This Operation Could Not Be Completed Apple Music

This Operation Could Not Be Completed Apple Music

Apple Music users are experiencing some trouble when playing certain songs through the app. According to the many complaints on social media an error message pops up saying “this operation could not be completed” and the song is not able to play.

According to apple music user’s the error message is only popping up when the app is used with an Iphone or Ipad, running the music app on a macbook or other computer doesn’t seem to cause any problems.

Is Apple Music’s app causing unnecessary stress and anxiety, when all you want to do is play your favorite jam? Are you missing out on your morning run playlist and afternoon cleaning jams? Read on to find out why this is happening and what you can do to fix it.

What Does “This Operation Could Not Be Completed” Mean?

Apple users are experiencing some technical issues when trying to enjoy their favorite songs on the app. When they go to play certain songs on the app a message pops up telling them the action can not be completed.

Anybody who receives this error message the first thing you want to understand is that it’s not your device causing the issue, it’s most likely a bug or glitch in Apple’s programming software.

Most of Apple’s user’s are experiencing the error message popping up at random times, sometimes the app will play the selected music with no problem at all and other times it’s like pulling teeth, trying to make that error message disappear.

Why Does Apple Music Say “This Operation Could Not Be Completed?”

There are a few explanations as to why this error message is giving you so much trouble. This article will go into detail about the reasons behind.the infamous error message and what you can do to solve it.

1. Apple Music Has a Bug

Every app that you download onto your phone, tablet, or computer has to run off a carefully manufactured programing software. This software is what makes your app function properly.

One of the main reasons Apple’s music software is not running the way it should is because it has a bug causing chaos. Just like any other device you use, Apple’s music app is susceptible to bugs and viruses that cause the app to crash and no longer work properly.

This bug that is going around is causing more damage than we first realized. Not only does this bug affect your music app’s ability to play songs without displaying an error message, it’s causing the app to install itself directly into the phone’s dock instead of where it should be.

This particular bug affects all versions of Apple’s IOS 15 software as well as many other iPhone models. The only way this virus is catchable is by downloading Apple Music from the app store.

When you download Apple’s music app from the store it’s automatically replacing other apps you have on your device like Spotify, IHeart Raido, and even Twitter. When you download this app its going to automatically change every third-party apps you have stored on your device.

The only way that this virus will not affect your phone is if all your apps are already apple. While the bug does affect the placement of apps on your device it will not delete the existing apps it’s taking over from your phone.

2. Apple Music is Down

Apple is a big company, serving over 1.8 billion users around the world. Having this many active users at the same time can cause a system overload. According to DownDetector, 93 percent of Apple’s software outages are with the music app and not the website. When the app goes down the only explanation is an app-wide system network outage. The only solution to this problem is to ride it out

3. Apple Music is Out of Date

If you are experiencing trouble with Apple’s music app, it may be because you have an outdated version of the app on your phone or Ipad. The way to solve this problem is to head to the app store and tap update.If using an outdated version of the app was reason behind the error message this should fix it.

4. There’s an Issue With the Song

A common problem Apple music users are experiencing is certain songs not playing when clicked on or downloaded. This is could be happening because the app itself is having issues or it could be as simple as your phone needing a reset.

If the error message is only popping up when you try to play a certain song try troubleshooting your device before anything else. It may just be the song itself causing trouble. The song you’re trying to play could have a broken link or a glitch in its individual software.

5. There’s a Decoding Issue With Apple Music

Another common reason for your error message is that Apple Music has a decoding problem on its hands. A decoding error message means the link you’re trying to play cannot be decoded by the software.

If the information can’t be decoded then it will not play properly through the app, leaving many of Apple’s users confused and looking for answers. The media file may be damaged or have a missing EOF which would prevent the file from playing on any device.

6. The Song is Compressed Due to Lossless Audio

Music files are played through an app by using lossless formats. Lossless formats use compression algorithms to preserve data and keep the copied data sounding like the original source.

This technique ensures that no data is lost during the compression process. It takes larger data and packs it into a smaller space.

On the other hand, we have lossy audio formats that essentially do the same thing but instead, they use compression algorithms to discard data instead of preserving it.

Sometimes during either process, the data will get damaged or not compressed enough. When this happens it causes malfunctions in the software’s ability to playback the file.

7. Dolby Atmos Causing Issues

Some of Apple’s users have been complaining about the Dolby Atmos speakers and them causing issues with the music app There are a number of issues being tweeted and posted about on all the social media platforms.

The main one seems to be the speakers completely cutting out and going silent while users are listening.

The speakers are not syncing with Apple devices and the playback sound is choppy and stutters. If your listening to your music through the Dolby Atmos speakers it may be the reasoning behind all the problem.

This Operation Could Not be Completed by Apple Music? Try These Fixes

“This operation could not be completed” popping up on your Iphone when your trying to enjoy some good jams? Have you been driving yourself crazy trying to find a way to make it right? Keep reading for for 15 easy ways to fix your error message problem and get back to listening to the music you love.

1. Remove Headphones and Try to Play a Song

If you have been using your Apple music app with headphones plugged in, it may be a good idea to disconnect your headphones and try playing the song directly through the phone’s Speakers.

It’s a process of elimination when trying to decipher which reason is behind the error message. Trying all the simple steps first is going to make life way easier in the end.

2. Restart Your Apple Music

Next on the list of troubleshooting tips for you is to restart your Apple music app. Heres how you go about doing that. The first step is to head over to your phone or Ipad and pull up your home screen.

Next up is to swipe up and tap on the Apple Music App. After you tap on music you want to tap “Force Stop”. You can follow these simple steps to reset any app on your device.

3. Restart Your Phone

This step may seem a bit like common sense, but many people don’t realize that the phone you use on a daily basis is a handheld mini computer. Just like any computer a phone needs to be turned off and turned back on to reset it, at least once a day.

Restarting your phone gives it a chance to update and reset. Sometimes this is all it takes to get that pesky error message to kick rocks.

4. Force Restart iPhone

iPhone users know that sometimes just cutting the phone off and on again won’t do much to help. Sometimes users need to force stop and restart the phone again to get rid of any glitches hanging around.

When you do a force restart you are restarting the phone’s software as well as any updates the programing needs.

The way to force restart your iPhone is by pressing and releasing the volume up button quickly, Then quickly pressing the volume down button.

Finally, press and hold the side button. Do not release the side button until the Apple logo appears. When you’re following these steps make sure they are done as quickly as possible or the force restart won’t work.

5. Delete it an Add it to the Library Again

The most simple solution and probably the easiest to do is deleting and redownloading the music app. Sometimes the version of the app you are using has too many errors in its programming software to fix it.

The best thing to do with that follows these instructions on how to uninstall and reinstall an app in your iPhone, Step one is to:

1. Touch and right click the app you want to delete.

2. In this case it’s the music app.

3. Tap remove.

4. Tap delete app followed by delete to confirm it’s the action you want to take.

5. After you have successfully uninstalled your app head over to Apple’s play store and find the music app again.

Once you have searched and found the app simply tap download and you’re all set.

6. Check if Apple Music is Down

You should always check and see if the music app or IOS system you are using is down before trying unnecessary things. The way to get this information is by going over to and checking their system status report.

This report is updated every 24 hours and helps users figure out what’s going on with their devices and how to fix it.

7. Log Out and Back In

The next tip I have for troubleshooting your Apple music app is by logging out of your Apple account and logging back in.

There are a couple steps to doing this.

1. The first step is to go to your “Settings” and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

2. Once at the bottom you should see a button that says “Sign Out” tap that button. It’s going to ask you for your login ID and Password.

3. Once you type that in, choose which data you want to keep a copy of and then tap sign out.

4. To log back in you simply head back to settings and enter Apple Id and password. They may send a 6 digit code to your phone to verify its you. After typing in the confirmation code tap done and you will be signed back in.

8. Update Apple Music

Besides restarting, refreshing and uninstalling the music app you also have the option to update the app. Head over Itunes and look for the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Scroll down and tap help, under help the option to update should pop up. Updating your app gives you the best chance of resolving any glitches in your system.

9. Reinstall Apple Music

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app can fix minor glitches in the IOS software. Head over to the Apple store and download the music app. Make sure you are downloading and installing the most recent version of the app or you may run into the same problems again.

10. Disable Lossless Audio

Lossless Audio is the algorithm that compresses music files into smaller versions that will fit into the program’s software. The original data is too large to use however, during the compression process data can get lost or damaged.

Turning off this feature will help resolve the error.

1. Open Apple music and tap menu, under the menu bar choose music and preferences.

2. Click the playback tab. Under audio quality, you have to select or unselect “Lossless Audio” to turn it on or off.

You can change the settings for all of your streaming, video, and music lossless data from this screen.

12. Disable Dolby Atmos

The speakers Dolby Atmos are giving Apple users a lot of trouble when trying to use them with the music app. The best solution to this problem is to disable the speakers.

You do this by opening up the Apple music app and tapping more. Tap settings and then tap Dolby Atmos to turn it on or off.

13. Offload Apple Music App

Offloading the Apple music app removes the app only off your phone but keeps the data intact. That is different from updating or reinstalling a different version.

The way to offload your app is by going to the phones storage settings and you will see the option to offload your music app.

This will only remove the app binary from the device, meaning when you reinstall the app, no matter how long it has been your data will be automatically restored.

14. Try Playing the Song on Another Apple Device

You want to make sure that it is not the song itself or your internet connection. You can do this by connecting another apple device like an iPad to play the song.

If the song still gives you an error message and continues not to play, you have a better idea of it being the music app itself.

15. Play the Song on Itunes on your PC and See if it Works

Now that you have uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted and tried to play it on a different device, there’s one thing left to do. Play the song you’re getting the error message with from your PC and see if it works. If the music app works on your PC but not an iPhone or Ipad then we can assume its the bug in the IOS causing all the chaos.

16. Report the Problem

Have you tried all the tips and fixes in this article and still see the error message? The only thing left to do is report the problem to Apple and see if they can get it fixed for you. You can report any problems through their website at

Once on the web, you want to be in the customer support section and make sure to tap the device icon for the device you need help with. Besides contacting Apple directly they have a ton of self help articles that can answer all you Apple questions.

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