Tethering is the process of using a mobile device to connect another device to an Internet source. The mobile device that the other devices are being tethered to must have mobile data on.

This is one method of having a mobile hotspot, which is very common and useful to have. If you are traveling, work outside of an office, or just want to have a network alternative, tethering your devices to a hotspot may be just what you need to do.

Follow the steps below to learn how you can tether via Bluetooth on Android devices.

1. You need to enable your device’s Bluetooth. Open your device’s settings. The application will have a gear shaped icon. If you can’t find it on your home screen, you will have to use your finger to swipe up on the screen.

Search the word “Settings” in the search bar that appears at the top of your screen to have your phone’s settings application located for you. Tap it once you find it.


2. You will now be on the main page of your settings. Scroll until you see an option that says “Bluetooth.” Tap that option. This is usually near the top. It may be located under a section called “Connections.”

If you are unable to find it, you can look for the magnifying glass in the right corner of your settings screen. Tap it and search the word Bluetooth so that it can take you to the section name, which you can tap to open.

C:\Users\marce\Downloads\Screenshot_20190610-143654_Settings (1).jpg

3. You will have to switch on Bluetooth by pressing the switch that you see to the right of the Bluetooth section name. You will see the switch go from gray or white to a brighter color. If the switch is already a bright color, then Bluetooth is already on. Once you do this, a small Bluetooth symbol appear at the top of your screen in the status bar (ᛒ).

turn on Bluetooth on other device

4. Now you must pair your device to another device. Begin by turning on Bluetooth for the device that you want to pair your mobile device with. The process for this may vary, but you will want to follow a process similar to the one that you followed for step one.

If it is another phone, open its settings and tap Bluetooth to turn the switch on. If it is a Windows device, you will need to open Settings > Devices > Bluetooth and other devices, and then switch on Bluetooth. For Mac, click the Apple Menu > tap System Preferences > Bluetooth option to turn it on.

select mobile device to tether

5. In the Bluetooth Menu, you should see a list of devices. Find your mobile phone on that list and click it. You may know that you named your phone and you know what to look for on the list.

If you don’t, look for the brand and the model of your device. For example, if you have a Note 9, you might see [your name]’s Note 9. You may have to refresh the menu by turning the Bluetooth off and on.

6. After the pairing request is made, you may be prompted to enter the code that shows up on one of your other devices. You may also be prompted to press Accept if the pairing is nearly complete.

7. Wait for your device to connect. You may hear a noise or see the devices name on your screen. Usually, you will see a notification on the top of your screen if you look on your notification menu. It will usually say the name of the device that is connected.

8. Next, swipe your finger down from the top of your screen. You will need to look for the Mobile Hotspot icon to tap. The icons here have their label underneath them, so you will just need to look for the one that says Mobile Hotspot.

turn off wifi

9. Once you tap it, your Hotspot will be connected; however, if you have WIFI on you will be prompted to turn it off.

connect to mobile device to tether

10. Now, on your other device, look for your mobile device Hotspot in the section that lists the WIFI options. You can do this by pressing turning on the WIFI for your other device.

11. Tap and connect to your phone’s name on the other device.

Test your connection after these steps by launch a webpage or a program that uses WIFI.