Telegram Location Tracker: How to Find Someone’s Location


Can You Find Out Someone’s Location on Telegram? 

Yes and no. It’s possible to find out who’s behind a telegram account/location if you’re unsure of who they are. There are no obvious ways to find out, but there are ways to bait the owner into revealing who they are, as well as using sneaky methods to find out their location.

The best way to do this is using Location/IP grabber tools to get them to bait where they are. These tools will be able to pull their location when they link on it so the trick is to get them to click on the link.

Are the Telegram Location Tracker Tools Other Sites Have Written on This Topic Real?

No. They don’t work, and I’m not sure why the owners of the sites put them there because as soon as you, the reader, tries the tool, you’re going to realize very quickly it’s fake. So yh, don’t bother with those embedded tools.

How to Find Track Someone’s Location on Telegram

1. Send Them A Grabify IP Logged Link

Grabify’s IP Logger is a third-party tool that works to find someone’s location. This tool is free to use and requires certain things to happen in order to work, but it can certainly tell you where someone is located. 

Using Grabify’s IP Logger is a fairly simple process. For you to track someone’s location from a Telelgram conversation you have with them using Grabify’s IP Logger, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

1. Go to Grabify’s IP Logger site.

2. Becuase you’ll need to paste any link into the sites search bar, paste this into the search bar It doesn’t really matter what you paste in there, it just needs to be a link.

3. Choose the “Create URL” option.

4. Once the new IP address tracking link is viewable, you need to copy the new IP address tracking link using the previously discussed method.

5. Open Telegram and start and engaging conversation with them.

6. At some point in the conversation, paste the IP address tracking link into the conversation and send it to them. If the link is clicked, Grabify will gain access to their location and be able to track their IP address.

7. You will then need to refresh Grabify’s website page. Once the IP address is displayed, you’ll know that the link was clicked on. 

8. Now you need to copy the IP address that was revealed by Grabify.

9. With their IP address gathered, open a new tab and go to an IP address tracker. There are numerous free online options.

10. Once an IP address tracker tool has been selected, paste the IP address into the search bar and choose the option available to search, which will typically say “Track” or have an arrow icon.

The particular button will vary depending on which IP address tracking tool is being used.

11. The location of the IP address will be displayed on a Google Map.

Though this method accomplishes the goal of tracking someone’s location, it requires the person you’re trying to track the location of to actually talk to you.

There are some caveats to this that you need to be aware of. If the person the link is sent to does not click the link, then Grabify will be unable to identify their IP address. It is not an anonymous process. They must click the link in order for you to find out their IP address.

Another things to note here is that their IP address isn’t a true determiner of their location, although it can be. There are a few ways to judge and look at an IP address. 

1. You can look at it as an approximate of where they live. So if you track it and it gives you a location on the border of west London, they live around the outskirts of London. So if you want to know someones rough whereabouts, you can use this for that.

2. Sometimes you get lucky and the IP address that’s given to you is someones actually area and where they live. The tough part about this is that you don’t actually know when you’ve hit the jackpot and it’s give you their pinpoint location.

So If I was you, I’d look at getting their IP address as a way to know their general whereabouts because I won’t always know when the IP location tools has been able to detect their pinpoint location – it’s not their fault, it’s just that based on the data their received from the persons ISP, that’s the location they were able to pull.

2. Using the People Nearby Feature On Telegram

The people nearby feature on Telegram is a feature that allows you to gather a list of users that are closeby to you as well as their estimated distance from you. If the person you’re trying to track the location on has their feature enabled, you’ll be able to know whether they live nearby to you or not. 

If you have suspicions it’s someone you know personally using a fake account to remain anonymous, then using the people nearby feature will allow you to know if it’s someone you know personally.

The functionality is disabled for obvious security reasons by default. However, you may also determine the target user’s location using this feature if they have activated this option and is nearby.

By default, the feature is disabled for everyone so you’ll need to pray that they’ve turned it on. If you don’t know who owns the account, as in they don’t have a name that you are familiar with, nor a profile picture, then this feature could be your saving grace. 

Unfortunately, even if it’s turned on, if they’re not near you, then you still won’t be able to see them in the people nearby section simply because they’re not near you. 

1. Open Telegram

2. Tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner

3. Select the People Nearby option in the menu.

4. You’ll now be able to see all of the people as well as groups near your location.

3. Search Number on TrueCaller

You can use TrueCaller to help you find the owner of the number because the telegram profile that you’re trying to find the location of.

To reveal details of someone from Telegram using TrueCaller, you need to search for their number on TrueCaller.

  1. Download and install the TrueCaller app on either the Play Store or App Store.

2. Open the app and then create a TrueCaller profile.

3. Paste the phone number of the Telegram user in the box.

4. Below the box, Truecaller will reveal the name of the user who the phone number belongs to if you’re lucky.

5. When you click on the person’s name from the results on the next page, you’ll be able to see the location too.

4. Google Search Their Number

One last ditch attempt to try and find out their location/identity because the fake account is to search for their number on google to see if any details are revealed.

This could expose social media profiles such as LinkedIn, websites, or businesses associated with their phone number.

5. Check For Clues On Their Profile

There also might be some little clues and hints on the Telegram account as to who the owner is. Maybe they are named Katie in real life and just decided to use the same name for their anonymous Telegram account but changed it a little bit to Katy.

Or, maybe the initials of the anonymous Telegram account are the same as their real account. A lot of times when people do make a fake anything, they struggle to separate from their true identities and leave little traces like these behind.

Another little hint that might exist is in the bio of the fake account, where they may give away too much information, and you can use that to figure out who they are.

5. If a Popular Landmark Can Be Seen From Outside Their Home From a Picture/Their Profile Picture

This is not necessarily their fault, as they have no control over their home’s proximity to an identifiable landmark. However, they have control over whether they choose to upload images with that landmark in the background.

This is unlikely to happen, but people make mistakes. It’s hard to find landmarks like these in someone’s profile picture. So to make it easier, try talking to them and see if they can send you any pictures. Anything they send can be crucial information that reveals their whereabouts. 

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