Whether you bought a used TV or perhaps someone gave it to you, you’d like to know how you can tell if it your TV is a Smart TV. After all, when you sit two TVs side by side, the differences aren’t apparent at all.

Generic TVs and Smart TVs come with a lot of similarities, but as you start stepping into Smart TV territory, you’ll start to notice extra buttons and ports. Even the remote to a Smart TV is going to be different from a generic TV remote.

So, how do you tell if a TV is a Smart TV?

Check Your TV Remote

This is one of the first details that differ from a generic TV: the remote. Take a look at your remote. Do you see extra buttons for Netflix? Hulu? YouTube? A Smart TV has the ability to connect to such applications, which are built right into the Smart TVs own internals.

If you see your remote has extra application buttons to specific software, then you have a Smart TV. But if you don’t, then you have a generic TV. However, it’s possible you aren’t even using the right remote. You can double check that you have a Smart TV by taking a look at the back of the television.

Your Smart TV Has a LAN Port

What makes a Smart TV a “smart” TV is the ability to access platforms like Netflix and YouTube without installing the necessary files. It’s already there and all you need to do is update it, should it need updated.

But in order to update any apps on your Smart TV, you’ll need access to a network. Generic TVs, ones that are not Smart TVs, don’t have network capabilities. Smart TVs, on the other hand, have the ability to connect to your network via Wi-Fi or through a LAN connection. You can pop in an Ethernet cord and run it into your local network.

Look in the back of your television. Look for a port labeled “LAN.” You can usually find it near the Component video ports, the colored knobs.

Check Your Menu For “Network”

If you’re having trouble finding the LAN port, then you can also head into your TV’s Menu. In your TV’s Menu, one of the options should be “Network” or a similar menu option.

Since generic TVs don’t have access to network capabilities, you won’t see a Network menu option listed in the TV menu.

If you see Network, and it has options called “WLAN,” which is Wireless LAN, then you have a Smart TV. If not, then you’re out of luck–you have a generic TV.

Find Your TV’s Model Number

tv model number

Another clue to the identity of your TV is to search for its model number with your preferred search engine. You can find the model number on the back or on the side.

Once you have the model number in hand, search for it with your preferred search engine. You can unearth a lot of details on your TV, perhaps information you weren’t aware of before like the maximum video output or whether or not it’s a Smart TV.

Bottom Line

Any one of the details listed above could clue you in on the identity of your TV. Is it a Smart TV or not? Well, if you use these solutions, you’ll find out one way or another.