This error message stops you from logging into your Instagram account and this can be annoying if you’re an avid Instagram User. When you go to Instagram and you try to log in, you’ll see an error message regardless of if your credentials are right.

This message may have been coming up on your device for a long time now and it’s only happening on your device, not when you try to log in with someone else’s phone. With this error, you can’t log into Instagram account on your phone, but you can log in on your computer or a web browser on the same phone.

Some users have reported having this problem for up to several months and it’s driving them insane. Whether you’ve been experiencing this for a few months, or a few days, I’m going to show you a guaranteed method to fix this problem.

Why Does Instagram Say, ‘Sorry There was a Problem’?

There are really only two reasons why Instagram is going to say that there was a problem with your request and won’t let you log in on your phone but will let you log in on your computers web browser. The first reason why Instagram is going to say that there was a problem with your request is that the phone you’re trying to log into Instagram with is banned because you’ve violated their guidelines with that specific phone.

Once they detect your IMEI number, they show you the error message. This is why you can log into Instagram from other phones and your computer. The second reason why you’re going to experience this issue is that Instagram servers are down, or your internet coverage is bad. This means that you need to fix your internet connection or wait for the server to go back up.

If you’ve been experiencing this problem for a long time, it’s likely that it’s the first reason that’s causing the error message to show up.

Fix ‘Sorry There was a Problem with your Request’

Because Instagram has detected your device and isn’t letting you log in, you’re going to have to follow the steps below if you want to fix this problem.

  1. Go to Instagram in Safar or another web browser
  2. Log into Instagram because it lets you on a web browser
  3. Unlink your Facebook account from Instagram if you have them linked (If you can’t do this on the Instagram website, go to Facebook and unlink it in settings, you can also do this on another device in Instagram if you have the app)
  4. Go to com and make a new account with a different name
  5. Go back to another device and log into Instagram (Make sure you use the app on another phone, can’t use a web browser or the same phone).
  6. Connect the new Facebook account to your IG account in Settings
  7. Go back to your iPhone or Android and re-install Instagram
  8. Log in with Facebook from the IG app

Reset your Phone

Since your device is ban and isn’t being recognised by Instagram, the next best way to remove your device from the ban list is to reset your device. This is going to take your device back to factory mode which means that it’ll be in the same condition as It was when it was in the factory.

If you try to make a backup or restore a backup after you reset your device, the same problem will occur because the backup is going to put your phone back to EXACTLY how it was when the backup was made. So, if Instagram recognised your device as a banned device when you made the backup when you restore the backup, it’s going to recognise the device like it did before.

If you want to use this step, you can make a backup. Just in case resetting your phone didn’t get rid of the Instagram error message, you can restore the backup in settings.

However, if resetting your device did fix the problem, don’t restore the back because you’ll be logged out of Instagram and the same problem will happen again in most situations (very likely).

To reset your iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. General
  3. Reset and then
  4. select Erase All Content and Settings

Confirm your decision by putting your password in. One you’ve done this; your device is going to restart after it’s wiped everything. Download Instagram and check if you get the error message when you log in (try logging in the FB as well).

If you don’t get the message, congratulations. If you do, restore the backup to take your device to how it was. (This can take up to a day so don’t be surprised).