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Text to Speech (TTS) is one of the innovations to make technology accessible to everyone in this world.  The way TTS does this is through the software which reads aloud the text published in websites or any type of program.

The effect and benefits are huge because studies show that 2 out of 10 adults worldwide have difficulty with language and communication. On top of that, populations are moving around, migrating and settling on foreign land.

TTS can help people overcome language barriers because they can listen and read the text on-screen simultaneously.

The percentage of progress grows dramatically for learners who are both listening and reading at the same time.

Another indicator is the growing population of older people. They’ll also benefit from TTS because innovation can make it easier for older generations to get ahead of vision problems.

In this article, I’ll list down ten of the best Text to Speech software that are readily available in the market.

1. Amazon Polly

amazon polly

Amazon Polly, formerly Ivona, is a Text to Speech program that is easily integrated to any application with a wide array of languages and voices.

It uses a pay-as-you-go model that will only charge you for the amount of words processed. $4.00 for every 1 million characters of speech outside of the free tier of 5 million characters per month.

Download Amazon Polly

2. NaturalReader


The next on the list is NaturalReader. It has a wide user base of 10 million people and has helped many people through learning challenges and disabilities.

The software turns text into MP3 (MPEG AUDIO LAYER 3) files so that they can be sent to any portable device for convenient listening.

You can try them out for free and purchase one-time-pay licenses for more features such as reading web pages, eBooks, and natural voices.

Download NaturalReader

3. Balabolka


Balabolka is a freeto license software that works as a Text to Speech program. It uses multiple audio formats such as wav, mp3, wma , and more while it supports several text formats such as pdf, doc, docx, html, and even ppt (powerpoint).

The great thing about Balabolka is it also acts as a translator of text, so if you have a Chinese or Russian document, Balabolka can read it aloud for you.

Download Balabolka

4. Panopretor Basic


Panopretor is a Text to Speech program that reads rich text, documents, and web pages.

One key feature is that it highlights the text that is being read so you can follow the audio file while it is processing the texts.

The company offers free and paid licenses so people can select the features that work for their needs.

Download Panopreter

5. Word Talk


Word Talk is a plug-in that works exclusively with Microsoft Word. After installation, it will create a toolbar within Microsoft Word so you can activate it to read an entire document.

Word Talk will also highlight the text as it reads it aloud.

Download Word Talk

6. Zabaware Text to Speech Reader


The Zabaware Text to Speech reader is another software that enables computers to read documents aloud.

The software features avatars that show emotions and can connect to the cloud to access over 26 million types of responses.

The program’s benefits include basic TTS services, as well as proofreading convenience that help you listen and evaluate the grammar of sentences and phrases.

Download Zabaware

7. iSpeech

iSpeech has a browser plug-in which is easy to install and use.

Their website offers a quick trial for snippets of text that you may need to listen to and it has a track record for servicing big companies.

They offer a wide variety of services like app integration and audio speed adjustments for ease of use.

Download iSpeech

8. TextSpeech Pro

textspeech pro

TextSpeech Pro is a great tool to have when it comes to Text to Speech programs.

It uses natural voices, reads multiple documents, webpages, including emails, and allows you to save voice bookmarks so you can continue reading and listening from where you left off.

This feature comes in handy when you have a lot of tasks and want to be better organized.

The most basic offer comes at $19.99 and can go up to $149.99 for the added features such as additional voices, outlook plug-in, and its very own web browser.

Download TextSpeech Pro

9. AudioBookMaker


The AudioBookMaker is another free to use TTS. It uses Microsoft Word to process the text data and read it aloud for you. It was a quick and simple installation which also came with detailed instructions.

Interesting features include American and British English accents for the voices.

Download AudioBookMaker

10. Read The Words


Read The Words software is a great Text to Speech Program that allows you to break down your audio documents into 30-second intervals. When you download the free license, you can choose from 15 voices and 3 languages.

I tried this one out and the voices are very audible. It sounds very professional and can be used for educational resource services.

Download Read The Words

Bottom Line

The best TTS software is about the convenience it delivers to you and how it can dramatically improve your life.

Trying a number of TTS software can help you determine the one that will suit you best. Let us know which software you chose, and how it helped you in any way, by leaving a comment below.

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