If you’re a Snapchat user, you’ve probably come across a station where Snapchat shows you a notification that someone is typing, but when you go on the app, you don’t see a message from that person. This can be annoying because it can lead you to think that someone is trying to get in contact with you but when you open the app, nothing is there.

When someone is trying to reach you on Snapchat, Snapchat will show a notification saying that the person typing just to alert you. If the person stops typing, then Snapchat will stop showing their notification but if the person continues to type and you eventually get the message, then you’ll be able to see the message in Snapchat.

Why Does Snapchat Say Typing But There’s No Message

When Snapchat says typing but there’s no message, it’s because the person opened a conversation between you and them and started to type their message but stopped and decided not to send it. If you receive the typing notification and didn’t receive a message, it’s simply because they decided not to send the message they were typing to you.

If they decided to send it later, the message will show up if you haven’t already checked the typing notification and opened the chat. Once Snapchat sends the typing notification, if you don’t open that notification and they decide to send the message hours later, the message will pop up right away without the typing notification because Snapchat has already shown this to you.

For some Snapchat users, they know that people don’t like seeing the typing notification without receiving a message so they actually go into chat and type just to leave people frustrated or to grab someones attention – this could also be another reason why you’re seeing the typing notification but not receiving a message.

Late Notification

Sometimes when Snapchat shows the typing message, it could be down to a glitch. If you’re already having a conversation with someone and the typing message shows up but when you check the chat there’s nothing, the glitch has caused the typing notification to become delayed and it means that you’re going to receive a notification for them typing after they’ve already sent their message to you.

Accidently Typed

In a lot of cases, people can accidentally go on a chat with you and accidentally hit a button which will cause the typing notification to be triggered. If it’s someone that you’ve recently spoken to, then it’s more likely because it’s easy for them to go on the chat by accident and hit a button without meaning to.

Along with this, some people actually go in old chats and look through the previous messages which can cause them to accidentally hit the keypad, if it’s a friend or significant other that you have a lot of history with, chances you’re going to have a lot of saved chats together – when saved chats are involved, then chances of them accidentally typing is a lot higher.