As the holidays the feature fireworks approach, you’re going to want to remember every moment in the best quality that you can. Have you ever tried to capture a photo of a firework? The pictures come out blurry or with a weird layer that you can’t control, and it may leave you feeling upset.

This is completely normal period most people don’t usually understand how to take photos of fireworks period there’s a few tips and tricks associated with fireworks mainly because of all the bright lights. here are a few photography tricks that you might want to use in the future as the holidays approach.

Use the Right Equipment

One of the mistakes that you might be making when you’re capturing photos or videos of fireworks is using a phone. Even if your phone camera is quite good, you may encounter some issues because there is a lot that goes into capturing a clear firework photo. You need to be free of any wobbling, shaking, or subtle movements when you’re capturing a firework photo because the fireworks are already moving.

Because of this, you’ll want to use an actual camera and a tripod. A camera can capture photos and videos with a quality that your phone won’t be able to and the tripod will make sure that your camera is still the entire time.

If you already have a camera that’s perfect, but if you’re looking for a camera, you can try a Nikon which is one that many people love an use for a variety of reasons. The type of tripod that you buy isn’t important, but it’s important to place the tripod in a flat, sturdy area to make sure that it doesn’t move while you’re capturing your photos.

Set your ISO Low

One of the things that might help you when you’re capturing photos of fireworks is setting your ISO low. Your ISO in photography is the measurement of how sensitive your image sensor is. If you set the number lower, then your camera will be less sensitive to light and it’ll be able to capture a clearer image.

The suggested values for your ISO is 100 or 200. This is important because you can have a lot of noise in the blue of images and if you’re capturing vibration at night, then a lot of things around you are blue. Your photos should be clearer and have less of a grain with a low ISO.

Change Your Shutter Speed

On a camera, a shutter is what allows light to pass through for a certain amount of time. It’s what allows the camera to allow light to touch the photosensitive digital center and capture the image that you want.

It is suggested that you keep your shutter speed between 2 and 10 seconds so that the Camera can time the shots for you. Because fireworks are really fast, this is a very important element and it’ll allow you to capture as many photos of the fireworks as you need without actually having to open and close the shuttle manually.

Time Your Shots

As the show goes on you might notice a lot of smoke or haze in the air. This is actually quite normal because as the show goes on, more fireworks will have been shot into the air and the sky will fill with smoke. Your shots won’t be as clear and they won’t be as pretty if there’s a ton of smoke surrounding the light of the fireworks.

It would also become harder to capture the fireworks with the added obstruction of smoke in the air. This is why you’ll want to take photos or videos in the beginning of the show before a lot of the smoke goes into the air. You still might be able to get good photos late in the show, but you just want to avoid the added difficulties with the smoke in the air .

Get a Good Location

One of the most important parts of capturing good photo or video anytime is your location. You want to make sure you have a good spot for your tripod and you want to make sure that there aren’t people obstructing your view or the view of your camera. You might want to scout a viewing area maybe 30 minutes to an hour before the show so that you get a good spot with enough room for you and your camera.

Hopefully these tips help you capture great firework memories for you to look back on in the future.