Sometimes you can come across pictures or comments that you haven’t liked yourself and it can be quite scary to know that you’re not the only person who has control of your own account.

If you see a picture that you haven’t liked yourself, there’s probably something that has access to your account.

There are 2 ways to stop Instagram from automatically liking pictures.

The Reason Pictures are Liking Themselves

The reason Instagram is liking photos by itself is because a third-party app or person has control of your account. If you’ve signed up for an app that requires you to sign into Instagram, this app may be using bots to like photos automatically.

If you’ve signed up for an app that requires you to sign into Instagram, this app may be using bots to like photos automatically.

Until you stop the third-party access, you may continue seeing pictures that are automatically liked.

To stop this, you have to stop third party access and you need to change your Instagram password.

1. Revoke and Block Third-Party App Access

block third party apps

The first way to stop Instagram from liking photos itself is to block third-party app access. Since an app may have control of your Instagram account, you’ll need to block and revoke it using the web version of Instagram.

When an app has third party access, it has access and control over your profile information such as photos and followers.

It can like photos and comment on your behalf. And it can follow and unfollow other Instagram accounts.

To block third-party access:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on your profile.
  3. Click Authorized apps.
  4. Click Remove Access under the authorized app
  5. Click Yes to block the third-party app.

If you see a message saying, ‘You have not authorized any applications to access your Instagram account,’ it means that you haven’t given any third-party apps access to your Instagram account.

If this is the case, you’ll need to change your password because it looks like someone or something has access to it that Instagram doesn’t know about.

2. Change Instagram Passwords

change instagram password

Instagram automatically signs out every device and removes any device with third party access when you change your password.

To sign out other devices:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. Click on the settings icon.
  3. Click Change Password.
  4. Enter your Current Password.
  5. Enter a New Password twice.
  6. Click Done to change your password and sign out other devices.

Once you’ve done this, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll see anymore liked photos that you didn’t like yourself.

If you do, repeat the same steps just to make sure no other third party has access to your Instagram account.

Bottom Line

To stop pictures automatically liking, you’ll need to block third party access and change your Instagram password. This ensures that nothing else has control over your Instagram

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