The Server Returned An Error Venmo? Try These 10 Fixes

The Server Returned An Error Venmo

When you start to notice that you’re receiving errors from the app such as “The Server Returned An Error” kind of messages, it’s easy to get thrown off by this. Read on to figure out what could be causing this message to pop up and what you can do about it.

What Does “The Server Returned An Error” on Venmo Mean

1. Your Venmo Account is Frozen

The first thing you will want to consider is if, for some reason, your Venmo account could be frozen. Frozen accounts can happen for many reasons, such as fraudulent activity on the account or suspicions of it being hacked. But you can get out of a frozen account with some help.

Fix – Contact Venmo to Reverse This

If you believe your Venmo account is frozen, the first thing you will want to do is try to contact the Venmo technical support team in order to see if they can help unfreeze your account and get it back up and running again.

This will allow you to have access to your account again and will make sure the support team at Venmo knows that no one is trying to hack your account.

2. The Bummer of Them All….Venmo is Down

Fix – Wait For Venmo Servers to Correct Itself

As can happen with many apps, the social media app itself can be down and unavailable, making lots of the features unavailable to the app users.

When an app is down, the app and its features cannot be used to their full extent, and this is something that can happen for many reasons, such as software updates or internet problems with the servers that the social media app uses.

3. Poor Internet Connection

A common issue that causes lots of problems when it comes to using any sort of social media app is making sure that the internet connection you are using actually works and allows you to stay connected to the internet and therefore use the features that the social media app provides.

Think about it this way: if you do not have a good internet connection, then chances are that you won’t be able to connect to the internet, and services that would usually be available for you to use in whatever app you are using, will no longer be available to you. There is no exception in this case with Venmo.

You will get the best service when using the app by ensuring that your internet connection is up to the best standards. Follow the next troubleshooting steps to find the solution to the issue of being unable to use Venmo properly.

Fix – Turn Your WI-FI Off Then On

Most users will ensure that instead of being connected to their mobile data, they are connected to their home Wi-Fi or a public connection to limit how much mobile data they use.

When using wifi, you often need to make sure that the connection you are using is connected and has access to the internet, besides making sure that the connection is also safe for them to use.

However, if you are connected to a Wifi network that does not have any access to the internet, but you are still connected, then this will most likely limit what kind of access you have to certain features on some of the apps that you use the most such as the case here with Venmo.

You will want to try and turn off your wifi in order to see if this is the issue that you are having. Follow the next steps to ensure you can successfully turn off your wifi network.

1. Close the Venmo app on your phone.

2. Go ahead and head over to your main menu on your phone and locate the settings app on your phone.

3. Once you find yourself on your Settings main menu, find the option that allows you to edit your phone’s Wifi settings.

4. Click on this option in order to go ahead and start fixing the issues with your wifi.

5. Once here, click on the disable button to turn off the Wifi connection to your phone.

6. Once the wifi is turned off, go ahead and try to open up the Instagram app again to check if turning off your Wi-Fi network helped with being able to access the Venmo app.

Fix 2 – Switch from WI-FI to Data

You will also want to try playing around with whether the internet signal you are receiving is stronger when you are connected to Wi-Fi than when you are connected to your mobile data.

Play around with disabling both sources of internet connections to verify which one can provide a more stable and stronger connection depending on where you find yourself at the moment. There are a few steps you can take in order to switch between connections to find the best one for you.

1. Head over to the Settings menu on your device.

2. Once you are at your phone’s Settings menu, head over to the option to see the Wi-Fi connections available for your device.

3. If your Wifi is enabled, click to disable it and go ahead and confirm your action.

4. Once you have disabled the wifi connection, wait a few seconds before enabling the connection to turn the wifi back on your phone.

5. Once the Wi-Fi is back on your phone, head over to the Venmo app once more to verify if you can use the app properly.

6. If the signal is still not stable and you wish to verify if your mobile data is stronger than the Wifi connection, then you will need to follow the previous steps again.

7. Once you have disabled the Wifi connection, head out of your Settings and open up the Venmo app.

8. Verify if switching over to your data connection has allowed you to message other users on the Venmo app.

Fix 3 – Turn Off VPN

Something that has become pretty common in the tech world is for everyone to be using a VPN or a Virtual Private Network to keep their browsing history and traffic as safe as possible.

However, when you end up using a VPN, this can limit the kinds of features available to you when you have the VPN enabled. This might be one of the reasons you cannot use the messaging feature when it comes to using Venmo.

This is something that is as simple as it was to disable your Wifi connection. Follow the next steps in order to turn off your VPN and verify if this can fix your issues with Venmo.

1. Start by closing any apps you are on, including the Venmo app, to ensure that when you open up those apps again, you can use your mobile data instead of the previous Wifi connection.

2. Once all of your previous apps have been closed, go ahead and head over to the main menu on your device.

3. Find the Settings app on your main menu and open this up.

4. Scroll down the Settings menu until you are able to locate the option for the VPN menu.

5. Click on the VPN option. Click on the disable or turn off the option that is found within the VPN menu.

6. Once the Wi-Fi is disabled, you will notice that the VPN icon has disappeared.

7. Once your VPN has been turned off, go ahead and open the Venmo app and verify if this has fixed the issue you were having.

4. Is it Possible You’ve Got A Bug?

If you notice that you are receiving error messages on the Venmo app, you want to consider that the app may be dealing with a bug or software glitch.

These kinds of glitches in any type of social media app are very common and are not something that should stress you out too much.

Because these bugs and glitches are so common, there are quite a few methods you can follow to troubleshoot the bug and find the root of the issue, causing you not to be able to access the Venmo app.

The next troubleshooting methods will guide you along the way to getting rid of the potential bug that is in your Venmo app.

Fix – Log Out and Log In

Sometimes simply restarting the app or restarting your device is not enough for the app to reboot and start from scratch again.

In order to move past this, sometimes you will need to completely log out of the application and then make sure to log back in.

As always, this process should not take more than a few minutes to get done. Follow the steps below in order to successfully log out and back into the Venmo app.

1. Open up your Venmo app.

2. Go to your Profile and find the Settings menu within your profile.

3. Scroll down until you find the option to log out of your profile on that device.

4. Confirm that you want to log out of the profile on Venmo.

5. You will be taken to the main page of the Venmo app without you being logged in.

6. Using the same login information that you have previously used, type in your Venmo username and password and log back into the app.

7. Once you are logged in, go ahead and check your messages in order to check if you responses have been updated now that you went ahead and logged out and logged back into the Venmo app.

Fix 2 – Clear The Cache

You should try to clear the cache to get rid of any bugs. Clearing an app’s cache helps get rid of bugs since it essentially clears an app’s memory and clears any potential glitches and bugs. Try the following steps to clear the Venmo app’s cache.

1. To start off, you will want to open up the app and go to the Profile of the user in order to go ahead and change the settings.

2. On the Profile page, click on the gear icon that will lead you to the Settings page of the Instagram profile.

3. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Settings in the profile of the user.

4. When at the Settings page, find the option that says Privacy and Security.

5. Once you are there, you will want to click on View Account Data.

6. Under Account Data, you will be able to see the option to clear cache data.

7. Go ahead and confirm that you want to clear the cache within the Hinge app.

8. You have now cleared the cache data on the Venmo app.

Fix 3 – Update the App

Another simple fix that can be performed to see if you can get rid of any potential bugs or software glitches that the Venmo app may be dealing with is to go ahead and try to update the app to see if this will get rid of any bugs.

When you go ahead and try to update any kind of app, if the app does have any sort of update available, then the app will get updated to the most recent software that the app’s technical team has created.

This means that if the app previously had any kind of glitches or bugs and the team was able to get these fixed, then when you go ahead and download the most recent software update for the app, these bugs should be taken care of and should be resolved after that.

Try the next steps to move forward with downloading an update for the app and try to get rid of the bugs that the app could have previously had.

1. Go ahead and completely close Venmo if you were previously using it.

2. Once the app is fully closed, you will want to move forward with opening your phone’s app store.

3. The App Store on your phone is typically found on your phone’s home screen.

4. After you have located the app store for your phone, you will want to use the search function in the app store in order to look up Venmo.

5. This search will take you to the Venmo page in the App Store.

6. Here you will be able to see if there is an update available or not for the app.

7. On the left-hand side of the page, you will be able to see two options depending on what is available for the app at the time.

8. If an update is available, you will be able to see the option to Update the app. If this is here, go ahead and click on this option. Once you have confirmed this, the app will go ahead and automatically update on its own and will let you know when it has updated.

9. If you only see the option to Open the app, then this means that there is no recent update to the app available in the App Store. This means that the app version that you currently have downloaded on your phone is the most updated version.

Fix 4 – Use Venmo on Browser Instead of App

At times, whenever you are having an issue, such as not being able to send messages to other users on the app, you should go ahead and try to open the Venmo website either on a desktop computer browser or by using the browser on your phone.

This will rule out whether the issue you are having is an issue only the app is having or if the entirety of Venmo is having, and this will narrow down the list of possible reasons why you are having these problems.

Use the following steps to go ahead and access Venmo on a different browser to see if the issue has to do with the mobile app instead.

1. Close the Venmo app if you were using it.

2. First off, try using a mobile browser to access the Hinge webpage.

3. Use any browser to access the webpage; whether it is Google Chrome or Safari does not matter as long as there is a working internet connection.

4. Once you are on the internet browser, type into the search bar to be taken to the Venmo main page.

5. After the page has loaded and you are on the main Venmo page, try to access your messages page on the browser. If you are able to access the page, then the issue has to do with the mobile app.

6. If this still does not show your messages on Hinge despite using a mobile browser, try using a PC browser before you decide that the issue is deeper.

7. You will want access to a PC computer to try and see if you can access your messages page on another browser outside of the mobile browsers you previously used.

Fix 5 – Contact Venmo

If, after trying all of the previously mentioned troubleshooting options that were provided, you still have not been able to resolve the issues you were having with being able to send messages to other users on the Venmo app or webpage, then it might be time to go ahead and try to contact the Venmo support team in order to get their input as to what might be the reason you are having these issues.

The Venmo support team is easy to get ahold of, and a simple search for the right contact information will lead you to be able to get ahold of someone who will be able to help you.

Whether through a virtual chat, a phone call, or email, find the right contact option for you to try and contact the Venmo support team to get support with your issue.

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