iPhones are undoubtedly the elite gadgets which always keep their users happy. However, there are a few annoying things regarding iPhone that infuriate most users. The first one is the creepy “Storage Full” message which continuously pop-ups when your phone is running on low storage space. The second one is when your phone flips the screen orientation without your consent. Insult to injury, it usually happens whenever you are playing a game or watching a video.

You cannot blame Apple for this annoyance. The storage issue is your own doing, you can free-up space, and your phone will never show you this message again. Also, you can buy additional iCloud storage and this issue will be addressed. Now if you think about screen rotation, it is actually an intelligent feature rather than an annoying one. Both the iPhone and iPad sensors are strong enough to figure out how you are holding the phone, and then automatically rotate the screen for your convenience.

The accelerometer and gyroscope sensors are the ones that play their part in adjusting the screen as per your holding position. These are the same sensors that help you with gaming functionalities such as moving the device and providing map adjustments. In short, the screen rotation feature isn’t bad, it is just the unnecessary or unintended rotation that frustrates the users.

How to Prevent Screen Rotation

As said earlier, it is not the Apple’ fault that your iPhone rotates when it shouldn’t. it is entirely up to you if you want this feature enabled or disabled. Disabling it will lock the screen rotation and your screen won’t change into landscape mode even when it is required. So, if you don’t want the screen to rotate when you change the iPhone’ positioning then you can do it by:

1. Swipe or Flick upwards from the bottom of your iPhone’s screen to reveal the Control Center. iPhone X and later models require swiping down from the top right of the screen.
locate the Screen Rotator icon

2. Now locate the Screen Rotator icon on the Control Center. The icon looks like a lock within a rounded arrow. For the latest iOS 12, you will be able to see just below the Wi-Fi icon. For iOS 7-10, you will be able to locate it at the top right side of Control Center.
Tap on the Screen Rotator icon to disable it

3. Tap on the Screen Rotator icon to disable it. When enabled, the Screen Rotator icon is highlighted in red (iOS 11 and later) or white (iOS 7-10). If disabled, this icon will look like plain white with a grey background.

4. Once done, go back to the home screen. You can do it either by pressing the home button or swiping down on the screen (swiping up for iPhone X and later).

5. Now go to any app, hold your phone in a landscape position and your screen won’t rotate.

You can also look at the top-right side of your home screen. If there is no icon next to battery or service location icon then screen rotation is switched off. If the Screen Rotator icon appears next to them then your screen rotator is still enabled. However, this method will not work on iPhone X and later models and the user will have to launch Control Center to check if the option is enabled or disabled.

Screen Rotation for iOS 4-6

iOS 4, 5, 6 seems like history, but there are a few users who are still using devices that run on iOS 4-6. They can also adjust their screen rotation settings and they can do it by:

1Double tap on your home button to enable Multitasking Bar at the bottom of your screen.

1. Now swipe far right or far left (until you can’t swipe any further.

2. Doing this will reveal music playback controls and the screen rotation lock icon located at the far left.

3. Tap on the screen rotation lock to enable it. A lock will appear once you tap on this option. Tap it again if you desire to disable this feature.

These are the only known methods that can save you from the screen rotation trouble. There was another method that was introduced with iOS 9 Beta version. No one knows why it disappeared when the iOS 9 was officially released, but if you are using iOS 9 Beta version (for any reason) then you can fancy this method too.

Your iPhone has a ringer switch button placed just above the volume-up button. You can mute/unmute your phone through this switch. iOS 9 Beta version allowed you to use this method for screen rotation lock as well.

iPad users are aware of this function as it works on most iPads, but it was only the first and last time that this feature was tested for iPhones. It was appalling that it didn’t cement its place as a permanent feature, but you never know with Apple as they still can reintroduce this feature.

Additionally, some users have reported that their screen rotates even if the screen lock is enabled. It is understood that this issue was reported after the arrival of iOS 11. Since iOS 11 was quite disruptive (in a good way), there could be a lot of reasons why this could be happening. A simple troubleshooting method to sort this issue out is to reset all settings on your iPhone. You can do that by:

1. Go to the Settings of your iPhone.

2. Tap General.

3. Next, locate the option Reset and tap on it.

4. Tap on the option Reset All Settings.

This issue is likely to be solved once the iPhone is ready to use. If your screen rotation station isn’t fixed via this method then it is likely that your phone’ sensors aren’t working properly. If that’s the case, you may have to visit the Apple Store to get an expert opinion regarding the hardware.