This Content Isn’t Available Facebook? Try These 12 Fixes

This Content Isn't Available Facebook

When you are scrolling away on Facebook for fun or maybe to learn about the new scandal going on in your town, you might run into some problems that can be very frustrating. One of these problems could be that you are seeing a message saying ‘This Content Isn’t Available’ or maybe ‘This Page Isn’t Available Right Now’.

There are tons of reasons as to why you are receiving these messages, but they basically just mean that your account does not have access to see this specific post or something is happening to Facebook that is inhibiting you from viewing this content.

What Does This Content Isn’t Available Right Now Mean?

If met with a message that you cannot see the content right now, this is just because something is happening on your end, or maybe even Facebook’s end that is not allowing you to see the post.

There are various reasons why you cannot view it at the moment, but there are also various solutions that you can try so that you can get access to the content you are trying to view.

If you visit someone’s profile and it says ‘This Content Isn’t Available’, you’ll also see the term Facebook User when you visit your conversation with them in Messenger.

Why Does It Say this content isn’t available right now on Facebook

1. You’ve Been Blocked

If someone’s content is not available to you it may be because they have blocked you on Facebook. The only way you will be able to see their content and their page is if you try to add that person as a friend.

If there is no way to Request Friend, this means that they have blocked you. Tragically, even if they have a page that can be seen by anyone who uses Facebook, you will be unable to since you are blocked.

2. Weak Internet Connection

If you keep trying to use Facebook and you keep refreshing your feed in hopes of seeing what your friends are trying to share but no content is loading, your internet connection may be to blame.

It is incredibly common and normal for your Wi-Fi to go ofine every once and a while, so do not stress about it. There are quite a few ways to try and get it back up and starting, or you may not even be connected.

Additionally, if you are not using your internet and are instead using your cellular data, your data may also be the thing malfunctioning. Sometimes a quick reset is all your connection may need to get back up and running.

3. Server Down

Facebook itself may be to blame as the server might also be down which can be the cause of your problems. You can check to see if this is the case by going to

Once you have accessed the website, you will be met with a search bar. Type Facebook into said bar and click the magnifying glass to check.

You will then either see if there are problems being reported with Instagram’s servers and that can help explain your inability to see any of the people you follow stories, or you will see a message saying there are no current problems

with Facebook’s servers so this is not the technological fault you are dealing with.

4. Glitch or Bug

One reason you may need to be experiencing these Facebook issues is because the app is experiencing a bug. There are sadly going to be various problems for many Facebook users for a variety of reasons since Facebook is so heavily utilized and demanded.

The reality is that bugs are sadly unavoidable. Various industries and apps alike fall prey to the vicious bugs that circulate the technology systems.

Your frustration is heard and understood, but all you can do is sit tight until the bug works its way out or system developers are able to tackle the issue for you.

5. Facebook Out of Date

Another reason Facebook might be failing to load or show any content to you is because the app needs to be updated.

Having so many people use an app will create demands for newer features and content, as well as allow app creators to learn about little fixes that they need to make to the app.

If this has been done and there is an update version Facebook available, you might be having these issues because you need an update. To do this, all you have to do is go to the app store on the device you are using and fnd the update section.

If Instagram has fixed this bug through an update, you will see the app waiting in the update section and just download the update. This way Facebook is no longer outdated and you can get back to seeing content once again.

6. Content or Page Deleted

If a specific page is not loading or a certain piece of content is showing up as unavailable, but the rest of Facebook is still going strong, the content you are trying to view may have just been deleted which is why you can no longer view it.

Maybe you are trying to see the Facebook page of your favorite restaurant in town to see its hours so you can enjoy a nice meal.

The page may not be loading because the restaurant has decided to remove their page. Anytime a page or content is removed, you will not be able to see it after the page or content is officially removed.

7. Profile Has Been Deactivated Or Deleted

Another reason you might not be able to load someone’s profle is because they have deleted it or it has been deactivated.

Social media can be incredibly addicting, as we all know too well, so maybe your old friend from high school decided to delete their Facebook profle to try and step away from this addiction.

Once someone or Facebook decides to deactivate or delete their profle, you will not be able to see any content they have ever shared, even if you were friends with them before their profle was deleted or deactivated.

8. Facebook Removed The Post Due To Violations

The content creator may have gone against the app’s guidelines, so Facebook had to remove the post. If a post is removed, you will no longer be able to see it.

The most common reasons a post it taken down by Facebook is because it contains nudity or other sexual content, spreads hate speech, shares self-harm and other types of violence, or is spam.

There are various other reasons, as well, that something may be taken down as the guidelines are explained to all users when they create their account. Anything that goes against these and is a violation to the rules will be removed by Facebook and you will not be able to see it.

9. Their Privacy Settings Were Changed

If a profile you were able to view without liking or being friends with them has recently and randomly become unavailable to you now, the owner or person may have changed their privacy settings which is why you can no longer see what they have posted.

Facebook has two different options for pages and profles. They can either be viewable to all of the public or viewable only to people who have liked their pages or are friends with you.

Since you were not friends with them or maybe had not liked or been added to a page, you will be unable to see their content, if they have changed their privacy settings, until you do add them as a friend or join their page.

10. There’s A Location/Age Restriction

The creator of the content you are trying to see may have some settings placed on their material that will inhibit you from being able to view it. This could be either a location or an age restriction that has been placed.

If it is a location restriction, you will be unable to view the content until you are located in an area where the creator has allowed their posts to be seen. This could be a country, state, or maybe even city restriction depending on the creators settings and desires.

An age restriction may have also been placed as well. This means you have to be eighteen and older to view their content. Since Facebook is available to anyone over the age of thirteen, some content might not be suitable for younger ages that use the app.

Having an age restriction allows for creators to share some content that is still allowed on the app, but just may be a bit too inappropriate for those under the age of eighteen. However, if you are over eighteen, you will not run into any age restrictions.

Does ‘This Content Isn’t Available Facebook’ Mean Blocked?

If you are seeing ‘This Content Isn’t Available Facebook’ it does not mean you are for sure blocked. While that is a real possibility, it is not the only explanation as to why you cannot see said content.

As shared above, there are so many reasons for receiving that message so do not just automatically assume you are blocked.

How to View The Post or Page That Isn’t Available

1. Ask Someone to Send You The Post Since You Might Be Blocked

If you are blocked from seeing someone’s post, asking a friend or anyone else who is not blocked to send you the content will allow you to see it.

Make sure they either screenshot it or take a photo of the post another way and do not have them send it to you on Facebook. If they do, you still will not be able to see it as you are blocked.

2. View it on A Different Facebook Account

You can also see it by using another Facebook account. This can be done by either getting someone’s login information that can view the post and using their account on your devices to see it, or another that is with you who can see the content can just use their device to show the posts to you.

3. Ask Someone What The Post Says

Asking someone who can view the content what it says is another way to be able to see the post. Someone could text you the post, or if you are with them, can also just physically tell you what the post says.

How to Get Rid Of ‘This Content Isn’t Available Facebook’’

1. Restart the App

If the app is not loading any content at all for you to view, restarting the app may refresh the system so that you can. To do this, using whichever device you are on, you will just need to clear the Facebook app from your app history.

Once that is complete, give your device a few minutes to fully cleanse, and then you can reopen the Facebook app and follow the step above. This should hopefully let you get back to cruising through your friends posts and other content on Facebook.

2. Fix Internet Connection

A bad internet connection may also be the cause of your problems with Facebook. By locating your Wi-Fi router and restarting it, this will improve a faulty internet.

To restart it, you can either simply unplug it from the plug in for a couple of minutes then plug it back in, or locate the power button on the router itself and turn it off for a while before turning it back on.

Your Wi-Fi connection or cellular data may also be inhibiting you from seeing any content. One change may be to switch to your cellular data if you are currently connected to Wi-Fi, or vice versa.

Once you have changed to either Wi-Fi or data, try again to see if Facebook will start working for you.

3. Ask Them to Change Privacy Settings

If someone has changed their privacy settings so that you have to be friends with them or be added to their page in order to see their content, you could ask this individual to change their privacy settings so that anyone can see their accounts.

This can be easily done by said person by:

1. Open up the app and click on the Menu button in the bottom right corner.

2. Now, they need to scroll down until they see Settings and Privacy.

3. Click on that and go to Settings from the drop down menu.

4. Next, they need to click on How People Find and Contact You.

5. Once there, they just have to change all of the options to Everyone by clicking each choice and selecting Everyone instead of Friends of Friends.

If they want to keep their privacy settings, you can also just ask them to add you as a friend or admit you into their page so you can see their content again.

4. Remove Country/Age Restrictions

If the reason you cannot view certain content is because of age or country restrictions, you have some options to bypass these blocks. The frst is just to simply ask the person to remove the age or area block so that you can see their content.

If they are willing to do so, you have a very easy solution available to you. If they are not, you can go around these blocks yourself as well. One option is to make a fake Facebook account and simply set your age to above eighteen.

All you would have to do is make another account, which can easily be done with any email you did not use to make your other account. You can also use a VPN to place yourself in an area where the content is viewable.

5. Request That They Unblock You

If the reason you cannot see certain content is because you are blocked, simply asking them to unblock you will allow you to see it.

To do this, all you have to do is use messenger to send them a message asking to be unblocked. Even though they have blocked you, they will still be able to see you message in a certain area through the app and then they can unblock you if they would like to, allowing you to see the content you could not before.

6. Use A VPN/Turn Off The VPN if It Was Already On

You can also try using a VPN to avoid getting blocked from seeing content and access the app anywhere in the world, including banned countries.

To do this:

1. Download the VPN app onto the device you are using through its app store.

2. Once you have the app, connect to a server in any country that Facebook is not banned in, which means you can connect to any server in the United States.

3. Now, you will be provided with a new IP address and you can then either download Facebook if you are in a restricted country or reopen the app and attempt to get to the content you could not access before.

4. Additionally, you can also turn off the VPN if you were already using one to see if that is why you were unable to view certain content.

This can be done by going to said VPN app again and just unconnecting from the server you were previously connected to.

7. Try Viewing It on Another Facebook Account

If you have access to your friend’s account that they use for Facebook, you can just go ahead and log into their account to try and access the content you were unable to view on your account.

This is a very easy way for you to quickly gain access to Facebook content when you are not fnding a way to view it yourself.

8. Wait For Facebook To Go Back Up

If you went to and learned that the Facebook server is actually down and no longer working, the only way to solve this is to wait for the server to come back online. This problem is on Facebook;s end which means

there is nothing you can personally fx to solve your posting problems. The only solution available to you is to wait until workers are able to get the server functioning and online again.

However, in the meantime you can keep checking and refreshing Facebook’s status so that way you can react as soon as the server is back up and no longer miss out on the content that was posted when Facebook was not working for you.

9. Wait For Them To Come Out With A Fix

If a bug is the cause of your issues or Facebook is just experiencing a shut down, the only option you have is to sit back and wait for Facebook personnel to solve the issue.

You may remember a very dark time, back in 2021, when Facebook was shut down for almost seven hours. It was horrible and we hope the app is never down for that long again.

It even caused economic problems for businesses and companies that rely on social media for customers. Regardless, if Facebook’s system is at fault for your inability to view content, only Facebook can fx it so you will just have to wait until they are able to do just that.

10. Log Out Then Back In

Another quick and easily solution if Facebook is not letting you see any posts or content at all is to let the system refresh, again, by logging out. To do so on the app:

1. Click on the three lines in the bottom right corner and then scroll all the way down.

2. At the very bottom there will be an option saying Log Out.

3. Just click that and you are officially logged out.

4. For the website, tap the arrow in the top right corner, and the last option from the dropdown menu will say Log Out.

5. Once you click that, you are logged out from the website.

6. Give both the app and the website a couple minutes and then log right back in.

This will help give Facebook a quick reset and allow you to delete that pesky message.

Also, if you are afraid to log out due to forgetting your password, you can easily send a reset link to the email associated with your account and get logged right back in.

11. Reinstall App

If all else is still not working and you just want to see the content on Facebook that is not loading no matter what you do, you can also try reinstalling the app onto your device. T

o do so, delete the app from your phone, tablet, or any other device you are using Facebook on. Then head to the app store and reinstall Facebook.

You will then have to log back into your Facebook account and now, you potentially will be able to see everything you have been missing out on that is being posted to the app.

12. Contact Facebook

When all else has failed you, you still have another option left which is to directly contact Facebook. You can do this on the app or on the website.

Through the app, click on the three lines in the bottom right corner and scroll down until you see Help and Support. Select that option and Help Center will appear in the dropdown menu.

You can then search something similar to “content is not available” in the search box and Facebook will give you various helpful options. On the website, you click the arrow in the upper right corner and select Help and Support.

Then choose Help Center and type in the same thing from the app. If this is still not solving your problem, you can also select Report a Problem in both the app and the website instead of Help Center and then pick Something Went Wrong.

You can then type in your problem of the app not working for you and Facebook will directly be able to help you.

Final Thoughts

Facebook can let you see content from all over the world and about anything that you want. No matter what the reason is as to why you want to see certain posts, it can be very annoying if you are unable to for unknown reasons.

Whether you were blocked, are not old enough to view something, or Facebook is being attacked by a bug, there are numerous explanations as to why you are going through the problems of content not being available.

Thankfully, these quick tips and solutions can easily solve your issues and get you back to scrolling through said content in no time.

David Johnson is a freelance writer with 9 years of experience writing for Techzillo and other established tech outlets like iMore. His focus and key interests are Apple and accessibility as well as consumer technology in general. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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