There is No One Around You Tinder (4 Reasons Why)

There is No One Around You Tinder

Tinder boasts of 20 billion completing matchmaking since its inception in 2012. Yet you can’t find a match due to a few people appearing in your feed due to the There is No One Around You Message? You might wonder if there’s something wrong with the app or if you need to make some changes to yourself.

The answer can be both because the “There No one around you” notification on Tinder can be from the app or your profile settings. If it’s your profile, it’s an easy fix because you can always make the changes when convenient. For example, you can decide to expand your Discovery Settings to see more people.

But resolving the issue from your app can be tricky, especially if you are unsure what the cause can be. This guide has therefore outlined the most recurrent reasons for this Tinder error. And also provide you with step-by-step assistance on how you can fix any of these issues in no time.

Why Does Tinder Say There’s No One Around You?

There is No One Around You Tinder

Really? Is it possible to have no one around you on a platform that hosts millions of users? Tinder is truly a giant network with millions of users, but that doesn’t mean you can network with all these people. As a unique user, you have personal details and information that Tinder uses to pull you a match from the available users.

Of course, we don’t want to meet and network with random people. Tinder understands this too and therefore has a structure in place to pair you with people you both share mutualistic values.

You might live near one another, both degree holders and big lovers of ice creams. Now try to imagine people who have these characteristics in common; you’ll discover the possibility of meeting one has drastically reduced.

However, your profile or app is not the only reason you can be having issues with your Tinder matchmaking. Other issues include Tinder’s server going on a break or your internet connection not being strong enough to load new people. Here is a narrow list of the common issues:

  1. The Tinder server is down
  2. There’s a bug
  3. Actually no one around you
  4. Poor internet connection

Luckily, there are multiple other solutions to fix any issue causing this frustrating experience. You can check them all out below.

1. Tinder Is Down

As a social network and dating app, Tinder needs to process a lot of connections and user requests at every time. But, unlike more extensive networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc., which have been in the space for several years, Tinder is also relatively new. The daily increase in popularity and new sign-ups also contribute to the chances of the Tinder server going down.

So when you are stuck with the message “There is no one around you,” this could be why. If the server is down and you’re trying to access other members on the platform, you won’t be getting any results. So it’s perfectly normal to get the prompt message during the server downtime.

Fix – Wait For Tinder To Go Back Up

Tinder is quite a personalized app because each person has a different experience on the app. With the large number of monthly users recorded on the platform, anyone will wonder if the traffic and server can run steadily every time. But rest assured, the downtime isn’t that frequent for you to concern yourself.

When you drop find yourself in one, you must wait until the server is active online once again. The wait can take anywhere between a couple of minutes, depending on the cause.

If you don’t want to wait indefinitely, you can keep track of the server’s activities on “” You can even check the map for affected areas to confirm if the downtime is local or global.

2. There’s A Bug

Bugs are malfunctions in a system, and even though they pose no real threats, they can cause many issues. For example, not being able to see any other person around you on Tinder could result from a bug. The bugs are often temporary and need you to restart the app to restore it to normalcy.

But that’s if you’re lucky because bugs can stay for more extended periods, causing you to take further actions to eliminate them. If you’re sure the server is up and running and your discovery span is wide enough, you can treat the situation as a bug issue.

Luckily, you have many options to fix this. Try the first fix below, and if you don’t get results, you can proceed to try other options on the list till your issue gets fixed.

Fix – Restart Tinder

You will most likely face this bug issue if you’re using an app because the app temporarily saves some activities on your device when running. So closing the app will stop its activities, which will result in temporarily storing at least some part of it to be disposed of.

Hopefully, when the app restarts, the fresh app run will remove the bug from storage, and the app can run its regular functions without any hitch. But this won’t fix the issue in a few scenarios, so you should try the following fix on the list instead.

Fix 2 – Clear Your Cache to Get Rid of Tinder Bugs

If the bug remains after restarting the app, you can clean the cache to get rid of it. Restarting the app will fix the bug if it originated when you opened it. But clearing the cache will clear it of any bug lodged ever since you installed the app. That’s why we recommend removing the cache as a better alternative.

The complete removal is because the cache stores log details every time you open any app on your smartphone. So clearing it means you have erased all temporary records it has been keeping since you installed it on your phone. So if the app cached the bug at one point, you would be able to get it out of your device.

How to Clear Your Tinder App’s Cache:

1. On an Android or iOS device, open Settings

2. Tap on App settings

3. Look for the Tinder app on the list of installations

4. Tap on the Storage

5. On the lower section, click “Clear Cache”

Fix 3 – Update Tinder to Get Rid Of Bugs

If the issue persists, then you might be running an outdated version of the app. App developers constantly roll out new versions and updates because of bugs and errors in the program.

Unfortunately, no program is perfect, so Tinder always reminds you to keep your app up to date by downloading the latest version, which is much safer and better than the previous one.

Another possible issue could be your device compatibility. If you are using a device with older software, you might be unable to run the latest version of Tinder on it. You are better off changing your device, updating your software, or installing older versions of Tinder that are compatible with it.

To do this, visit Google and search for your device model’s compatibilities; if it doesn’t fit Tinder’s requirement, then you can update the app to one that does. Note: this is not a recommended solution because older versions of apps are prone to errors, glitches, or cyber-attacks.

How to Update Your Tinder App:

1. Open your App Store (Android or iOS)

2. Click on Menu and select Settings

3. Navigate to the Update tab (Auto-update tab on Play store)

4. Find Tinder on the list and update it. If it’s not under the auto-update apps, include it to save stress next time

Fix 4 – Uninstall and Reinstall the App

Updating the app retains all data and saved files. So if there is a bug somewhere, updating your app might not be sufficient. You can uninstall the app to remove all its files and associated programs from your phone for a more effective effort.

So the bug will erase the installation and any bug issue from your phone. When you reinstall the app, your phone also saves it in a new storage location. Therefore the past malfunction does not affect your new installation in any way.

If you get the option to clean up residual files after uninstalling the app, ensure you allow it for proper cleanup of your storage.

Fix 5 – Try A New Device

You can change your device if you are unsure where the problem originates. For example, there could be a problem with the device that you aren’t aware of. Asides from possibly being outdated, some settings on your device might be blocking Tinder from functioning effectively. But, again, getting a new phone will fix this error.

Alternatively, you can opt for the web version. You can access the web version on various devices, including your smartphone and desktop. You will also be free from bug issues and app crashes since the only problem that hinders the website is the server’s downtime or your internet connection.

Fix 6 – Wait For Them To Come Out With A Fix

Similar to updating your app, you can wait for an update from the Tinder team. If the bug is proving difficult to remove or affects many users on the network, the developers will get on with their job to fix it in a few hours; regular debugging rarely takes days.

Once fixed, you should get an in-app notification to update your Tinder app to the latest version, which will have fixed all the bugs and possible errors. Otherwise, you will notice that they resolved the issue, and you won’t need to update.

Though in most cases, it’s the former, ensure your app is up to date, so you don’t miss out on the latest features and protection from nasty bugs.

Fix 7 – Contact Tinder Support

If you feel the issue is past your intervention, call Tinder’s attention to it yourself. If many users notice the bug, there is a high chance that someone has already reported it before you. But, reporting the situation will alert them that others are facing the same issue and therefore take immediate actions to resolve it.

First, check if your issue is not listed in the FAQs section or recently addressed by the platform before reaching out. To contact customer support, you can email or call the hotline. Visit the Tinder website and navigate to the Contact page, fill out the email form or get across using their listed phone number.

3. There is Actually No One Around You

It’s odd; why wouldn’t anyone be around you? Are they conspiring against you with Tinder to leave you all alone? Well, no. Tinder is a social network, and it connects users based on some information and details you input during registration.

For example, if your profile doesn’t allow your distance range to reach a large radius around your location. Chances are, you will have a small circle of people on Tinder, except you live in a densely populated area where many people are searching for their soulmates.

The more connected you are to someone, the closer Tinder will add them to your reach. So yes, it isn’t very likely, but it can happen if you’ve swiped through enough people Tinder thinks are perfect for you and run out of options. If that’s the case, you have a limited choice.

Fix – Expand Your Discovery Settings

Boosting your network coverage is sure to get more people around you on Tinder. There are many tips and tricks out there to do this, but none beats updating your profile.

Once your profile is up to date, and you input all information, Tinder will better match you with more people because it gets a clearer picture of what type of people you’d like to meet.

One of the best tips is to set up your profile picture so that you can get more swipe-ups. Remember, the more swipe up you get, the wider your audience.

When you open an account, the default settings allow Tinder to show you people within a certain radius from you. But we can also tweak this to get the maximum distance and age range, thereby fixing the No-One-Around-You issue.

How to change Tinder Discovery Settings:

1. Open Tinder on your device

2. Tap your profile icon

3. Find and click on Settings

4. Under settings, scroll down to Discovery Settings

5. Toggle the Distance and Age Range to a broader range

4. Poor Internet Connection

Internet connection is a big part of Tinder. You can barely get anything done without a secure internet connection. So you must pay attention to your internet access.

First, ensure you plug in your wi-fi cable using an ethernet connection. Next, confirm your wi-fi router isn’t limiting your connection or if you’re using public wi-fi, make sure you connect to the primary network.

If you are sure your internet is fine, you should be getting more recommendations from Tinder. But when you keep swiping for a new match, you can’t get any, or you see the notification that there’s no one to know, you should check your network settings.

It can be due to prolonged connection, out of data, change in network strength, or you don’t have a connection to any wi-fi. You can check out the three available below for a quick method to resolve any of them.

Fix – Turn Your WI-FI off Then on to Connect Tinder to the Internet

For users connected to wi-fi networks, you must ensure your connectivity at all times. First, check if you logged out or receiving low bandwidth. Then you can switch your wi-fi off and back on to establish a new connection.

Turning on the Airplane mode and turning it back off also works for mobile phone users. It’s ideal for resetting your network connection if you prefer a complete connection reset(but be sure you aren’t disrupting other things such as your Bluetooth, hotspot, etc.).

The on/off should do the trick, but if it doesn’t, your wi-fi router (if you have one) should also go off and back on. You can also try other means by changing your wi-fi password and reconnecting with the new one.

Fix 2 – Switch from WI-FI to Data

If there is no change after turning your wi-fi back on, switch your connection from wi-fi to data. Ensure your data connection is fast and you have enough data subscriptions to support your browsing.

Please note that this is only possible for someone using a mobile phone, so if you’re using a desktop or laptop, you should be finding a permanent fix for your wi-fi connection.

Fix 3 – Reset Network Settings

A small change in your network settings can disrupt your internet connection. Yes, you might not have tampered with any settings, but maybe someone did it for you, or you unknowingly did it yourself.

Sometimes you can make network changes due to a new app or follow instructions to fix an issue that affects your network. So, to ensure the problem is not from the change in settings, you can reset your network settings and later make any corrections if you need any.

How to Reset your Network Settings

1. Open your device Settings app

2. Scroll to and click on “General management” or “System,” depending on the type of device you use.

3. Then select either “Reset” or “Reset options”

4. Find and tap on the “Reset network settings” option

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