Telegram Too Many Attempts? Try These Fixes

Telegram Too Many Attempts

Have you attempted to log into your telegram account and received the error saying, “Too many attempts, Try again later”? Well, if you have received this error, it is possible there is an internal or external issue.

However, wherever there is an issue, there are resolutions that are available for your disposal.

There are many factors that contribute to why you are getting this error. It could be that you have entered the wrong phone number too many times, or you have to update your information.

However, this issue proceeds, Let’s check out some resolutions to isolate this issue.

What Does Telegram Too Many Attempts Mean?

This error message typically means that there were too many attempts that had taken place when it came to logging into your Telegram account. This error would normally occur when there have been excessive logins that have exceeded a certain number of attempts.

Whenever this error message makes an appearance, this is mostly due to security purposes. Also, whenever this issue takes place, your account automatically goes into a temporary lockout.

If you received this error message, the downside is that you would have to wait approximately 24 hours for the lockout to clear completely.

After you have received a notification that the lockout has cleared, you will then be able to proceed with logging into your account as you normally would. 

Why Does It Say Too Many Attempts Telegram?

1. Entered In The Incorrect Phone Number Multiple Times

When entering your credentials, it is essential to ensure that you are putting in the correct information. There are many times when some of us may be rushing to put the information in when we are signing into certain apps.

So, what happens when you accidentally put in the wrong information? You guessed it! You will get a notification saying that the information that you have entered is incorrect.

Typically, if you know, the information that you’re entering is correct, and you are entering the same credentials multiple times. Unfortunately, you will receive this error message.

Word of advice for future reference, whenever you set up passwords, phone numbers, emails, or any credentials when setting up an account, it is essential to write the information down and keep it in a safe space.

It is vital to do this in case you forget the credentials you initially used for your sign-up. And if you are someone who has changed numbers, email addresses, etc., You might want to write that information down for next time.

Since you are not able to check your account settings on Telegram (due to not having access to your account and receiving this error) after you are able to access the account again, update the phone number if need be.

If you are able to access your account after receiving this error message to update your phone number, you will proceed with the following steps:

1. First, open the app and tap on the menu located in the top left corner of the screen.

2. Next, proceed to tap on the option that says change number.

3. From here, tap the tab that says change.

4. Input the new number (if applicable) you wish to use.

5. Once the phone number has been updated, tap on the check mark that is located in the top-right section of your screen to save the new number to your account.

6. After the number has been saved, you will receive an SMS notification to your text messages to confirm the number. Ensure to navigate to your SMS messages to confirm the phone number that has been added or update it to your account. 

The phone number that is utilized for your Telegram account is the lifeline to your profile. If the phone number is not valid, you will not have access to your account.

2. Permissions Aren’t Enabled For the Telegram App On Your Device

For this next alternative, it is essential for you to check your device settings to ensure that the permissions are enabled for the Telegram app. 

When you enable the permission for the Telegram app, this not only allows the app to have access to features on your device but for you to also have access to log in.

If the permissions for the Telegram app are not enabled on your Android or iPhone / iOS device, this might be the reason why you are receiving the error message.

To enable the permissions for the Telegram app on your Android device, you must proceed with the following steps:

1. First, open the settings on your device.

2. Once the settings are open, navigate to your apps and open the properties for Telegram.

3. Once the properties for the Telegram app are open, scroll down and tap on permissions.

4. From here, ensure to tap on all toggles to turn on all permissions for the Telegram application on your device. 

To enable the permissions for the Telegram app on your iPhone / iOS device, you must proceed with the following steps:

1. First, press and hold on to the Telegram application and then tap on the info icon.

2. Afterward, tap on the option that says permission to enable all permissions for the Telegram app on your device. 

You can also simply navigate to your phone settings, search for the permissions, and then tap on Telegram to enable the permissions. 

3. There’s A Bug

Bugs are weird little things. Yes, we are talking about technical bugs. Having a tech bug is just the worst. Whenever there is a bug with the app you are using, this can slow down the flow of the app and its features.

Usually, when this happens, you can get rid of the issue with simple troubleshooting steps that you can perform on your own.

Some of those steps include clearing the cache storage, updating the app to the latest version, reinstalling the application on your device, contacting support for further inquiry, or waiting for the developers to release a resolution to fix the problem.

How this issue proceeds itself, there are awesome methods available for you to exterminate these rowdy little tech critters once and for all! Let’s get rocking and rolling with the very first method!

Fix 1- Use Telegram on PC Instead of the App

If you have access to a PC, you can utilize this alternative. If you’re unable to log in properly when you are using your personal device, you might want to attempt logging into your account via web browser on your PC to see if that is the best option to proceed with.

Before logging in via web browser, make sure you are logged out on your personal device first.

On your PC, be sure to have access to one of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Make sure the browser you are using is compatible with your PC and that both the browser and PC are up to date.

On your selected web browsers, in the search bar, input This URL will redirect you to the Telegram login page. From here, you will be prompted to log in online using a QR code.

So, you must open the app on your personal device, navigate to Settings > Devices > and Link Desktop Device. Finally, point your device toward the screen to proceed with confirming the login.

And that’s how you log in on a PC web browser!

To log in via mobile web browser on your personal device, you must proceed with the following steps:

1. First, open the web browser of your choice (preferably Google Chrome).

2. In the search bar for the URL, type in

3. From this point, you will be prompted to sign in by verifying your country, phone number, etc.

4. Next, a code will be sent to your device to confirm the login. Confirm the login and proceed with the services of Telegram on your PC.

Typically, if you switch from using your mobile device to a PC, this will isolate the issue immediately.

Fix 3 – Update Telegram to Get Rid Of Bugs

If you are experiencing an issue with not being able to log in, and you are constantly getting the error of “Too Many Attempts”, and you are certain you are entering in the right information, you may want to consider updating the application.

Updates are vital for the app’s functionality.

To update the application and Android device, you must:

1. Navigate to the Google Play Store.

2. In the search bar of the Google Play store, type in Telegram.

3. If the Telegram app is already installed on your device, it will show uninstall or update.

4. You will tap on the update to update the application.

For consumers that are using iOS or iPhone devices, to update the application, you must:

1. Open the app store on your device.

2. Scroll down until you see all of your apps.

3. Locate the Telegram app.

4. If there is an update available for Telegram, there will be a tab next to the Telegram app showing it’s ready to install.

5. Install the update to the latest version.

And there you have it! Your Telegram application is officially up to date. Now, the next and final bullet point is to open the newly updated app and attempt to sign in.

If you’re able to log in without trying multiple times and receiving the error, you have resolved the issue!

Fix 4 – Clear Your Cache And Download A VPN (Android and iPhone)

If you have a major cache backup, this may be the cause of why you cannot log in to your Telegram app. So, what is there to do if you happen to encounter significant blockage of cache storage?

You guessed it! You must clear the cache. However, to remix this information, after your cache is cleared, you might need to download a VPN and attempt to log in again. 

To clear your cache for Android, you must:

  1. Open your settings on your device.
  2. Navigate to your apps section.
  3. Open the app you want to clear the cache from.
  4. And tap the option to clear the cache.

For users that are using an iPhone or iOS device, to clear your Telegram app cache, you must:

1. Navigate to the settings on your device.

2. Select the option for storage.

3. Select Internal Storage located just under Device storage

4. Tap on the section for Cached Data

5. From here, tap on OK when you are prompted to clear cache storage.

After the cache is cleared, navigate to your Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS consumers and download a VPN. After you have selected and downloaded a VPN, connect to the VPN, re-open the app, and attempt to log in again.

Make certain you are able to log in without making multiple attempts.

If you happen to find yourself making multiple attempts to log in and you are receiving the error message yet again, please disconnect the VPN from your Android or iPhone / iOS device and proceed to the next alternative.

Fix 5 – Uninstall and Reinstall the App

Another alternative to taking advantage of is to uninstall the Telegram app from your device and reinstall the application.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Telegram app is a way for you to reset the application and log in without multiple attempts to do so. This means if you reinstall the app and log in, you won’t receive the “Too Many Attempts” banner.

To uninstall the app on an Android device, you must:

1. Open the Google Play Store on your device.

2. Type in Telegram in the search bar.

3. On the following page, you will see the option to uninstall or update. Tap the uninstall option.

4. After the app is uninstalled, tap the install but to reinstall the application.

5. After Telegram is reinstalled, log back in using your credentials.

For consumers that are using an iPhone / iOS device, you must:

1. Locate the Telegram app in your app’s drawer. Or, if the Telegram app is on your home screen, press and hold the Telegram app until it wiggles.

2. From there, you will see the option to uninstall the Telegram app.

3. Tap the uninstall option.

4. After the app is uninstalled, navigate back to your Apps Store to download the Telegram app again.

Once the app is reinstalled, proceed with opening the app and logging in to see if you are able to log in with one attempt.

Fix 6 – Report The Problem To Telegram

Last but not least, the best option to proceed with if you are having an issue with logging into the Telegram app and you are receiving this aggravating error message each time is to report the problem directly to Telegram support.

There are a few available ways to report the problem to Telegram. The first way is by contacting them via their helpline for support. That phone number will be 1-800-922-8200. There will be live agents available to assist with the issue.

And if you manage to speak with a representative, ensure to notify the representative of the “Too Many Attempts” error and how long the issue has been occurring.

If you don’t have access to call the helpline via the phone number, Telegram also has a help center for live chat support, and you are able to submit an inquiry of your issue via

4. Telegram Is Down

Fix – Wait For Telegram To Go Back Up

If there is an ongoing issue taking place with the Telegram app, the developers will reach out to all account holders stating the issue.

Most likely, when developers reach out to notify users of the issue, there is a possible resolution that follows. Telegram account holders would receive this information via email.

If there is a possible resolution, the developers of Telegram will give a step-by-step process of how to resolve the issue.

Any solution provided by Telegram directly is a process to follow to the letter. So, if Telegram reaches out via email with a resolution, it would be wise to follow through with the process as it is listed.

Overall, while you are waiting for the issue to resolve itself, to ensure you receive any updates, double check your contact information for your Telegram app so you won’t miss any emails or SMS notifications that may be released when the issue is resolved or if there is a fix.

Final Thoughts

So, as you now know, there are many factors that can contribute to why you are receiving the error of “Too many attempts, Try again later”. And as it was stated earlier, this issue can be technical or non-technical.

This means that the problem can be resolved. So, for all of you that have experienced this technical difficulty, you have these amazing alternatives at your disposal to utilize to kick this problem out of the park! 

As you experience the issue, there are some things to consider. The initial thing to consider is if the phone number you have entered is the correct phone number.

This could be the reason for a while you are getting the error. Also, ensure that you have enabled your permissions for the app through your device settings.

And if you have done all of these things, and you are still experiencing the technical issue, you have some handy troubleshooting methods to follow through to consolidate this annoying issue faster.

The alternative troubleshooting tips and tricks are easy to use and will not take up too much of your time. 

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