Adobe Flash Player is a plugin that allows your browser to play videos when you visit certain websites. If you have Adobe Flash installed on your Mac, it will automatically check for updates and when an update is available, you’ll be notified with a pop-up.

The notification pop up tells you that an Adobe Flash Player update is available. You’re given the option to either download the update or to remind you about the update later. If you choose not to download the update and you want a reminder, the notification will pop after an hour – closing the pop up will also remind you about the update later. If you want to turn off the updates, you’ll need to disable it in your settings.

1. Go to System Preferences. You can open this by going to the Apple menu and selecting System Preferences.

2. Click Flash Player. This should be at the bottom of System Preferences.

3. Click the Updates tab. In the updates, you’ll see a message saying Flash Player can automatically check for updates to help protect your computer.

never check for updates

4. Select Never check for updates. This option is not recommended by Adobe Flash Player. You can select the Allow Adobe to Install updates option is your want Adobe Flash to update without showing you any notifications.

5. Enter your password and click Install Helper in the pop-up window. This pop up will say that System Preferences is trying to install a new helper tool.

6. Adobe Flash update notifications will no longer pop up. If you notice that you do need to update flash every so often, you can go to the update section and click Check Now. If there’s an update found, click Yes to download and install the update.