Sony TV Blinking Red Light 6 Times? Try These Fixes

ony TV Blinking Red Light 6 Times

The Sony TV has a standby indicator light that will only blink red when a problem has been detected. These issues that bring on the red light indicator usually require repair; however, there are ways to attempt to fix this problem.

These solutions will be provided in this article, with the possibility of the Sony TV being broken taking the last possible option.

Why is My Sony TV Light Blinking

Typically there are one or more LED lights on the lower front of the Sony TV. These lights serve as essential indicators for the different conditions or features. With that said, every color of each LED light means something different.

So let’s start with the priority subject light in question, the blinking red LED light indicator. If the red light is on and blinking, and your Sony TV is not working correctly, as previously mentioned, the blinking red light usually means that the TV requires repair.

The meaning of the blink codes varies between models, but this could be brought on by serviceable errors such as a heat error (where the TV has become too hot to function correctly.) When experiencing this problem, you will want to check the following.

You can try turning off the Sony TV and then turn it back on, and if the TV will not respond to the remote or the TV’s power button, or if that does not resolve the issue, you can also try.

You will want to leave it off for at least 3 minutes for a projection TV or projector. If you believe it may be a temperature issue, wait a few minutes for the TV to cool down before you turn it on.

Make sure to close and secure the cover/door for the lamp. For other TVs, unplug the Sony TV for at least 1 minute, then plug it back in.

If you have the TV plugged into a power strip or surge protector, then you will want to unplug the TV and plug it directly into the wall outlet.

This will ensure that the TV is receiving the appropriate amount of power. (In the scenario that this worked, the problem is with the power strip or surge protector.)

You can try cleaning any of the vents/slots in and on the Sony TV cabinet and make sure there is appropriate room for air to circulate around and through the TV cabinet.

Some Sony TVs have a media box (tuner) and separate display. If you have a TV like this, you should check the cable between the media box and the display is securely connected for operation.

Your software could be out of date, and you will want to check if there is a software update available for the Sony TV.

You will require an internet connection for the update; refer to the TV’s manual for specific TV model information. You can also find the manual on your TV’s support page.

If you see a solid orange-amber LED light showing, the TV timer has been set and is indeed active. The form that this can take consists of the “Sleep Timer,” which means that the TV will turn off after the time set has been reached.

The “On/Off Timer” will turn the TV off and on at set time points of the day. You can, of course, adjust the timer settings and or turn them on and off in the “Settings ‘ menu of the TV.

A blinking orange amber light for TVs with an active high-speed internet connection will indicate that the TV is performing a software update.

When a software update is in progress, you will not want to turn off or unplug the TV while the update is running, and the TV remote will not work while an update is being downloaded/installed.

These updates can take up to a few minutes to install, and you will want to practice patience, as when the update is finished, the TV will return to its normal functional state.

A green or white LED light may blink while the TV is powered on is entirely normal and will indeed stop once the TV is completely powered on.

On that note, if the green or white light continues to blink and the TV does not come on or if the TV comes on and then turns off, the process starts over again.

You will want to unplug the TV for 3 minutes, then plug it back in and try again. If this problem continues in this state, The TV may need repair.

1. Bug

The problem with your Sony TV could be brought on by a bug in its system, and if you are not familiar with what a bug is, a bug is basically an error in the system.

So, in case of a bug issue, any of the usual functions of the TV will be impeded by the bug, causing problems or unusual behavior such as the blinking red light you are experiencing.

Knowing this, you can see how this can be a possible linked issue in this scenario. Luckily, there are ways to fix a problem with a bug, and we have some of them right here for your convenience.

Fix – Factory Reset TV

If you believe the issue to be with a bug in the system causing troubles, one viable option to fix this is to factory reset your Sony TV. This process is simple enough and could possibly be the answer to this problem.

In order to perform a factory reset, you will want to start at the Home page, then proceed to the settings, then select the “Storage & Reset” option after choosing the “Factory Data Reset” option.

Then you will want to go to the “Erase Everything” option and select it, and this will prompt a confirmation question that you will want to confirm by selecting “Yes,” (you may lose some data in this process.)

Once you have done that, the TV will perform a factory reset. After the factory reset process has been completed, the TV should power up as usual, then start you at the initial setup.

This can be a bummer, but it can also give you the opportunity to set the TV settings how you would like them. As previously stated, this is an excellent option for fixing the blinking red light issue with the Sony TV.

Fix 2 – Unplug TV For 1 Minute

One possible fix for this issue can be one of the most straightforward solutions yet, and you may not have thought about it. This potential solution is to unplug the TV for one minute and then plug it back in.

This is self-explanatory, though you will want to follow the power cord coming from the back of the TV; then, when you come to where the plug is plugged in, you will need to unplug it and then wait for at least one minute.

Waiting for one minute will give the TV adequate time for the TV to power down properly and avoid any possible damage to the software.

Once you have waited for a minute, simply plug the TV back in, then turn on the TV as you usually would and see if the problem persists.

With any luck, this will be the easiest solution to this problem, and you can get back to enjoying your favorite shows on your Sony TV.

Fix 3 – Turn on From TV and Not Remote

As humans, we are creatures of habit and tend to lean towards solutions that are the easiest way to complete a task.

This could also be the problem here, as you probably are turning on your Sony TV with the remote because why would you not?

That is what the remote is for, to make it easy to turn on the TV and go about whatever you may be doing or for the sake of comfort so that you do not have to manually get up each time and power on the TV.

With that said, this could also be a solution to the problem. In order to turn on the TV manually without the remote, you will need to engage the power button on the actual TV itself.

You can find the power button on the underside of the TV, to the right of the Sony logo, and to turn on the TV, you will need to press and hold the power button for at least three seconds.

This will manually power on the TV and very well could be the answer to your issue.

2. Bug with Remote

Just like the Sony TV, your TV’s remote is also a device; therefore, it is susceptible to bugs as well and not only the insect kind, though that solution would be more straightforward.

Instead, we mean a technical bug; this is essentially an error in its operations. So, if there is a bug in the remotes system, it will cause problems such as this, where you are getting a blinking red light when attempting to use your Sony TV.

This is a real bummer, as who does not like using a remote? It makes using your TV easy and convenient, especially after a long day of work.

The last thing you want to do is get up and manually operate your TV. With that said, there is a number of problems that can be encountered with your Sony TV remote.

Fix – Reinsert Batteries

Much like many other remotes, the Sony TV remote is powered by, typically, two AA batteries. While the batteries are essential for the remote to work correctly, it may not be something that crosses your mind when encountering issues with your TV.

With that said, this could be the problem with the remote. The battery compartment is located on the back of the remote towards the bottom, and a small slit indicates this.

Even though opening the battery compartment sounds relatively straightforward, it can also be a bit tricky.

You will want to place both of your hands on the remote with both of your thumbs on the back of the remote, be sure you are not applying any pressure to the sides of the remote, as the battery compartment will be revealed via a slide cover.

So, hold the remote with your fingers on the face of the remote and your thumbs on the back, then with your thumbs press and push upwards towards the top of the remote, and this should reveal the battery compartment.

After you have successfully unveiled the battery compartment, then simply pop the batteries out of their holsters and then put them back in.

Be sure that they are put back in correctly, with the positive and negative ends of the batteries aligning with their respective connectors. This could be the solution for the issue that has been encountered with the Sony TV remote.

Fix 2 – Use Phone as Remote via Sony App

Sony has many applications (apps) for all sorts of entertainment and otherwise, such as Sony | Music Center, Support by Sony: Find Support, News Suite by Sony, PlayStation App, and finally, Remote for Sony TV app.

It is all in the name of the app, and you can use the “Remote for Sony TV” to control your Sony TV via the app rather than using the remote itself. This app provides you with all of the options and features available on your Sony TV remote.

So why bother with the actual remote when you could just pop into the app and have complete control of your Sony TV with your virtual remote?

It is important to note that you will need to have your phone connected to the same WiFi network your TV is connected to work correctly.

This is also a plus since when they are connected to the same WiFi network, you do not need to be near the TV in order to control it.

When you set up an account on the app, it will send a confirmation message to your Sony TV that you have to confirm with, and this will establish the connection necessary for communication between the devices.

If by chance you have accidentally refused confirmation, you can change this by going to The Sony TV Homepage, then proceeding to the “Network” option, then to “Home Network Setup,” then “Remote Device,” and then selecting the “Remote Device List.”

Here you will be able to confirm and establish the connection between the two devices.

Note: This app is neither an official Sony product nor are they affiliated with the Sony company.

So, any issues with the application should not be directed to Sony.

Fix 3 – Use Universal Remote

If you believe the problem is with your Sony TV remote, an excellent alternative is to use a universal remote.

Universal remotes are highly useful and could be the answer you are looking for, so if you already have a universal remote, now would be the time to blow the dust off of it and give it a go.

Also, as the saying goes, there is an app for that. Many great and helpful universal remote apps are available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

One of these helpful apps is the appropriately titled app “Universal TV Remote Control,” from “Vsray Technology,” with a favorable rating of 4.1 stars and 707K reviews; not to mention this app is free, the downside, of course, is that there are in-app ads.

With that said, this application is compatible with Sony TVs. Similar to the other virtual remote app discussed previously, you will need to be connected to the same WiFi network that your Sony TV is connected to.

So that the functions and features will work properly and you can maintain control from nearly any distance from the TV.

One review from this helpful app was left in June of this year, left a review of five stars, stating:

“One of my siblings broke our remote, and I have a bunk bed, so I would have to get out of bed to turn the TV off or to turn it down. But when I downloaded this app, it was super easy to connect to my TV, and it works!”

In another review of five stars, from June of this year, the user simply stated: “Easy to use. Fast and great quality.”

This universal remote app could also be the answer to your remote issues, and most of these apps are free, so why not give it a chance and see how it works for you and your Sony TV?

Fix 4 – Try a Different Power Outlet

This problem could stem from the outlet you have your Sony TV plugged into; as previously mentioned, if you have it plugged into a power strip or surge protector, this could be causing the issue.

If you do indeed have your Sony TV plugged into a power strip, you will want to try unplugging from the power strip, then wait at least a minute, then plug the TV into a direct wall outlet.

If you have your Sony TV plugged into a surge protector, you will want to unplug the TV, then wait at least a minute and plug it into a direct wall outlet.

The reason for this plug change is that the Sony TV needs to have the appropriate amount of power in order to work correctly.

The power strip could not be giving enough power to the TV (even if it is the only device plugged into the power strip.)

The same could be said for the surge protector, which could be holding power back; therefore, the Sony TV is not receiving enough power to function correctly.

On that note, check your connections and be sure they are all connected fully and adequately.

These connections all serve a point, so it is crucial to make sure they are all fully connected. Power is significant when it comes to all devices, as it serves as the drive for all functions and capabilities of the device.

3. Bad Connections

As previously stated, the connections of a device such as your Sony TV are essential to the device being able to work and work correctly.

The Sony TV must have a power cord plugged into a reliable power source, like a wall outlet.

This ensures that it is getting a direct current from its power source. Another wire connection that you likely have on your Sony TV is an HDMI cable; this provides the picture for your TV.

This is another meaningful connection for your TV, as you will not be able to see anything being played on the TV without it.

With that said, both of these connections are important; therefore, when encountering issues with your Sony TV, or any TV for that matter, it is a good idea to check these connections and make sure they are fully and properly connected.

Fix – Check and Re-plug Cables Correctly

As previously stated, your Sony TV needs the appropriate amount of power directed to it via the power cord.

On that note, it is a good idea to check this connection, you may have your TV plugged into a power strip, and if you do, you will want to unplug the TV from the power strip plug; wait a minute, then plug the TV power plug into a direct wall outlet.

This ensures that your Sony TV receives the appropriate amount of power required to work correctly.

See, the power strip could be redirecting the power being sent through it to distribute to all of the plugs on the said power strip, and this can even occur if the TV is the only device plugged into the power strip.

By plugging the Sony TV directly into a wall outlet, you are making sure it is receiving direct AC power. This way, you know it is getting the right amount of power it needs to work correctly.

You may have your TV plugged into a surge protector, and this could impede how much power your TV is receiving.

To ensure that your TV is receiving the amount of power it needs, you will want to unplug it from the surge protector, then plug it into a direct wall outlet.

Fix 2 – Change HDMI Cable

As discussed earlier in this article, there are usually two main cables to a TV, and your Sony TV also falls into this category.

There is the main power cord, and then there is the HDMI cable. The HDMI, an acronym for “High Definition Multimedia Interface,” this cable is responsible for transferring both high-definition audio and video.

If you do not have an HDMI cable plugged into your TV or the connection is not fitted correctly, you will have lousy audio or no video to speak of. With that said, HDMI cables can short out, become disconnected, and or simply break.

This could be the plug port becoming broken from incorrect insertion, the cables within the protective outer layer can become separated, or even sometimes they can get knotted.

Anyway, it is not a good thing that it may break, and you will want to purchase a new one, though luckily, most HDMI cords will not break the bank.

If you would like, though, there are some high-quality ones on the market that come at a higher price but will likely last longer.

Not only is the HDMI cable used for cable/satellite boxes, but it is also used for connecting gaming consoles, Blu-ray and DVD players, and even streaming boxes.

On that note, HDMI cables are very important, especially with most entertainment devices requiring them for AV (Audio & Video) purposes.

You can find many reasonably priced HDMI cords on Amazon, along with many high-quality ones going for a higher price.

Knowing the vital part it plays in your TV’s entertainment process, and you can see how a broken or malfunctioning HDMI cable can definitely put a speed bump in your plans to watch your favorite shows.

4. Backlight Broken

Almost all smart TVs, including your Sony TV, use LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) for their display screens; these LCDs cannot illuminate on their own; therefore, they need a backlight to illuminate so they can display the image.

Just like any part of a technical device, it can malfunction or even break, and it is very possible that the backlight on your TV could be broken.

These backlights are even used on the phone or PC you may be reading; they work best for low light conditions, as they illuminate the LCDs.

It very well could be a broken backlight causing this issue of your Sony TV showing you a blinking red light indicating a problem in the process.

A broken backlight most commonly comes down to a defective capacitor, you can fix this yourself, or you can take the device to a tech repair shop to be repaired.

Remember that repairing a backlight can typically cost around $100.- $150. The US, so at this point, you may want to consider if it may be more worth it to buy a new TV.

If you want to repair it on your own, you will need to replace the whole strip with a new one, then replace the LED with a new one, bypassing the LED, and cross your fingers for the best.

With that said, many people that have a backlight break on their TV typically opt to buy a new one, and it really is more affordable to buy a new TV.

Since, with technology rapidly changing daily, it is likely to cost you close to or more to repair a flat screen than to buy a new one simply.

5. TV Broken

It is also possible that your Sony TV could be broken past the point of a DIY (Do It Yourself) fix; as previously discussed, technology is changing and evolving daily.

Therefore, it is likely more affordable to buy a new TV rather than racking up prices with a tech repair shop.

Luckily, with flat screens being commonplace now, you can typically find a new TV for a reasonable price. All technology is susceptible to breaking; as the saying goes, “nothing lasts forever,” this is true for Sony TVs as well.

Fix – Repair TV

If you believe your Sony TV to be broken, you can find ways to repair it, one option being to take it to a tech repair shop such as RadioShack (if you have one in the area) or a TV repair electronics store which you can locate by a simple browser search or a Google Maps search.

If you fancy yourself a “fix it myself” type of person, there are many video tutorials online that you can watch and attempt the repair yourself, though you will do so at your own risk, and if you tamper with the Sony TV it will void your warranty (if you have one.)

Now, if you are planning on taking your Sony TV to a TV repair electronics store, much like taking your car to a mechanic, the prices can vary for the parts and services provided.

The national cost average for taking your Sony TV to a TV repair electronics store is in the neighborhood of $60.- $400. In the US, most people spend about $200 to repair their flat-screen TV. So, it is your choice if you want to take in your TV to be repaired.

In the case that your TV model is “BRAVIA” you should have a five-year guarantee, so if you have had your “BRAVIA” model Sony TV for less than five years, it is likely that you can “cash in,” so to speak, and get a new TV or get your TV repaired by the company that manufactured it.

Fix 2 – Replace TV

When experiencing these issues with your Sony TV, depending on the severity and how willing you are to repair it yourself, you may want to consider purchasing a new one.

With technology changing on a daily basis, it can often cost more to repair a device than it would buy a new one simply. With most people spending at least $200. The US, on average, repairs their broken TV.

It becomes more evident that you might want to spring for a whole new TV. With that said, you should not give up on a brand since it broke down on you one time, Sony is an excellent company for TVs, and they have been in the game for a long time.

So you can still stick with the same TV brand and update it by getting a sony tv (view on Amazon). More folks do this than you would think, and with flat screens being very common now, you should be able to track one down for an agreeable price tag.

Plus, with websites like Amazon and many websites offering up sale tips and coupons, you can probably also find an excellent deal that will have you smiling about the TV you just purchased rather than questioning if you paid the right price.

Fix 3 – Contact Sony

Sometimes with these tech problems, it can reach a point where the best you can do is contact the professionals, and in this scenario, it would be Sony. It only makes sense, and they manufactured the product.

They know it works and how best to go about troubleshooting and dealing with issues with their devices. Also, they are eager to help you, with many ways to contact them.

You can reach Sony Call Center Support at this number: 1-239-245-6356 (US.), and for the UK, you can contact them at this number: 0207-365-2810

Brady Klinger-Meyers is an experienced tech writer and marketer who currently writes for Techzillo as well as other popular sites like MakeUseOf. At Techzillo, he focuses on consumer technology in general with his interest being Android OS. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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