If you’re a PC gamer, then you have probably used the Steam client before. Most games these days require you to download the Steam client so you can play the games on your PC. Steam is owned by Valve and is one of the most used gaming clients in the world. However, you may experience some issues with the client sometimes. Are you facing issues where Steam won’t open? Well, this can happen to anyone and can be very annoying.

In this post, we are going to show you how to fix issues related to Steam not opening on your computer. There could be many reasons for this, and we’ve got a couple of methods that should fix the problem.

Reinstall Steam client

If Steam won’t open on your Windows PC, then the first thing you may want to do is a full reinstall of the Steam client. Don’t worry, you can reinstall Steam without having to lose all your games and settings. There’s an easy way to reinstall Steam on your Windows PC. Follow the steps below to get it done.

1. Head to the Steam installation folder on your PC.

2. Delete all files except for Steam.exe, steamapps, and userdata.

3. Once the files are deleted, click on the Steam.exe file to start the reinstallation process.

4. If you want to install Steam in a different folder, you can move the files to another folder on your PC.

Now, launch Steam to check if it opens properly. If not, follow the other steps below.

Update/Rollback GPU drivers

Another thing you may want to try, if your Steam won’t open, is to update the drivers for your graphics card. At times, an older driver for the graphics card could be the reason why Steam isn’t opening or throwing an error at startup. This issue can show up with both AMD or Nvidia GPUs. Use the ‘Check for updates’ option in the GPU driver Settings.

If the update doesn’t fix the problem, then you can try to install an older driver to see if Steam works. Simply download the old driver and install it. Check if the problem exists. If it does, then try the next steps.

Clear Steam cache

You can also try and clear the app cache for Steam to see if it fixes the problem. Steam stores various information related to your games in a folder called ‘appcache’ that’s located in the Steam directory. This makes sure that the app opens fast and remembers all your details.

However, the cache could get corrupted and that will lead to Steam not opening. Therefore, deleting this folder can help fix the issue. Head to the directory where steam is installed, create a backup of the appcache folder, and then delete it. Now, when you restart Steam, the folder will be created once again.

Check status of Steam Server

Sometimes, Steam will not open if the server is down. Yes, this can happen from time to time if there is too much load on the Steam server. The best thing to do is to wait and see if the client comes back online. You can also head to a website to check the status of Steam server, just to make sure that the problem is with the server and not your PC/internet.

If there’s some kind of maintenance in progress, then the Steam server could be down. Usually, Steam will send you an email stating that the server will be down due to maintenance. You can also head over to Steamstat.us to find out the status of the Steam server. If the status shows that the server is under maintenance or not working properly, then you will have to wait till it is back up again.

End Steam processes from Task Manager

When you launch Steam on your computer, a lot of processes are started to get Steam running properly. Sometimes, these processes may start, but you will not see the app launching on the desktop. In such cases, you will have to manually end these processes and relaunch them from the Task Manager.

To do this, right click on the Taskbar and select Task Manager. Now, click on More details and search for Steam processes such as Steam -Steam Bootstrapper, Steam Client Service, and other services related to Steam. Right click on all of these processes and click on ‘End Task’. This should stop all the processes related to Steam client on your Windows PC. Now, relaunch Steam and see if things work normally.

So there you are! Some of the reasons why Steam won’t open on your PC and a few methods to fix them. We hope this article has helped you solve this issue.