Telegram Not Sending Code? Try These Fixes

Telegram Not Sending Code

Some users have encountered an issue where they are not receiving the six-digit code.

This is a code that is sent before the account holder starts messaging other contacts. 

In this essential guide, you are going to discover some interesting instances that contribute to this issue occurring as well as a few helpful tips and tricks to resolve this issue on your own. The information that is provided in this article is simple and quick to follow!

1. You Change Numbers And Forgot to Update Your Phone Number

If you are using the Telegram app and you are trying to receive the six-digit code to start messaging your contacts and others, take a moment to ensure that you are using the correct phone number.

When you sign up for Telegram, it is essential to have a valid telephone number as a part of your profile. However, if you have switched your phone number but you forgot to change it in your Telegram settings, this may be the reason why you are not receiving the code.

So, there is a possibility that you have changed phone numbers or you are logged in under another mobile phone number instead. 

2. You Don’t Have An Active Account or Previously Deleted An Old Account 

There are many instances where users will find themselves deleting their profiles on certain applications. And once their profiles have been erased and deleted, their information for that app is also removed.

If much time has passed and you find yourself going back to the app, some people may forget they have deleted their account.

For Telegram to remain in contact with its users, for communications purposes, when someone sets up an account with Telegram, they must provide valid information.

Once that valid information is submitted, and your information has been verified and confirmed, you now officially have a Telegram account.

However, for users who do not have an active account, if they were to try to use its features, that even means logging in, they will not have any access granted to the app and its services.

So, if you are not receiving the six-digit code that is needed for you to begin messaging, it may be possible you had a previous account and forgot that you had deleted your account, and you no longer have an active profile on Telegram.

3. There’s A Bug

Bugs are weird little things. Yes, we are talking about technical bugs. Having a tech bug is just the worst. Whenever there is a bug with the app you are using, this can slow down the flow of the app and its features.

Usually, when this happens, you can get rid of the issue with simple troubleshooting steps that you can perform on your own.

Some of those steps include clearing the cache storage, updating the app to the latest version, reinstalling the application on your device, contacting support for further inquiry, or waiting for the developers to release a resolution to fix the problem.

How this issue proceeds itself, there are awesome methods available for you to exterminate these rowdy little tech critters once and for all! Let’s get rocking and rolling with the very first method!

Fix – Log Out, Then Back In

To log out of the Telegram app on Android, you must proceed with the following steps:

1. Tap on the three bars located in the top left corner of the app home page.

2. Next, locate and navigate to Settings.

3. From here, select the three vertical dots located in the top right of the screen.

4. A small menu will appear. In that menu, you will see the option to log out. Tap on it to log out of the app. A logout screen will then appear.

5. On the Log Out screen, scroll down until you see the Log Out tab highlighted in red. Tap on it to confirm the Log out process.

6. Finally, confirm the Log out by tapping OK when you are asked if you are sure you want to log out.

If you are using an iPhone/iOS device, proceed with the following steps to log out of your Telegram app:

1. First, tap on the settings located at the bottom of the screen.

2. Next, tap on your profile photo.

3. From here, locate and tap on the Log Out tab at the bottom of the current screen.

After you have logged out of the app on your Android or iOS device, attempt to have the code resent.

Fix 2 – Use Telegram on PC Instead of the App

If you have access to a PC, then you are in luck! If you’re unable to receive the code from Telegram when you are using your personal device, you might want to attempt logging into your account via the web browser on your PC to see if that is the best option to proceed with.

Before logging in via web browser, make sure you are logged out on your personal device first.

On your PC, be sure to have access to one of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Make sure the browser you are using is compatible with your PC and that both the browser and PC are up to date.

On your selected web browsers, in the search bar, input This URL will redirect you to the Telegram login page.

From here, you will be prompted to log in online using a QR code. So, you must open the app on your personal device, navigate to Settings > Devices > and Link Desktop Device. Finally, point your device toward the screen to proceed with confirming the login.

And that’s how you log in on a PC web browser.

To log in via mobile web browser on your personal device, you must proceed with the following steps:

1. First, open the web browser of your choice (preferably Google Chrome).

2. In the search bar for the URL, type in

3. From this point, you will be prompted to sign in by verifying your country, phone number, etc.

4. Next, a code will be sent to your device to confirm the login.

5. If you receive a code to verify the login, the issue is resolved, and you might have to utilize Telegram on your browser for a while until the issue resolves itself.

If you don’t receive a code on your mobile browser, revert back to using the PC or proceed to the next alternative.

Fix 3 – Update Telegram to Get Rid Of Bugs

If you are experiencing an issue with not receiving the 6-digit code from your Telegram app, you may want to consider updating the application. Updates are vital for the app’s functionality.

To update the application and Android device, you must:

1. Navigate to the Google Play Store.

2. In the search bar of the Google Play store, type in Telegram.

3. If the Telegram app is already installed on your device, it will show uninstall or update.

4. You will tap on the update to update the application.

For users that are using iOS or iPhone devices, to update the application, you must:

1. Open the app store on your device.

2. Scroll down until you see all of your apps.

3. Locate the Telegram app.

4. If there is an update available for Telegram, there will be a tab next to the Telegram app showing it’s ready to install.

5. Install the update to the latest version.

And there you have it! Your Telegram application is officially up to date. Now, perform the following steps to see if the issue is resolved:

1. Open the Telegram application from your device.

2. If you have logged out, log back in using your Telegram credentials.

3. Once you are logged back in, make a second attempt to send the 6-digit code to your device.

If you are able to receive the code to proceed with messaging, you have resolved the issue!

Fix 4 – Clear Your Cache to Get Rid of Telegram Bugs (Android and iPhone)

If you have a major cache backup, this may be the cause of why you cannot receive the code from your Telegram app. So, what is there to do if you happen to encounter significant blockage of cache storage? You guessed it! You must clear the cache.

1. To clear your cache, you must:

2. Open your settings on your device.

3. Navigate to your apps section.

4. Open the app you want to clear the cache from.

5. And tap the option to clear the cache.

For users that are using an iPhone or iOS device, to clear your Telegram app cache, you must:

1. Navigate to the settings on your device.

2. Select the option for storage.

3. Select Internal Storage located just under Device storage

4. Tap on the section for Cached Data

5. From here, tap on OK when you are prompted to clear cache storage.

After your cache is cleared on your Android or iOS device, relaunch the application.

After you are signed back into Telegram with your credentials, attempt to have the code sent to your device once again.

If you are able to receive the code and proceed with messaging, the issue is resolved. If the issue persists without any progress, you may want to resort to the next method of resolution.

Fix 5 – Uninstall and Reinstall the App

Another alternative to taking advantage of is to uninstall the Telegram app from your device and reinstall the application. Uninstalling and reinstalling the Telegram app is a way for you to reset the application.

To uninstall the app on an Android device, you must:

1. Open the Google Play Store on your device.

2. Type in Telegram in the search bar.

3. On the following page, you will see the option to uninstall or update. Tap the uninstall option.

4. After the app is uninstalled, tap the install but to reinstall the application.

5. After Telegram is reinstalled, log back in using your credentials.

If you are able to receive the 6-digit code and continue messaging your contacts and others, then reinstalling Telegram on your device resolves the issue right away.

For users that are using an iPhone / iOS device, you must:

1. Locate the Telegram app in your app’s drawer. Or, if the Telegram app is on your home screen, press and hold the Telegram app until it wiggles.

2. From there, you will see the option to uninstall the Telegram app.

3. Tap the uninstall option.

4. After the app is uninstalled, navigate back to your Apps Store to download the Telegram app again.

Fix 6 – Report The Problem To Telegram

Last but not least, the best option to proceed with if you are having an issue with receiving the 6-digit code from Telegram is to report the problem directly to Telegram support.

There are a few available ways to report the problem to Telegram. The first way is by contacting them via their helpline for support. That phone number will be 1-800-922-8200. There will be live agents available to assist with the issue.

If you don’t have access to call the helpline via the phone number, Telegram also has a help center for live chat support, and you are able to submit an inquiry of your issue via

4. Telegram Is Down

Fix – Wait For Telegram To Go Back Up

If there is an ongoing issue taking place with the Telegram app, the developers will reach out to all account holders stating the issue.

Most likely, when developers reach out to notify users of the issue, there is a possible resolution that follows. Telegram account holders would receive this information via email.

If there is a possible resolution, the developers of Telegram will give a step-by-step process of how to resolve the issue.

Any solution provided by Telegram directly is a process to follow to the letter. So, if Telegram reaches out via email with a resolution, it would be wise to follow through with the process as it is listed.

Overall, while you are waiting for the issue to resolve itself, to ensure you receive any updates, double check your contact information for your Telegram app so you won’t miss any emails or SMS notifications that may be released when the issue is resolved or if there is a fix.

5. Poor Internet Connection

When issues like this arise, sometimes, we fail to take into consideration the possibilities of why the issue is happening.

One of the most common issues is your internet connection. If you live in a home where there is a constant flow of an internet signal, and there are multiple devices connected to that signal, this may also be an issue.

When there is an internet connection available, sometimes, the signal only allows a certain number of devices to be connected to it.

So, you may want to try disconnecting one of the devices linked to the signal or disconnect your device from the signal and use a different internet connection.

As stated earlier, there are many possibilities that could contribute to this issue. However, with many possibilities, there are many resolutions. Let’s check out a couple of fixes for resolving the issue with your internet connection.

Fix – Turn Your WI-FI off, Then On

If you are experiencing an issue, such as not receiving the 6-digit code from your Telegram app, you may want to check your internet connection. Your internet connection is what provides a steady signal for your applications to function properly.

If you are utilizing a Wi-Fi connection, make sure that your Wi-Fi button is highlighted and turned on. For Android users, you can check this by doing the following:

1. Scroll your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom until a row of options appears.

2. On that row, you will see a button for your data, flashlight, rotation, and Wi-Fi.

3. If the Wi-Fi is on, it will be highlighted. Tap on it to un-highlight and then tap once more to switch the connection back on.

For iOS users, you must proceed with these steps to test your Wi-Fi:

1. From the home screen of the device, go to settings and then tap Wi-Fi.

2. If your Wi-Fi is turned on, tap it to toggle the Wi-Fi off.

3. Once the Wi-Fi is off, toggle to switch again to switch the Wi-Fi signal back on.

If you are using a data connection, you may want to consider switching to a Wi-Fi connection instead. If there is a complication with your Wi-Fi connection, it’s highly recommended to reach out to your internet service provider for the resolution.

Fix 2 – Switch from WI-FI to Data

If you are utilizing a Wi-Fi connection and you notice your Wi-Fi signal is the issue, you may want to switch your Wi-Fi connection off and use your data instead.

To use your data on your Android device, drag your finger from the top of your screen to the bottom. Next, you will see your Wi-Fi connection highlighted. If the signal is highlighted, tap it to switch the Wi-Fi signal off and turn on your data connection.

If there are further issues with your data connection, you may want to reach out to your cellular provider for the inquiry.

Fix 3 – Turn Off VPN

There are many tech-savvy users who would prefer using a VPN for their browsing and using their apps. For a VPN to be a private network, this may be the cause of why you are not able to receive the 6-digit code.

The quick fix for this scenario is to disconnect from your VPN.

If you are someone who utilizes a VPN regularly and you notice an issue with your VPN connection, it would be best to contact an internet technician or someone with knowledge on how to resolve VPN connection issues.

If you’re connected to a VPN, and you are looking to disconnect the VPN, for Android users, you must:

1. First, log out of your Telegram account.

2. Go to your phone’s settings and look for the network and internet or connections menu

3. Tap on VPN and select the VPN profile.

4. Depending on your phone’s manufacturer, you may see a toggle switch, in which case just toggle off the VPN, or if you are prompted with a disconnect button, disconnect the VPN using that button.

To disconnect the VPN for iOS users, you must:

1. First, log out of your Telegram account.

2. Tap the VPN slider near the top of the settings app to disconnect from the VPN. Another way to disconnect from the VPN and the settings you will go under settings, then tap General, and select VPN.

To disconnect the VPN, tap the status option at the top of the page and then set it to the off position.

3. Once you have disconnected from your VPN on your Android or iOS device, this should allow both your Wi-Fi and cellular data to have smoother functionality. In other words, disconnecting the VPN allows less interference when using your Telegram app.

4. After disconnecting the VPN, log back into your Telegram account using your credentials and see if you can have the code resent to your device once more.

Fix 4 – Reset Network Settings On the Device

Your network settings have a lot to do with the phone number you utilize, the function of your apps, and the overall functions of your device. If you were to reset your network settings, this would clear out any blockages with the network signal of your device.

To reset network settings on your Android, you will proceed with these steps:

1. First, you will open the Settings app on your Android device.

2. Next, tap on the General Management or System tab.

3. Now, proceed to select Reset or Reset Options.

4. From here, you will tap on Reset Network Settings.

5. Finally, you will have access to the reset button. Tap on Reset to begin the process.

To start the procedure of resetting the network settings on an iPhone / iOS device, you will proceed with the following steps:

1. First, you will open your Settings.

2. Next, tap on General and then select Transfer or Reset.

3. Tap on the Reset option and then tap on Reset Network Settings.

After the network settings are reset, attempt to log back into the Telegram app to see if the 6-digit code can be sent to your device.

Fix 5 – Reset Your Router

If you have a Wi-Fi connection and you only use Wi-Fi, you may want to consider setting the router to cover all bases.

Most routers have a tiny reset button located at the back of its panel. You may need a pen-pointed tool to reach the reset button at the back of the router.

If you have a pin-pointed tool, press and hold the small reset button on the back of the router. Press and firmly hold down the button for approximately 10 seconds, and then release. This will automatically reset the router.

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