it so the issue cannot be re-created.

Fix 2 – Update Threads to Get Rid Of Bugs

When encountering problems with an application (App) or even when you are not having any issues; it is always good to keep up on updating said app(s) as this is very critical to ensuring that the app(s) is working properly and efficiently. 

If you are on a iPhone or iPad, you can update the app(s) simply by following these steps:

Step 1. Open the App Store.

Step 2. Tap your profile icon at the top of the screen.

Step 3. Scroll to see pending updates and release notes. Tap ‘Update’ next to an app to update only that app, or tap ‘Update All’.

This will update the app(s) and should resolve this issue.

If you are on Android, you can update the app(s) by following these four simple steps:

Step 1. Open the Google Play Store app.

Step 2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.

Step 3. Tap ‘Manage apps & device’. Apps with an update available are labeled “Update available.” Step 4. Tap ‘Update’ to update the app. If you would like to update all of the apps, select the ‘Update All’ option.

This will update the app(s), the duration of the update depends on the update and how long it has been since the app(s) was last updated. This should fix the problem with Threads showing the Sorry Something Went Wrong error. Keep your apps updated in order to avoid future issues.

Fix 3 – Clear Your Cache to Get Rid of Threads Bugs

So, let’s get that app cache cleared, if you are on Android, follow these steps to clear the app cache:

Step 1. Open the Settings menu.

Step 2. Scroll down and select ‘Apps’.

Step 3. Tap on the app name whose app cache (Threads) you want to clear.

Step 4. From the app info page that opens, scroll down and select ‘Storage’.

Step 5. Tap ‘Clear cache’ to clear the app cache.

Fix 4 – Contact Threads Support

Sometimes with these app issues it can be best to go right to the source by contacting Thread’s support.

Luckily, this is quite easy as well; simply open your Threads app, then tap on your profile icon, from here in the top right corner should be three horizontal lines and you will want to select that, this will bring up your settings menu; here you choose from “Report a Problem”, “Help Center”, “Privacy and Security Help” and or “Support Requests”.

If you choose the “Report a Problem” option, you can report the problem directly to the Threads support team or you can go the “Help Center” option and here you can search through a plethora of common problems; where you might find a similar report that could hold an answer to the issue in question.

Also under the “Help Center” you can find what is new to the app, in case a new feature may have something to do with with the problem at hand. This can be the best method sometimes as you are seeking help from those who would know best.

Fix 5 – Wait For Them To Come Out With A Fix

When dealing with problems on an app, it is important to remember that it is indeed an application (App); therefore it is almost in a constant state of evolving, adjustments and updates, as apps are being updated and adjusted all of the time in order to keep up with new software and what the customers (you) want out of said app, not to mention they also mend any reported problems that have occurred on the app.

So, sometimes it can be best to simply wait it out; seeing as if you have experienced an issue it is likely that many others have also, most of them (possibly including you) have reported said issue, therefore it is more than likely that Threads will come out with a fix for this problem to be implemented in the next update. With that said, be patient and be sure to update your Threads app, as this could solve it all.

3. Poor Internet Connection

Another thing to keep in mind is that your internet connection just might be too weak therefore causing the ‘Sorry Something Went Wrong’ error.

Fix – Turn Your WI-FI Off Then On

A good method to fix your internet connection issue is to turn off your WiFi and then turn it back on. This can help your internet connection re-establish it’s connection, essentially restart the process of it going to your modem then to your router and finally to your device. Now, in order to turn off your WiFi it is luckily fairly simple, if you are using your PC; you can simply turn on ‘airplane mode’ and then switch it off.

If you do not want to do it that way, you can easily right click on your internet on your tool bar, then select your WiFi network and turn it to “Off” then turn it back to “On”.

If you are on Android or iPhone, you can easily do this action by swiping down your notifications bar and select your WiFi icon to turn it off and then simply select it again to turn it back on.

This will turn your WiFi internet connection off and on again, hopefully also fixing your internet connection issue.

Fix 2 – Switch from WI-FI to Data

When encountering this problem with your internet connection, it can be a wide method to switch from a WiFi connection to your cellular service data.

Luckily, this fix is rather simple as all you have to do is: On your phone, swipe down your notifications bar, then find the WiFi icon and select it to turn it off (if it isn’t already), then simply find your mobile data icon and select it to turn it on. That is it, you are now connected via your cellular service data and this might help with your internet connection problem.

Fix 3 – Turn Off VPN

You can turn off your VPN by simply, opening the app and turning it to “Off”. This may seem like a small thing however, this could make all the difference with your internet connection. 

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