You’re about to watch a recommended video on YouTube but then you get the message saying that the ‘video isn’t available in your country’ or ‘the uploader has not made this video available in your country’.

Has this left you confused because you thought you could watch any YouTube video anywhere in the world?

Well, unfortunately, you can’t watch any video in any region because of a few policies made by YouTube.

Why is This Video not Available in my Country?

The main reason why the YouTube video is not available in your country is because the video owner has chosen to make the video available in certain countries and your country was excluded.

YouTube may also choose to make videos unavailable in order to comply with local laws.

This means that there may be law in your country that stops this video from being available to you.

The owner of the video has specified to YouTube that they only want the video to be watched in a certain country so when YouTube recognises that your networks IP address isn’t in this specified region, you’ll see the error message.

Down below are a few ways you can bypass this restriction.

Watch the Restricted Video on YouPak

YouPak is a large collection of HD videos and it stores every video uploaded onto YouTube.

This means that content creators have no right to block certain regions from watching their videos because YouPak has made it available to every region since the videos is uploaded on their platform.

To watch restricted videos on YouPak:

  1. Go to the YouTube video that’s restricted
  2. Click on the URL and replace ‘tube’ with ‘pak
  3. You’ll be redirected to youpak where you can watch the restricted video

This is one of the best methods you can use to get past this problem but sometimes people report that the video doesn’t play.

If you’re experiencing any similar troubles, go to the next step.

Download the Restricted Video

The second way that you can try and watch a restricted video is by downloading the video.

This means that you won’t be able to watch the video on YouTube, but you’ll be able to watch it on your camera roll/gallery when you’re offline.

Downloading the restricted video is the only method in this article that 100% works.

If the video is too long, you might want to try a different method because this will take up a lot of storage on your device.

To download a geo-restricted video:

  1. Go to and get the videos URL
  2. Replace www. with ss in the URL (
  3. You’ll be redirected to
  4. Click on Download video in browser
  5. Choose the file size and click on download

After doing this, the video should be in your camera roll or in your drive if you downloaded it to your PC.

You can now watch the restricted video without any errors popping up.

Download a VPN

The next way you can watch geo-restricted videos on YouTube is by using a VPN.

This may sound complicated, but a VPN is simply an encrypted tunnel between two devices which allows you to access every website and online service privately and securely.

This also means that you can change your IPs location so that you can pretend you’re in a different location and you can access videos that are only available to people in a certain country.

To download a VPN and bypass the restriction:

  1. Download Betternet on your PC or App Store
  2. Open the app after downloading it
  3. Chose a location that’s in a different area as you e.g. if you’re in UK, choose US
  4. Click on connect
  5. Go and watch the restricted YouTube video

After doing this, you should be able to watch the video without any errors. Be aware that you need to choose a country in the VPN that isn’t restricted by the creator of the video.

If the video is blocked in the US, for example, and you have to pick a different country, most VPNs are going to make you pay for choosing another country.

If this is the case for you, try a different method above.