Amazons streaming device the firestick, is all you really need in your entertainment toolbox. You can access pretty much anything entertainment wise that you want. There is an issue that people face regularly with it just like any other technological device. This is a very annoying thing to have happen all the time and it is when your firestick won’t stop buffering or all together stops streaming while watching something.

Luckily for you, this usually isn’t a big issue with the firestick and can usually be solved easily. Usually this is just an issue with the speed of the internet connection not being fast enough. There are ways to figure out what the problem is that is causing the buffering and ways to deal with the issue as well.

Check Your Internet Speed First

The first thing that you should do when facing this problem is check the speed of your internet that the firestick is connected to. When you are streaming videos it takes a lot of bandwidth and if your internet isn’t fast enough then your firestick will not be able to maintain an enjoyable speed of buffering. Buffering is caused by not having enough of the video you are trying to stream loaded which causes it to have to catch up and load more before you can continue watching.

To check the internet speed on your firestick you need to download a web browser onto the device.

1. Launch your firestick first

2. Go to Apps on the home screen

3. Then, select Categories and then Utility

4. Choose the Silk Browser application in this list

5. Now, select the Get button to download and install the web browser

6. When downloaded and installed, choose to open the browser and then use any internet speed checker site that you prefer

You need to run the speed test so that you know where you are at with this possible issue. If you are not doing anything else on your internet, then the numbers are easy to tell what you need. If you are wanting to watch a standard definition show or movie then the minimum speed you need would be 3 to 4 Mbps.

For HD movies and shows you will need at least twice that at 6 to 10 Mbps. Lastly, if you want to stream a video in 4K definition then you will need 25 Mbps without anything else running on it. These are the rough stats on what kind of speed you need to watch a video on your firestick without running too slow for a good experience.

You need to make sure and do the speed test through your firestick because the speed available at the firestick may be different than the speed available on other devices on your network believe it or not. You could have the fastest internet available and your firestick still only be able to access 3 or 4 Mbps of the bandwidth.

How to Turn Saving App Data Off

The second reason that your firestick may be running slower or even completely failing to stream properly would be cache data that your firestick saves for each app that you use. This can definitely cause issues with the firestick loading videos at a reliable pace. Thankfully, you can disable the function on your firestick that saves all this unnecessary data.

1. Open the Settings from your firestick menu

2. Choose Applications in the settings

3. Then, select Collect App Usage Data

4. Now, turn off Collect App Usage

This will stop your firestick from getting bogged down by extra unnecessary data.

Change Your Preferences to Improve Firestick Performance

You can adjust your settings to increase the performance and this may be helpful in solving your buffering issue too.

1. Open the Settings on your firestick

2. Choose the Preferences option

3. Now choose Data Monitoring and turn this off and back out of Data Monitoring

4. Select the Notifications Settings and then App Notifications and turn off all the notifications and back out again

5. Now, Featured Content

6. Turn off the Allow Video Autoplay and the Allow Audio Autoplay

7. This will help with some issues that may cause the firestick to run slowly and buffer all the time

How to Uninstall Apps That You Don’t Need

If you are an avid user of your firestick then you are probably tempted to download every app you think is cool. The problem with that is that your firestick has a limited amount of space and the more of that you fill, the more issues you will start running into like buffering or freezing. If you are having issues with your firestick you should try deleting apps that you never use or don’t really need on the device.

1. Go to the Settings on your firestick

2. Choose Applications in the settings

3. Then choose Manage Installed Applications

4. Choose the app that you want to delete and choose the Uninstall option and this will delete the app from the firestick

5. You can do this to each app you are willing to get rid of in the same way

How to Use a VPN Service to Prevent Throttling

Internet speed is probably the most important part of being able to stream a video without issues. Some internet providers do something called throttling which is where they slow your internet down on purpose when they see that you are streaming videos. If you think this might be the case for you then you can try using a VPN service. What VPN services do is allow you to connect to a different server an avoid throttling or even congestion.