If you’ve just purchased a new Android phone, then you may want to know how to move all your contacts to your new device. The feeling of having a new phone in your hands is nice, but you can’t really make any calls or send messages if you haven’t got any contacts on the phone. In this post, we will show you how to sync contacts to a new Android phone.

There are a couple of ways to sync all your contacts to a new Android phone. If you’ve enabled sync and have backed up all your old data to the cloud, then everything will be available as soon as you set up your new device. However, if you haven’t enabled sync or backup, then you can follow the methods below to move your contacts to the new phone.

Sync contacts to a new Android phone with Google

Most Android smartphones support Google services, which means that you can easily backup all your data to the cloud. Contacts backup should be enabled by default when you sign in with your Google account. You can download the Google Contacts app on your old Android smartphone and then use the sync option to move everything to the new phone. The app is available from the Google Play Store. Here’s how to do this.

1. Launch the Settings app on your old device.

2. Look for the Accounts option.

select Account Sync

3. Tap on your Google account and select Account Sync.

4. Make sure that the toggle next to Contacts is turned on.

There you go. Now, you can sign in to your Android smartphone using the same Google account and your contacts should automatically appear on the Phone app. This is probably the easiest way to sync contacts to a new Android phone. Also, most smartphone manufacturers also offer an easy to use Switch app that lets you move data from your old phone to the new one. You can also use that to move contacts.

Sync contacts to a new Android phone using Backup and Restore method

If you don’t want to use Google’s services or if your Android phone didn’t come with Google services, then you can use this method to sync contacts to a new Android phone. All you have to do is make a backup of the .vcf file and then move it over to the new device. That’s about it. Here’s how to get a copy of all your contacts from your old phone.

1. Open the Contacts app on your old device.

2. Use the Settings option and look for an Export option.

create a .vcf file

3. The app should now backup all your contacts and create a .vcf file for you.

4. Copy the file on a pen drive or a memory card and move it over to your new phone.

5. On the new phone, open the Contacts app and look for the Import option in Settings.

6. When asked for, choose the .vcf file from the saved folder and select okay.

7. The transfer should start.

That’s it. You have no successfully moved all your contacts from your old smartphone to your new Android phone. The first method is much easier and faster to be honest. We would recommend using the Google account sync method, or using the Switch app or Move app that comes with your new Android phone. Most phones do offer such an app and it will transfer all your data including text messages, photos, videos, and more.

And that’s how to sync contacts to a new Android phone. You can now make calls and enjoy the improved call quality on your new smartphone.