This Number is Already Registered TikTok

This Number is Already Registered TikTok

If you’re new to TikTok or want to create a profile, you can run into little errors while trying to register.

Although it’s a frustrating experience on the platform, you must know how to resolve the issue if you notice the Number Already Registered message while trying to register on TikTok. Whether you have used the number for another account or not, there are practical ways to fix this error. So let’s dive right in!

Why is My Phone Number Already Registered on TikTok?

There are various reasons TikTok could be notifying you that your number is already registered. The logical explanation could be that you’ve linked to an account before and forgot or didn’t know you can’t connect to more than one account with the same number.

However, it could also be due to irregular activities on the app, such as glitches and app bugs, which are beyond your control, but you can also fix quite quickly.

1. The Number is Already Used For Another Account

If you’re not sure about the status of your phone number, you should confirm you’re not using a number already registered to another account.

For example, you might have previously opened another account and used this number to register, or perhaps someone else had used your number to register without your knowledge.

In this case, you won’t be able to use the number to register for a new account. TikTok prioritizes uniqueness on the platform and constantly working to curb bot activities. Using various numbers is one of the best ways to get this done because each user can be identified with their phone numbers.

Also, to help track users and ensure each user is unique, you must verify the number during registration to confirm it truly belongs to you.

So if you see the prompt message from TikTok, you should know you or someone else has already linked your number to a TikTok account. However, if you’re sure that’s not the case, you can try other alternatives on this list to see if they help your situation.

2. Bug

Users sometimes run into bugs in the app. Bugs are malfunctions in a program, so when you have bugs in your TikTok, you can’t do basic tasks such as creating an account, using an effect, or registering your number.

However, if you’re sure the phone number is yours and you’ve never linked it to another TikTok account before, you can divert your attention to bug issues.

Most bugs don’t surface as apparent malfunctions, so it might be challenging to decide when it’s a bug or not. But if you have a secure internet connection and you don’t have issues with your device or phone number, then it’s safe to conclude the issue could result from app bugs.

Luckily, bug issues don’t persist for too long, so you’ll be able to fix them as soon as you identify them. Check the latter part of the guide for steps to fix bug issues when registering your number on TikTok.

3. TikTok is Down

The last reason you could be experiencing this error is an issue with the TikTok server. Millions of users and activities are performed on the platform daily.

Considering the number of large video files hosted, too, it’s normal for a platform like TikTok to have downtimes, though this is not something you’d expect to see often.

Since TikTok can also have issues, why not while you’re registering? The odds are high, but the error message may be due to server error or probably because TikTok is down generally or in your area.

Unlike bug issues where you can’t find out the cause, you can confirm the cause if it’s the server. Check third-party platforms like Downdetector that track large corporations’ server downtimes.

So if you confirm the TikTok server is down generally or in your area alone, you’ll know the next course of action rather than waste time waiting for a solution or trying to resolve a nonexistent issue.

How to Fix TikTok Number Already Registered

Once you have a clear idea of what’s causing the error message, it’s time to fix it. You can try various methods and suggestions, but ensure you go for those that apply to the issue you identified earlier.

For example, if your phone number has been used by you or someone else, you can try changing emails, unlinking the number from the other account, or any other closely related fix you can find below.

So if you haven’t identified the cause of the error based on your observation, you can go back and confirm. However, if you still can’t find a fix after reviewing the suggestions, you can try each of them and check for results. By trying some of them, you’ll be able to resolve the issue and get your phone linked to your new account.

1. Use Your Email to Sign Up

After several attempts, you can ditch the number and register with your email. Since it’s a sign-up, TikTok is only interested in confirming you’re real.

You can add a number later after you’re done registering. Unfortunately, the same rules apply to emails, so you can’t use the same email linked to another TikTok account.

So look for an email address not linked to any TikTok accounts. You can create one for the purpose if it’s important or too urgent to try other methods.

Also, ensure you’re using the correct email address because TikTok will attempt to verify you’re linking a valid email that’s yours and not adding a random email address to register (a suspicious bot activity). So, ensure you can access messages sent to the email when TikTok sends confirmation emails.

2. Unlink Your Number From the Other Account

You can opt for an email sign-up if you don’t remember ever linking your number to another account. However, if you know which account has the number attached to them, you can remove the number from the account so it’s available for registration.

You probably won’t need the old account, or you already have your email linked to it, so you can just unlink your number from it and use it for registration.

It’s not a good idea to leave your account void of contact information, except you no longer need the account. But if you still need the account, you should leave at least another number or your email address linked to receive any important information.

For example, you have a second number, and you’d prefer to use the one linked to your account for the new registration; this method is ideal for you since it helps you maximize your results.

How to Unlink Your Number From TikTok

1. Sign in to your TikTok account

2. Tap on the profile shown by the Me icon

3. Check the upper-right corner and tap on three horizontal lines

4. Click on Privacy and Settings

5. Tap “Manage my account”

6. Select Phone Number and Tap “Change”

7. If you’re asked to verify the phone number, type the current phone number associated with TikTok

8. Verify it by entering the code sent to the registered number on TikTok

9. Type in the New Phone Number and enter the verification code sent to the newly registered phone number

3. Use Another Phone

An alternative to solving your number issue is to get a new phone. It might seem unrelated, but sometimes your phone might be the reason you see the error message.

For example, if you had linked your phone to a TikTok account and the IP address was marked or banned before, you won’t be able to finish the registration regardless of how much you try.

Also, if there are issues with your device, and you can’t fix them, you’re better off ditching the phone and using your other phone or borrowing someone else’s phone.

Although this scenario has a low possibility of happening, it might happen anyway. So you can use another person’s phone and see if there is any change in the registration process.

If it works, you can finish the registration on this other phone and later log into your account on your phone. Or you can get past the number registration step and continue the process on yours, though the former is a better option.

4. Get A New Number

You can also get a new number if the issue persists or you can’t try any of the suggestions discussed above. When you get a new number, that should resolve the problem if the cause is due to the number linked to another TikTok profile.

You don’t necessarily have to buy a new number; you can opt for any other available numbers that have not been used for TikTok before.

If it’s urgent, you can also use another person’s number for registration as long as you’ll be able to receive a confirmation on the number.

Once you’re done setting up the account, you can change the linked number anytime and update it to a new number or link an email address, depending on your preference.

However, purchasing a new number is ideal because it allows you to have a unique presence on the platform and keep using the number for identification and contact when it’s important.

5. Check If TikTok is Down

If you’ve noticed the glitch is not due to your phone, it might be TikTok’s server error. If you’re using the web version, you can check for a 504 error, but if you’re using the app, you can only keep retrying and hope there is a change.

If there isn’t any change, confirm if the server is truly down so you’ll know the next course of action. Unfortunately, when servers go down, you have to wait till they go back up, and there’s nothing else you can do other than wait for the developers’ team to fix it.

While waiting, you can check if the server is down on Downdetector. If you’ve confirmed it’s down, check online if it’s a general issue that other users are also facing if you’re the only one experiencing it.

If it’s widespread, expect it to be fixed in a few minutes. But TikTok has never recorded a history of its server going down for more than a few minutes. So you can rest assured you’re not going to stay long waiting.

6. Restart App

This fix exists in many device-related issues because it usually solves the various error related to bug issues. If you’ve seen it on other suggestions, you can also use it to fix app or device bug issues.

When you close the app, your break all temporary connections it has on the phone, so you’ll be able to create a new one when you reopen the app.

From a bug’s perspective, closing an app will help you erase any temporary bug lodged in the memory storage. So when you close the app, you break the ongoing session; therefore, the bug will also close.

Once you reopen the app, the bug session will not load with it, so you’ll be able to get anything done and continue your registration if the app was merely displaying the error because of the software malfunction.

7. Clear Cache

You can clear your app’s cache to resolve bug issues. For example, restarting the app does clear memory storage; but if it’s not where the bug is lodged, it won’t help. So if the cache is full, you can’t do anything on the app even when you restart it.

Likewise, if the cache contains a bug, your app will continue to malfunction till you clear the bug from your app. The best way to do that is to clear the app’s cache.

The process is easy; once you can navigate your device settings, select apps settings, find TikTok and tap on it, and finally click on Clear Cache.

Alternatively, you can locate TikTok, press and hold on to the app, then load the app details. Finally, click on storage and select clear cache.

8. Update App

If you still aren’t able to fix the error after clearing the cache, you can update the app. Updating the app sometimes works independently, but it’s lovely to couple it with cache clearing.

When you update your app, you’ll add the latest features and install a new program that overrides the existing one.

The good side is that it overrides and performs better than the older version; the downside is that it might not be effective until you clear the cache before or after updating.

The cache clearing removes any lodged bug, so the new update installs on new cache storage, and it will have erased all the past activities. Therefore your new update will run bug-free and with better features.

That will certainly help you end the bug issues if it’s lodged in the files. Although other methods have proven to be more effective, this is one of the best you can try to remove bugs.

9. Reinstall App

App reinstallation is one of the last resorts when you’ve tried other methods that don’t work, especially clearing the cache.

Uninstalling the app does a similar function with the cache clearing, only better. So if you don’t see any result from removing the cache files, you can uninstall TikTok and reinstall it to get a quick fix.

Since you will clear the app’s storage and associated files when you uninstall it, it makes the process clinical. So with the files gone, you can enjoy TikTok like it’s the first time you installed it on your phone.

The app will run for the first time, and all the features will work like it’s the first time you’re using it on the device. If you’re lucky, this will help remove bugs or other issues causing the error, like storage and app glitches.

10. Contact TikTok

It’s not a bad idea to ask for help if you can’t get past the registration phase. Sometimes, the customer support team will notify you of an in-house issue or server downtime which might be causing the issue and also direct you on the proper steps to take to fix the error as quickly as possible.

Simply leave a review/complaint on your app store detailing your experience, and you’ll probably get a response from the developers’ team.

Or you can contact customer support via the app by clicking on “Help” or check the official TikTok website online and visit the Contact page to check ways you can reach out to customer service for support.

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