‘Something Went Wrong Onlyfans’? Try These 10 Fixes

'Something Went Wrong Onlyfans

You have been searching on the internet, and you decide to head onto Onlyfans to check on all of the different artists and people who you are supporting on the app.

But as you open the app, you get the dreaded message “Something Went Wrong.” You try and try to get the app to start working back again, but whatever you do, there seems to be no fix. Why is this happening, and what can you do?

Why Does OnlyFans Say “Something Went Wrong”?

1. Poor Internet Connection

Whenever there is a poor internet connection, any site or app that requires the internet to work will not perform as they are supposed to. Apps that are based on social interactions need the internet since the main goal of the app is to connect with others.

If there have been previous instances of an app or a site that is based on an internet connection not properly working, there is probably a problem with the internet connection.

If you want to know the speeds that you are currently working with, testing the internet connection is a way that you may get an estimate of the speeds that the internet is running on.

While no internet speed test is ever completely accurate, knowing an estimate of the internet speed you have is important to see if there might be a problem with your connectivity.

Fix 1 – Turn Your WI-FI Off, Then On

One of the main fixes you will want to try is to turn off your Wi-Fi and then turn it back on. Unplugging the router from its electrical power source will cause the router to restart by forcing a reboot on the device.

This will make it so that all of the processes are made by the device in order to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

To give the router enough time to restart efficiently, you must unplug the router and wait at least 30 seconds before plugging in the router again.

The way that routers restart is different from devices such as phones and computers since the restarting process is begun by directly leaving the device without any connection to the electricity.

Once you turn off and turn your Wi-Fi back on, try to see if the app is no longer showing the same error message as it has been showing.

Fix 2 – Switch from WI-FI to Data

If you have already restarted your router, then the next step is to change from your Wi-Fi connectivity to your data.

If you see that while using data Onlyfans begins to work again, this means that the connection speeds that are provided by your cellular company are much stronger than the ones you are getting from your Wi-Fi.

If you are currently using your data, then switch to your Wi-Fi connection. Try to do a fast test on both connections to see what type of speeds you are working with.

If you have already used both types of connection and it is apparent that the speeds on both of them do not seem to be stable and strong enough, it might be possible that the speeds are not suitable for the app to load properly.

Fix 3 – Turn Off VPN

If you are using a VPN in order to give your internet searches an added layer of security, you should try and disconnect your VPN.

The way that VPNs function is that the current internet connection that you are using is rerouted to discrete servers that are used to hide your IP address, giving you real anonymity on the internet.

Since the process of utilizing a VPN consists of taking your internet connection, sending it to a hidden server, and bringing that connection back to your device, the amount of internet that this process requires may slow down the speeds of the internet to levels that are detrimental to any site you might try to use.

Once you turn off your VPN connection, check again to see if the problem persists. It is also recommended to test your internet connection before and after turning on your VPN.

If the speeds that are being given to you are under 5mbps while using the VPN, this will certainly create problems when you try to use the internet.

2. There’s A Bug

Another reason that Onlyfans might not be working is that there is a bug that impedes the app from working in the way it is supposed to. When a new update rolls out on an app, the new code that is added onto it might bring with itself new errors.

Updates are meant to clean up the code from errors as well as add new features to apps, but since there is more code to check, there are times that new errors are not found before the update is released.

If you are dealing with a bug, it might feel like there is nothing you can do since it is an error that originates from the code itself, but don’t worry. The way to fix bugs is much easier than you might think.

Most of the fixes that we will discuss are fixes that take no longer than a few minutes. It is important to try all of the fixes and a combination of the fixes, as well as to touch base with the root of the problem.

Fix 1 – Log Out, Then Back In

The first thing that you will want to do is log out of the app and log back in. For this process, you don’t need to wait before logging back in, so you might log back in just as you are allowed to do so.

Logging out and then logging into the app will cause all of the content in your app to be rebooted.

Since all of the content in the app will be rebooted, this means that if there is any bug causing problems, it might be fixed since the app will begin working the way that it was meant to be working.

What you also might want to do, if possible, is to log into another user you may have for the app.

If it is possible for you to log into a new account and see if the problem is solved, you may go back into the account that you meant to use in the beginning and check to see if the error message is no more.

Even if logging in and out might not work on the first try, try to do it a couple more times before moving into the other fixes since this will give you a bigger chance to get rid of the bug that is troubling you.

Fix 2 – Update OnlyFans to Get Rid Of Bugs

As previously discussed, updates are made in order to fix problems that are found in the code.

These patches are released periodically since new errors are found every single day, and while it is impossible to fix every single error that may occur, the most prominent ones are the ones that will be focused on getting fixed.

If there is an update available, go ahead and download the update. Most likely, this new update will fix whatever bug you are having trouble with.

If you want, head onto the download application that is installed on your device, be it Appstore or Google Play Store, and read what the new update will add.

Most of the time, the fixes that are added to an app appear before any sort of additions that may be available, thanks to the update.

If you see that the problem with the “Something Went Wrong” message is discussed in the description of the update, then your problem will be fixed.

Even if the problem is not discussed directly in the description of the update, this does not mean that a fix was not added for your problem.

Regardless of problems you may encounter, keeping an app updated will add to the security the app provides, as well as add new ways for the app to run even better than before.

Fix 3 – Use Onlyfans.com Instead

If you are using the app version of Onlyfans, then try to instead head to the OnlyFans website. Sometimes the bugs that you are experiencing are only found on a certain version of the site.

If you find that the only way that you were trying to reach Onlyfans is not working, try to use the other way to reach it. Once you head there, sign in and check to see if the problem has been fixed.

If, in fact, you are still getting the same message error, this means that the bug that you are dealing with is not exclusive to the app version of the site.

What you might want to try and do if the same message error pops up if you are using the site instead of the app is to log out of the account once more and log back in.

Sometimes a reboot is needed for the site to work correctly, so trying out the fixes in combination with the others will make it so that you have every single possibility available to fix the bug.

Fix 4 – Clear Your Cache to Get Rid of Onlyfans Bugs

Clearing the cache is the next thing you should try. When you clear the cache, you are not deleting any information that is necessary for your device to run optimally.

The cache is instead used by sites that take the information that your device gives them in order to optimize their site.

To clear the cache, you must head onto the settings on your preferred browser, and under the privacy tab, you will be able to clear any browsing data that has been stored on the browser.

If you want to make sure that none of the other data that is saved on your browser is deleted, then choose only to clear the cached data.

What clearing the cached data will do is run the site without any added information on how the site is running and, therefore, will begin running as if you were opening the site for the first time.

At times it might also be the case that the cached data has errors within it, and deleting all of the cached data is the only way to get rid of the errors plaguing the site.

Don’t worry about the data that you will delete. As previously stated, the data that you will delete is not data used directly by your device, so it will not hinder the way that your device is running.

Fix 5 – Contact Onlyfans Support

If you have tried every other fix and you are still unable to use the app, then go ahead and contact Onlyfans support.

This fix is a lot slower than the others since it is not a fix that is guaranteed, but if you do message the support team, they might reach out to you to explain why you are facing the problem.

Even if you do not receive a direct message from them in a timely manner, the error will be brought to their attention, and a fix will most likely be on the way.

When submitting your message to the support team, try to be as descriptive as possible, stating the times you tried using the app, the fixes you tried, the time you have been working on the problem, and of course, what the problem entails.

Fix 6 – Wait For Them To Come Out With A Fix

If you have already messaged the support team on Onlyfans, the only thing that you may now do is wait until they roll out a fix for your problem.

It is a bummer to think that you will have to wait even longer amounts of time before you are able to use Onlyfans again, but this is the only answer that is left after trying all of the previous fixes.

To be sure that you get the fix as fast as possible, keep checking your designated download app on your device at least once a day to see if a new update has come out.

3. Onlyfans Is Down

If you have tried all of the fixes previously, then the odds are that the page itself may be down. If Onlyfans is down, this means that all of their services will not work with the accuracy they need to work on.

This may be due to the fact that there is an update happening on the site, much more requests than the site are able to process have taken place, or any other reason that would cause the servers not to work correctly. So what can you do if Onlyfans itself is down?

Fix 1 – Wait For Onlyfans To Go Back Up

As previously stated, there is nothing more nerve-wracking than knowing that the only thing that you are able to do is wait until the problem is fixed.

Sadly, if the servers for Onlyfans are truly down, there is nothing you will be able to do to try and fix the problem actively. But how can you tell if there is a problem with the servers?

Well, the first thing you can do is to head onto social media such as Twitter to see if there has been any mention of Onlyfans and their status. At times when looking for the site, you are having trouble.

You might find users that are having the same problems as you. If you see that there is a good amount of people talking about being unable to use Onlyfans, chances are that there is a problem with their servers.

You might also try to search directly “Are the Onlyfans servers down?” on your preferred browser. At times you might be able to find current articles referencing the servers of Onlyfans and if there is a problem with them.

It might also be the case that, if the site commonly has this type of problem with its servers, a site might be made in order to talk exclusively about the problems that the servers of Onlyfans might deal with.

If this is the case, it is common for said sites to have maps to show where in the world problems have been reported and for how long said problems have occurred.

Since these pages rely on people placing an error themselves, at times, the information found on said sites might not be totally accurate.

If you are having problems with your Onlyfans app, don’t go ahead and worry, there are many fixes that you are able to try.

While not all of the fixes are instant, they do help the developers of the app know that there is a problem going on in their app and try to fix it as fast as possible.

Try to log out and back in, see if the problem lies with your internet connection, check to see if others are having the same problem as you, and contact their support before giving up on Onlyfans.

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