Sorry This Page Isn’t Available Instagram? Try These 10 Fixes

Sorry This Page Isn't Available Instagram

If you are scrolling away on Instagram, you may be wanting to check a specific user, profile, or page. Maybe you just heard that an old high school couple finally broke up and want to see if they have deleted their pictures together.

Or, maybe your favorite celebrity just had their first kid and you just have to see the pictures. When going to the account you are looking for, you might be met with a message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available”.

This can be incredibly frustrating because you are trying to see something that is news breaking and time sensitive.

There are so many different reasons as to why this message could be occurring and inhibiting you from viewing their page, but thankfully, we have plenty of solutions that you can try and use to get back in the know. Why Does Instagram Say Sorry This Page Isn’t Available

Why Does Instagram Say Sorry This Page Isn’t Available

1. You Were Blocked

If someone’s page is not showing and you are seeing a message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available”, you may also have been blocked by this user. There are a couple of different ways that you go about checking to see if you have been blocked.

If you learn after trying some different methods that you were in fact blocked by the profile owner, that can easily explain why you are seeing the message.

However, if after some investigation into if you are blocked or not and have learned that you are not blocked by the profile you are trying to access, then that is not the reason why you are seeing this message.

2. The Page Doesn’t Exist Anymore​

Another reason that you can no longer access a certain page on Instagram might be because the user has just taken down said page.

This could occur because the user is no longer active as Insatgram takes down all pages created by someone when they have not used the app in a while, or maybe the creator simply just wanted to delete it.

Another reason may be the user began posting adult content, violence, and other restricted content to their page, so Instagram took down the page for the safety of others.

Whatever the reason may be, creators can take down their pages whenever they want and that could be why you are being told “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available”.

3. The Post Has Been Deleted

When clicking on someone’s post, you might get a message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available”. This could be happening because the account owner has deleted their post. You will not be able to view it once it has been deleted.

Just like with a page itself, this could be because the account owner simply decided to take down their Instagram post for whatever personal reasons they may have, or there is also the possibility that their post was reported for breaking community guidelines.

If that did happen, Instagram itself could also be responsible for the post being deleted because of the reports and violations contained in the post.

4. They’ve Disabled Their Profile

If you are seeing a message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available” when trying to visit a page you have previously, this message could be appearing because the account owner decided to disable their profile.

Maybe they were just too addicted to social media so decided to take a break or just go too busy to keep their page going. No matter what the reason may be, accounts have the option to disable their profile, meaning it will seem as if the account is gone to you.

Their profile picture and bio might load, but that is it. Nothing else is loading and you are still seeing the message. In these cases where the account is just disabled, the profile owner has the option to bring their account back online at any time, so this is not the same as deleting their profile, but will appear deleted to anyone who tries to access their page.

5. They’ve Changed Username and You’re Accessing the Old Username

The profile you are trying to find may have simply also just changed their username and you are trying to find their account using their old username.

This can absolutely be why you are seeing a message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available” because there is not a profile under the username you are looking up. This account, however, is not gone, deleted or disabled. It is just merely now under a different username.

6. Instagram Has Suspended Their Account

There are a set of rules you agreed to when you first created your Instagram account. These rules are just the app’s way of ensuring that everyone’s content is safe to be seen by most of their users and keep everyone out of harm’s way.

If the account you are trying to find has been posting material that breaks these set guidelines and their posts keep getting reported by other accounts, there is a good chance that their account got suspended by Instagram which is why you are getting a message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available”.

Instagram does not want this account you are trying to find to continue and potentially harm others and share pictures or videos that are not suitable for a younger audience, so Instagram may have suspended the account which is why you are struggling to find the page you are looking for.

7. Glitch/Bug

We all remember that dark day when there was a wide glitch which all Instagram users experienced in 2021. This was when the app would not load for anyone because of a little bug found to be taking down the software.

This has happened multiple times since Instagram was first established in 2010, and you should expect it to happen again over your Instagram lifetime. Sometimes, when you are failing to find a certain page and getting a message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available”, the app may have fallen victim to another bug.

Unfortunately, the only solution to a bug is to wait until the Instagram team can solve the problem and fix the bug. The bug in 2021 caused users to be unable to utilize the app for almost half of a day and minds were lost across the globe.

These bugs can be catastrophic as this particular one caused businesses that relied on social media to shut down and even cost the company millions of dollars.

8. Instagram is Down

Instagram itself may be to blame as the server might also be down which can be the cause of your problems and why you are seeing a message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available”. You can check to see if this is the case by going to

Once you have accessed the website, you will be met with a search bar. Type Instagram into said bar and click the magnifying glass to check.

You will then either see if there are problems being reported with Instagram’s servers and that can help explain your inability to see the page or profile you are trying to access, or you will see a message saying there are no current problems with Instagram’s servers so this is not the technological fault you are dealing with.

9. The Link is Broken

The link at which you are trying to use to see a specific account, page, or profile might be broken, meaning the reason you are seeing a message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available” is because of the link you are clicking on.

This can be caused in a couple of different ways as well. It could be on Instagram and the links they are developing for you to view different profiles are failing to work.

There is also the possibility if someone sent you a link and told you to look at this page or profle that they just did not send the link properly. They might have accidentally left out the last letter or maybe misspelled a word.

There are numerous ways to accidentally break a link, so know this could easily be the cause of why you can not see a certain profle or page.

10. Your Service Provider Has Blocked Access to the Change

There is also a chance that the reason you are seeing a message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available” is because your service provider has decided to block access to those specific pages or profiles.

While this blocking can be for a variety of different reasons and can vary based on the service provider you do have, there are solutions to getting around this block that you can do.

11. There’s an issue with the Browser

If you are trying to access Instagram through a browser, such as Safari, Chrome, or any other web browser, and you are receiving a message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available”, your browser could be at fault.

This issue could be occurring because of your browser settings, you need to disable or allow add ons or extensions, your internet connection might not be working, you may need to clear your cache, and a variety of other things.

The most common reason your browser is not working is that your internet is struggling to connect. It is incredibly common and normal for your Wi-Fi to go ofine every once and a while, so do not stress about it.

There are quite a few ways to try and get it back up and starting, or you may not even be connected.

Additionally, if you are not using your internet and are instead using your cellular data, your data may also be the thing malfunctioning. Sometimes a quick reset is all your connection may need to get back up and running.

Instagram Say Sorry This Page Isn’t Available? Try These Fixes

1. Search For Their Name on the Instagram App to Find Their New Account/Updated Username

If you have learned that the reason you are seeing a message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available” is because the account or profile you are trying to access has simply changed its username, there is a very easy fix for this.

Instead of looking up the username that they used to have, try and just search for their actual name instead. This will bring up any accounts that have the same name as the person you are trying to find.

From there, you can click on the accounts you think are this individual and use their profile picture, following, and followers to try and determine if this is their new account.

Once you have located their new profile, you should be able to see all of their new page unless they are private. You can now have access to their profile and get rid of the message if the reason you could not see their profile in the first place was that the user decided to change their username on Instagram.

If this is not what happened and they did not change their username, you will need to try another solution.

2. Check If They’ve Blocked You

One reason you might be getting the “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available” message is that you have been blocked for the profile you are trying to access. To figure out if this is what is happening to you, go to the profile of this individual.

If they have a private account and you are failing to even find their account when searching for it or you have been able to find it, but there is no way to request to follow them, you have most likely been blocked by this individual so you will not be able to access their profile.

If they do not have a private account, meaning their account is public, and you go to their account, you might notice that you can not see their profile picture, bio, following, followers, and it says they have zero posts.

If this is what you are being met with, there is a good chance that this profile has blocked you. Being blocked will keep you from being able to access their page. There are a couple of different ways you can still see their profile, even though you are blocked.

3. Sign Out of Instagram and Visit the Link Again to See If They Blocked You

One way to see the person’s profile and double-check to confirm if you have been blocked is by signing out of Instagram and going to their account when you are not signed in. You can only do this on and not the app as the app requires you to be signed in to use it.

However, you can access through any browser, so you can still use your device if that is all you have access to.

To log out:

1. First start by going to

2. Now, in the very top right corner of the screen, you will see your profile picture.

3. Tap on your picture and then select Log Out from the drop down menu.

4. Now, the website will try to make you sign in as well.

5. To avoid this, simply google the username of the profile you are trying to see and then add Instagram.

This will bring you to a link where you can view their profile without needing to be logged in. If their profile loads completely and you can request to follow them if they are private or see all of their information if they are public, this means you were blocked and that is why you are getting a message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available”.

However, if the profile still is failing to load, the reason you are seeing this message is not that you were blocked.

4. Reload the Page

A simple refresh of the page may also hold all of the answers as to why you keep getting a message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available” when trying to view a different page or profile.

This will help refresh and reboot the system, which could potentially allow you to see the page or profile you were trying to access even when you were running into some problems.

If you are using the Instagram app, all you have to do to reload the page is pull your screen down and this will automatically refresh the page for you.

If you are using through a browser, simply just click on the circled arrow in the search bar of your browser and this will refresh the page for you. Hopefully, this refresh will get you back to being able to see the page you are having trouble viewing.

5. Check the Link to See If It’s Incorrect

You can also check to see if the link is the problem as well. If someone sends a link to you for you to try and access a profile, ask instead for the username of the profile you are trying to find.

This way, no link is required and you can just find the profile through your own searching. Upon this searching, if you are able to locate the profile easily and without seeing the message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available”, then the link was the cause of your issues and you can still access the account in other ways.

If you are still struggling to see the account and continue to see “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available” then there is another reason other than the link that you are still unable to see a specific page.

6. Check the Instagram App to See If Their Account Still Exists

You can also utilize the Instagram app to find out if an account still exists. If an account does not exist and you are trying to get to their page, you will be met with a message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available”.

To do this, search for their username first in the search bar on the Instagram app. If nothing comes up, try just searching their actual name, not their username.

If nothing is coming up still, this is a pretty good sign that their account has been deleted and you will be unable to see their page as it no longer exists.

7. Visit the Link After A Link

If you were trying to access an account or page off of a link that someone sent you and when you use this link, you see a message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available”, there is a good chance you are seeing this message because the link is wrong.

To fix this, just simply ask the person who sent you the link originally to resend it and to check on their end that it is the right link and it is working as you are having problems with it.

If they resend you the link and now you can view the page, the reason you were getting that message was just that the link was incorrect.

If they have sent you the right link and you are still unable to use the link and see the page, the problem is not with the link but something else.

8. Ask Them If Their Account Was Disabled

The easiest way to determine if an account has been disabled and this is why you are seeing a message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available” is to just straight up ask them.

Since their account is not loading for you on Instagram, you will not be able to directly message them on the app to ask. If you know the person in real life, you can ask this person in person if their profile has been disabled.

You can also text or call them if you have their number. If you do not know them in person, you can also try to reach out to them on other forms of social media that you might have them on as well.

Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and virtually every other social media app out there has some form of messaging that you can utilize for asking this person if their account has been disabled.

If the answer is yes, their account is disabled, then you know why you are receiving the message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available” when you go to their page. If the answer is no, then this is not the reason you are unable to see their page.

9. Switch From WIFI to Data Vice Versa to See If ISP Blocked Page

Your Wi-Fi connection or cellular data may also be the reason you can not access a certain account on Instagram and you are seeing a message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available.

One change may be to switch to your cellular data, if you have a plan that allows for you to use data, if you are currently connected to Wi-Fi. Or, if you are already using your cellular data, switch to an internet connection instead.

Once you have made the switch and your device is now using your data instead of your internet connection, or vice versa, try to see if you are now able to access the account that was giving you the “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available message”.

Sometimes, your phone may just not be properly connected to your Wi-Fi but it will function more efficiently through your cellular data, or the other way around, and you can finally get to seeing the profile you have had trouble accessing.

10. Change the Browser You’re Trying to Load the Link On

If you are using through a browser and getting a message saying “Sorry This Page Isn’t Available” when you try to view different profiles or pages, switching the browser you are using may be the answer to your problems with viewing the profile or page.

This just means if you are using Safari, try to use Chrome instead. Or, if you are already using Chrome, try using Firefox or any other browser you have access to. Once you have opened up a new browser, go back to and you will have to log in to your account.

Now that you are logged in, try and access the profile or page you were on before. If you are able to access it now, your browser was just faulty and causing you to experience these issues.

Just like all other forms of technology, browsers can be going through bugs or having connection issues as well. If after you have used a new browser and you are still unable to see an account, your browser is not to blame and there is another cause.

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