How to Get More Views on Snapchat

Snapchat is an unbelievably popular social networking app. The stats on Snapchat say that over 190 million people use the app every single day and 75% of people between the ages of 13 and 24 are users of the app. The idea behind Snapchat is that your Chats disappear after being seen and your Stories disappear 24 hours after you post them. This has made Snapchat famous for being the place to share private photos with someone.

The fact that most of the users of Snapchat are teenagers, made the developers were worried about people screenshotting or screen recording peoples posts and stories that were never intended to be a permanent thing and that were supposed to disappear.

This concern led to the creation of a function that would tell a user if their post or story was screenshotted. Some of the techniques people use to do this have been blocked by Snapchat, but other ways of doing it could not be blocked. This is the most up to date way to tell if someone screen records or screenshots your Snapchat post or Story.

This is what the mention looks like in your chat log.


If you have an iPhone and you have your Snapchat app open and watching someones’ Story or private snap and take a screenshot, Snapchat will immediately do two different things. Snapchat will mention the screenshot in your chat log to alert the user and will also send a notification to the person you are chatting with to let them know that you indeed did take the screenshot. The notification will pop up in their Snapchat and the mention in their chat log is just in case they miss that notification.

In 2017, Apple created an iOS that came with the ability to screen record, which quickly became an issue in the Snapchat world. Everybody could already do this before, so that wasn’t really the issue. The issue was that when you used this feature, Snapchat couldn’t tell. That meant that you didn’t get a notification or a mention that they had saved your photo or video. There was no warning at all that someone had done this. This made it easy for anyone with an iPhone (millions of people) to be undetectable to Snapchats privacy protection system. This was not a good thing for Snapchat as you could imagine.

There was a huge uproar of people that were angry about this issue and Snapchat had to do something about this. In the 10.17.5 version of Snapchat, the developers announced that this problem was solved and that the app would now be able to detect iOS users screen recording your Story or post. Snapchat is now at version as of July 10th, 2019. That means that this issue has been dealt with for quite sometime even though there are still plenty of things out there talking about it on the web.

Apple doesn’t allow third party app developers to make apps that screenshot on iPhone, but there are several apps that have screen recording capability. iPhone users can use apps to record screens before iOS 11, and they can also use an iPad or computer and a USB cable to record their screen. These apps are mostly paid apps and it is unknown whether you can be seen on Snapchat. If you have one of these apps and can tell if Snapchat recognizes that you are doing it, feel free to comment on this article with any insight regarding it.


Androids have a much larger market for available apps and operating systems. There are many different companies that produce Android devices which all have a slightly different version of the operating system. Just about anyone could release a version of the Android operating system if they are a developer. Each manufacturer puts their own twist on the OS also to try and make their product different and set it apart from all the other manufacturers.

When you have Snapchat open and you are viewing someones’ post or Story, you can screenshot it by pressing the power button and the volume down button at the same time. Snapchat will be able to detect that you did that and will send a notification to the person and a mention of it in the chat you have with them just in case they miss the notification.

There is nothing stopping developers from creating an app to screenshot with and to record your screen. In fact, there are hundreds of them available to do both of these things. The thing about this on Android is that Snapchat doesn’t detect the use of most of these apps. The developers of Snapchat do not plan on changing this either for a few separate reasons.

The main reason behind this is that Android gives individual apps great protection and privacy. That makes it impossible for one app to see what the other is doing unless the two developers are in cahoots with each other. And seeing that there are so many different developers for Android, that is almost an impossible task for Snapchat.

So, they have decided, at least for now, to not dedicate a huge amount of time to working on this. Snapchat can detect certain button patterns, but it cannot demand to know whether or not another app is recording the screen of the Android device. The moral of the story here is that Androids can screenshot and screen record without Snapchat ever knowing very easily.

Other Ways People Screenshot and Screen Record

Even if Androids were to tighten their grip on things like Apple, there is still no way any app out there could say that they are completely safe from screenshots and screen recording including Snapchat. That is because you can use methods that bypass the software of your device completely, which means your device won’t even be able to tell it’s happening, let alone an app.

You can use QuickTime on your computer to record videos that are displayed on an iPhone that is connected. You can use Android emulators on your computer and use Snapchat through it. all you have to do then is use your normal screenshotting or screen recording techniques to capture peoples posts and Stories. It is even possible to just use another devices camera to record what your phone screen is showing, which there is no possible way Snapchat could show up and stop you from doing this.

Snapchat stopped claiming that they could warn someone every time someone else screenshotted or screen recorded their posts and Stories. They did this fairly quietly though, trying not to draw attention to the fact that their claims from the start were no longer able to be held up. Smartphone apps are just to smart and are too easy to hook up to something else that could record the screen.

Your Privacy on Snapchat

The truth of the matter is, everything you send through Snapchat could absolutely end up saved on someone else’s service. So, all you can do to protect yourself from your private photos being saved or seen by people you don’t want to have permanent access to them is to limit who can see them. the best thing you can do is make sure the people that can see your Stories and posts are the kind of people that wouldn’t do this to you.