When your Discord channel is full of unique users, it can be pretty hard to address a single person. With the ability to “tag” someone on Discord, you can make a message meant for one person, or several, easier to catch amongst the wall of text. Tagging someone only takes using a single symbol: the “at” symbol, or “@”.

with a Desktop

1. Locate and launch your preferred web browser and head on over to Discord’s home page. You are more than welcome to use the Discord program instead. Locate and launch it on your computer.

2. Log into Discord, if you aren’t already logged in, with a valid Discord account and password.

3. Choose a server you’d like to tag someone in on Discord. All the servers you’re a part of are on the left hand side.

4. Next, choose the channel you’d like to tag someone in on Discord. All the channels available on the server are to the right of the servers.

5. Once you’ve joined a server and a channel, at the bottom, click the text box.

6. In the text box, press and hold together the keys Shift + 2, just tap the “2” key once. This will type the “@” symbol into the chat box. Doing so will expand a list of people you can tag.

7. In the list of people to tag, click on the specific person you’d like to tag in Discord. It will paste their name to your tag. Type your message and hit the Enter key.

with a Mobile Device

1. Locate and launch the Discord app. If you recently installed it, it will be on your home screen. For Android users, look in your App Drawer if you can’t find it.

2. Log into Discord with a valid Discord account, specifically your email and correct password.

3. At the top left corner of the screen, select the icon that has three horizontal lines. This will open a panel. Inside the panel are all the channels you can access as well as the servers in each channel.

4. Choose the server and channel you want to tag someone on Discord.

5. At the bottom, select the text box. In order to tag someone on Discord, you need to use the ‘@’ symbol before typing in their name (it stands for “at”). You’ll have to use your keyboard’s additional symbols to find it.

6. Once you type it in, a small window will appear that lists users that you can tag. Select a username and then type your message. Afterwards, go ahead and send it.