This Channel Can’t Be Displayed Telegram

This Group Can't Be Displayed Telegram

Of the vast and unending ways to message people across the globe today, Telegram is one of the more heavily utilized and popular ones available. Through this app, you are able to use any device you want and message anyone you would like.

Creating an account is simple, and once that is done, you will have access to the channels that Telegram offers to its users, which is where the messaging and interacting takes place.

However, sometimes a message saying “This Channel Can’t be Displayed because it was used to spread *****graphic content” will appear to you.

What Does “This Channel Can’t be Displayed” Mean Telegram

This means that you do not have the rights nor the accessibility to see the content being displayed on this specifc channel. While there are a couple different reasons that this could be happening to you, there are even more potential solutions that will allow you to override that message and enjoy the material being shared on every channel.

Why Does Telegram Say This Channel Can’t Be Displayed?

There are quite a few different reasons as to why a channel may not be displaying properly on Telegram. Your settings could be blocking certain content from you, your internet connection may be down, or the app itself is experiencing a glitch that is affecting all users including you.

Whatever the case may be, Telegram has its reasons, just like any other app, for not providing the channel to you.

1. The Channel Contains Sensitive Content

You may be receiving a “This Channel Can Not be Displayed” message by Telegram because of the content that is being shown on that channel. This will only be the cause of your troubles if you have your settings set to block any content that may not be suitable for all types of potential audiences.

The content could be a variety of things including gore, nudity, swear words, and anything else that would be fagged by other users on Telegram.

Any channel that features such things has to be under a private channel so that people with said settings do not accidentally get exposed to content that is not appropriate for them.

2. Contains Adult Content

There may also be specifcally adult content on a certain channel, which includes photos or videos that may display nudity or sexual interactions. If a channel does include this type of material, it has to be on a private channel, just like any sensitive content.

If your settings are set so that you can not get access to this adult material, you will see the “This Channel Can Not be Displayed” message.

This is for the safety and comfort of you, based on the things you want to see while using Telegram. However, you can change your settings so that this content is made viewable to you.

3. The Channel Is Just Unavailable for A Short While

A channel might be simply updating or working through other quick fxes so it is just temporarily unavailable to you.

The creator of the channel may have to make some fast adjustments or their internet connection is taking a couple of moments to fully work.

There are a lot of different reasons a channel may be down for a few minutes and this could be the cause of you seeing “This Channel Can Not be Displayed”.

Try refreshing your app or in channel after a little while and there is a possibility it will be working for you just fne after everything is able to load and act correctly.

4. It’s Violating Telegrams Policies

The policies and rules of Telegram are fairly simple and agreed to when you create your account.

You can not post previously explained adult content onto public channels, you have to be over the age of sixteen to have an account, you can not spam or scam others on the app, and you can not promote violence on public channels as well.

5. You’re In A Country That’s Restricted

Telegram is unfortunately restricted in many countries across the world, so if you are trying to access the app’s content and you are receiving the “This Channel Can Not be Displayed” message, make sure you are in an area where you can actually be using the app.

The counties where Telegram is banned are Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Brazil, China, Cuba, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Russia and Thailand. Expect to encounter this message if you are located in any of the countries shared above.

6. Group Contains Copyright Stuff

A channel could be sharing material that is copyrighted and only those who are part of the copyright can gain access to the content being displayed.

Or maybe even the channel is illegally sharing copyrighted information and is using a private channel that is only accessible to others that there are trying to share this illegal content with, and if you are not a part of these elite groups, “This Channel Can Not be Displayed” may be appearing to you as you do not have access to the content being shown by the channel.

7. Glitch

Telegram could potentially be experiencing a glitch as well which is causing you to not be able to access certain channels. A glitch just means that the app itself is malfunctioning, and nothing on your end is wrong.

Sometimes softwares like Telegram and other forms of social media will experience these glitches and bugs from time to time for a variety of reasons.

App creators and personnel are usually made aware of these issues very shortly after they start to occur, so if you are getting a message saying “This Channel Can Not be Displayed”, know it might be because of a glitch and all you can do is wait until Telegram is able to sort themselves back up and get working for you again.

8. The Group Is Too Political

Telegram is a known platform for being able to share very far sided political views and has allowed extremist ideals to be shown on the channels.

The app has even started to be seen as a haven for extreme right-wing individuals as they are allowed to share their views so openly and with so much support on Telegram.

Because of this, various channels are dedicated to these political groups and only allow known associates that agree with their ideas to be able to access their channel.

If you are not already established with such groups and do not have an in with someone who does have ability to see the channel, you may be seeing the “This Channel Can Not be Displayed” message for these reasons.

9. The Group Has Been Sharing Hatred & Violence Content

One of the guidelines that Telegram has in place is that any sort of violent content and hatred towards groups of people can be reported and thus get the channel shut down.

So, the reason you are seeing “This Channel Can Not be Displayed” could be because the creator of the channel broke the guidelines resulting in the channel no longer existing.

Telegram has been under some pretty heavy fre recently due to being fairly lax on the material private channels could share.

As they have been called out more and more and exposed for the horrifc content they have allowed to be shared, the app has started to take this type of material much more seriously and work on getting these types of channels shut down faster and more efciently.

Telegram has even recently been found guilty of allow content that was Anti-Semetic and in support of white supremacist groups.

10. The Channel Has Been Deleted By the Creator

Another reason that you can no longer access a channel might be because the creator has just taken down said channel.

This could occur because the creator is no longer active as Telegram takes down all channels created by someone when they have not used the app in ninety days, or maybe the creator simply just wanted to delete it.

Another factor may be other people began posting adult content or violence to their channel, so the creator took it down for the safety of others. Whatever the reason may be, creators can take down their channels whenever they want and that could be why you are being told “This Channel Can Not be Displayed”.

How to Fix This Channel Can’t Be Displayed

1. Use Telegram Web is the website version of telegram and may allow you to fx your problems with gaining access to channels you can not see on the app. Once you get to the website, you will have to login to view past channels you like and see content related to you.

Otherwise, if you do not care if your account stays connected to the specifc channel you are trying to access on the app, you can just freely search Telegram without signing in.

However, your settings will automatically be set to disabling any adult or sensitive content regardless of your accounts settings if you do not log in. So if you do want to view said material on the website, make sure you log in.

2. Enable Sensitive Content Using Nicegram Bot

You can also change your settings so that you can have access to the sensitive content channels by utilizing Nicegram Bot. To do this, all you have to do is open up the Telegram app, fnd the channel called Nicegram_Bot.

All you have to do is search that username in the search bar on Telegram. Now, this will open up a chat with a Nicegram Bot and you will have to select start at the bottom of your screen. Then, select the two toggles that say I am 18 + Years old and Show Sensitive Content.

Once this is complete, restart your Telegram app by clearing it from your device history and you will be able to avoid the “This Channel Can Not be Displayed” message if it was being shown to you because you were trying to access channels with sensitive content.

3. Turn on the “Disable Filtering”

Your setting on Telegram may be set to flter out any content that is not considered suitable for all audiences whether that be graphic, or any other sort of material that not everyone should be viewing.

To override this ruling and disable the flters that are currently on your account, you will need to:

1. Use a computer or desktop. Now go to and then click on Show All Platforms.

2. Find whichever platform you are using, such as IOS or Windows, and download which version you need.

3. Next, a QR code will appear on your computer or desktop.

4. You will then just need your device and open up your camera so you can scan the QR code.

5. A link will pop up, click on the link, and then go to the three lines in the top left corner.

6. From the drop down menu that appears, pick Settings and then go to Privacy and Security. You will now be able to see

7. Disable Filtering underneath Sensitive Content.

8. Tap the toggle so it turns to blue and now you will be able to view channels that contain sensitive content.

4. Use a VPN

You can also try using a VPN to avoid the “This Channel Can Not be Displayed” message and access the app anywhere in the world, including banned countries.

To do this:

1. Download the VPN app onto the device you are using through its app store.

2. Once you have the app, connect to a server in any country that Telegram is not banned in, which means you can connect to any server in the United States.

3. Now, you will be provided with a new IP address and you can then either download

4. Telegram if you are in a restricted country or reopen the app and attempt to get to the channel you could not access before.

5. Use Telegram From a non-restricted Country

You may be seeing “This Channel Can Not be Displayed” because you are in a country where Telegram is restricted. If you are in one of the many ones shared above that has banned the app, you will need to locate yourself in a country that was not on that list.

A lot of the countries that have restricted access to this app have done so because of the history of encouragement for violence that various channels are allowed to share.

Many citizens speculated, in these countries, that it was due to the political sharings on Telegram, but most of the countries have shared it was because they want no calls to violence in their homes from the app’s content.

6. Set Up A Fake Number

A number is required to create an account on Telegram and if you want to avoid the app having your personal number or need to make a new account so you can access any channels that are giving you the “This Channel Can Not be Displayed” message, you have the options of using a fake number and creating an account with that instead.

Since Telegram will send a code to your number, you actually have to have access to your fake number. You can do this by:

1. Download the Do Not Pay app from the app store you use on your device.

2. Once you are in the app, select the Burner Phone option.

3. This choice essentially allows you to have access to a burner phone without actually paying for one.

4. Now, you will see a button saying Create a Temporary Number, select this and then fnd the Telegram option.

5. Now, Do Not Pay will generate a number to share with the app.

6. Create an account using that number and Do Not Pay will give you the access code.

This will allow you to use the app without actually needing to share your phone number.

7. Use a Telegram On Another device

Your device might also not be loading properly or just not working for the time being and that is why you are seeing the “This Channel Can Not be Displayed” message. Trying to use another device may also help solve your problems.

Telegram is compatible with all sorts of devices including phones and tablets. So, whatever spare device you have handy will allow you to access Telegram.

If the app is not already on this extra device, all you have to do is download it from the app store you have on said device. You can now log in to your account on the new device and attempt to access the channels that your device was not displaying.

8. Tell Admins to Remove Sensitive Control

If you are unable to remove the sensitive control setting on your account on your own, you can contact the admins of Telegram and they can do it for you.

To do this:

1. Visit on either your device or a computer, laptop, or desktop.

2. Now, in the frst box, describe your problem and share with the admins that your account is not allowing you to take off the settings that allow you access to sensitive and adult contact.

3. You will also have to provide your email and/or your phone number so they can contact you to help you resolve the issue.

However, if you used a fake phone number to create your account, make sure you only provide your email when doing this so that the admins do not try to contact you through your fake phone number and then either never get a hold of you or discover you were using a fake number to create your account.

9. Be Wary of the Channels You Visit

The channels you have been visiting in the past may also cause you to get the message saying “This Channel Can Not be Displayed”.

If you have been going to channels that constantly are breaking the guidelines or are known for spreading violence, Telegram may be trying to block you from furthering down these roads that lead to going against the rules of the app.

Your history of channels can show admins just what content you are trying to see and be exposed to while exploring Telegram. If your past behaviors have not aligned with the views of the app, they may be trying to stop you from causing more harm to other users and people in general.

Final Thoughts

Telegram has the potential for all sorts of material and content to be quickly shared with the entire world. Though, some of this content comes with a few requirements to be able to see it and interact with others who can see it. Whether it be because the information shared is illegal, you just have to change your setting, or something as little as a bug is holding you

back, there are ways to overcome these obstacles that are prohibiting you from accessing the channel.

So, the next time you get sucked into a blackhole of new information and turn to Telegram to gain even more knowledge, but are met with “This Channel Can’t be Displayed”, remember these simple and easy ways to override the message and get to learning even more.

David Johnson is a freelance writer with 9 years of experience writing for Techzillo and other established tech outlets like iMore. His focus and key interests are Apple and accessibility as well as consumer technology in general. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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