9 Common Snapchat Problems and Fixes


There have even been updated to change the entire layout of the app, some have been good, some have been terrible. Since a lot of people use this app, a lot of people are also going to complain when they have an issue with the app.

This is going to be a list of the most complained about Snapchat issues, so you may see your problem here, or you may not. If you don’t manage to see the problem you’re facing, comment down below and I’ll help you out within 24 hours.

1. It’s Been Forever Snapchat Glitch

If you’re seeing its been forever achievement when you look at your friend’s profile even though you’ve been messaging, this can be frustrating as no one wants to use a malfunctioning app.

The It’s been forever achievement means that you haven’t spoken to that person in a long time. However, Snapchat users are experiencing this error even though it hasn’t been forever. If you’re noticing that it hasn’t been forever and there’s something wrong with Snapchat, you need to wait for the problem to go away.

Usually, this happens when there’s an issue with Snapchats servers and it can be fixed by either waiting for an update, or by contacting Snapchat so that their developers can release an update and get rid of the problem.

2. Snapchat Text Stuck Behind Buttons

If Snapchat text is stuck behind buttons, then again, you have a glitch on your hands and you only have a few options when it comes to fixing it. If text is stuck behind buttons, it ruins the UX and it can make Snapchat less fun to use. To fix this, you’ll need to perform some troubleshooting steps.

3. Snapchat Text White

If you’ve opened the Snapchat app and you’ve noticed that all of the text is white, it can make it hard to see what you’re doing on the app. Snapchat users have complained that the text is a light grey color making it hard for them to see people’s usernames as well as texts. If you can see that the text is appearing white, then there’s likely a bug or glitch that the app is experiencing that’s causing the text to be white.

When the text is white, you can try troubleshooting steps like restarting the app as well as updating it. When there’s a bug on Snapchat like the text is white, then updating the app should get rid of the problem. If the bug is still persisting, then you’ll just have to wait for Snapchat to come out with a fix.

4. Snapchat Black Screen

Another problem you may experience with Snapchat is a black screen whenever you visit that app and go to the camera viewfinder. Once you’re here, the camera doesn’t work and all you see is a black screen. This leaves you unable to take a video or photo because the camera doesn’t work.

The most common reason why your screen goes black when you visit the Snapchat camera is that you haven’t given Snapchat permission to use your camera. iOS has privacy features and for apps like Snapchat to access your camera, you need to give them permission. If you haven’t given Snapchat permission to use your camera, all you’ll see is a blank screen because it doesn’t have access to it.

Another error you might notice when Snapchat goes black is the ‘Oops Snapchat is a Camera App‘ error. This error indicates that the app is lacking permissions.

On your iPhone or Android device:

  1. Open Snapchat
  2. Go to settings
  3. Click on Manage
  4. Click on Permissions
  5. Click ‘Tap to enable’ next to the camera

After you’ve made sure that Snapchat has permission to use your camera, you should notice that the black screen doesn’t come up anymore.

Another thing you might what to try when Snapchat shows a black screen is logging out and then logging back in. Users who have experienced this problem usually find that logging out and then logging back in again stops the black screen showing whenever you visit the camera. You’ll need to make sure that you’ve given the app permission before you go ahead and log out.

5. Snapchat Glitch When I Take a Video

Another popular problem that a lot of Snapchat users have experienced is the camera glitches when they go to take a video. If every time you take a video it glitches or freezes after a few seconds or the video glitches, or it keeps pausing during the video, it can be incredibly frustrating because it means you can take videos to send to friends.

When Snapchat glitches when you take a video, you need to check your internet connection and WI-FI. If you’re connected to WI-FI, try switching to data and see if this does the trick. If you’re on data, switch over to WI-FI.

If your Snapchat videos freezes or glitches, it means that there’s a bug within that app and you’ll need to get rid of it. A freezing camera each time you go to take videos can be incredibly annoying and to fix it, you’ll need to clear the app’s cache.

To clear Snapchats cache:

  1. Go to the Settings icon
  2. Under ACCOUNT ACTIONS, click Clear Cache 
  3. Click on Clear All then Clear
  4. Close and open the app

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have to restart the Snapchat app and once you’ve done this, you should notice that the app stops freezing.

if your storage is full, then it can cause your Snapchat videos to keep pausing. You need to make sure that your device’s performance isn’t affected by full storage and to prevent this, you’ll need to unbloat your device so it can have better performance.

6. You Can Only View This Snap Once Glitch

If you’re seeing the you can only view this snap once message on Snapchat, just know that there’s a glitch on the app that’s yet to be resolved by Snapchat developers. To get this fixed, you can try things such as uninstalling the app and installing it again, or you can report the problem to Snapchat and contact their developers so that then you can get the problem fixed asap.

If there’s an update, you want to make sure that you visit the Play Store or App Store and make sure that you have an updated version of Snapchat. usually updating Snapchat gets rid of any bugs that were causing the You can only view this snap once glitch.

7. Snapchat White Screen Glitch

If you’ve been experiencing a white screen whenever you go to the Snapchat app, it means that you haven’t verified your email or phone numbers. When you haven’t verified your email by clicking a link in an email Snapchat sends you, or entering a code they sent you via text, Snapchat will glitch and show you a white screen whenever you visit the app. You won’t be able to see any of your snaps, nor will you be able to snap anyone.

To get rid of the white screen glitch, you need to make sure that you check your email or texts to look for a verification that Snapchat has sent you. If you don’t verify your snapchat account, then your screen will be forever looking white.

Another solution that Reddit users how reported the problem has found is uninstalling the app and installing it again. Going back to the Play Store or App Store to reinstall an updated version of Snapchat can get rid of any bugs or glitches that were causing the app to display a black screen.

8. Snapchat Videos Sending Out of Order

If every time you visit Snapchat, you can see that your videos are out of order, this can be frustrating since it’s hard to tell when you’ve snapped someone or how recently you did it. Usually, when your message isn’t in order, it’s down to a bug or glitch within Snapchat that’s failing to keep your chats in chronological order. If you’re experiencing issues with Snapchat videos being out of order, there are probably a lot of people who are also experiencing this problem around you.

When their server is down, this means that it can’t respond to all the IP requests it’s been receiving, which causes it to fail as a whole. Another reason for the server to go down is because of routine maintenance. This can involve Snapchat moving to a new server. When their servers are down, the best you can do is to wait for the issue to resolve itself. Or, you’ll need to either uninstall and install the app again to get an updated version of Snapchat, or you need to clear the app’s cache.

9. Snapchat Blank Screen

If there’s a blank chat screen on Snapchat, it’s likely down to a glitch within the app that’s causing the chat screen to go blank. To stop a blank screen on the chat section, you should clear Snapchats cache or update the app. Clearing the app’s cache will allow you to get rid of the bug that’s causing a blank screen to show. This in turn will allow you to message your friends again.

If there’s an update, you want to make sure that you visit the Play Store or App Store and make sure that you have an updated version of Snapchat. Usually updating Snapchat gets rid of any bugs that were causing the blank screen problem.

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  1. My snapchats just updated and I’ve tried to take a picture with both sides if the camera and the screen shows the picture being taken for a second and then the screen goes blank, Iv tried taking a video and the video works but the pictures dont

  2. My app has just updated and when I take a snap it shows it for a second then the screen goes blank I’ve tried clearly the cache, restarted my phone manys of times and even reset my phone but nothing is working can u please help me to fix this asap much appreciate

    • is your device’s memory too full? If so, make some storage. If you’re using an old operating system, this may also be the problem aswell

  3. Hi
    I have same problem and have tried clearning up some memory and clearing cache and still happening .Is there anything else i can try??

    • the last thing that I can honestly recommend is to wait for an update because it looks like a lot of people are having the same problem.

  4. Hi
    Everytime I take a picture the screen goes black. I’ve taken videos and they work just fine. I have an iPhone 5 (yes very old) so how would I fix it?

    • Hi this is a bug that would need to be fixed in a Snapchat update so I don’t think that there’s much you can do.

  5. Someone added a negative caption to my sons snapchat photo that already had a caption. Is it possible to prove that he did not write the caption that was posted above his own caption?

  6. Thank you for the reply. Not knowing was frustrating. I think that’s really upsetting because anyone can frame anyone.

  7. My Snapchat filters are always reloading and they don’t last after being loaded and unlike others, they can load them now and still have them there the next day. What should I do?

  8. When i click the photo with snapchat filter, the filter from my face disappear after clicking the photo. What should i do?

  9. I can no longer take pictures from volume button with filters on. I’ve heard this is a common problem just not sure how to fix it. Please help

  10. Hi
    On my Snapchat if I take more than three photos the screen will go black and I won’t be able to take any more photos/videos. I can still see my friends,snap maps, and the discover page. I would really appreciate if you would help me with this.

    Thank you

  11. When trying to login to my snapchat it said deactivated.. I have not done so… What should I do. Anyone have issues with snapchat deactivating their account when its used daily?

  12. So when I try to switch to selfie mode on Snapchat it won’t let me, I keep trying to press the button to switch but it doesn’t do nothing. I tried uninstalling the app and restarting my phone but it doesn’t help. What do I do now?

  13. When I try taking a picture with a snapchat filter, it disappears from my face when I take the photo.
    How should I fix this?

  14. Hi i’ve a question..
    I take pictures on snapchat and my phone gone off after sometime i login my snapchat in other phone nd its not showing those pictures?

  15. I’ve sent some snaps with writing on them then they’ve just said they’ve received a red block where the writing is. Keeps happening. Does anyone know what this is??

  16. I can’t save after snapping, because of the square, triangle and circle menu on my screen, it’s covering the save icon

  17. i just updated my app. now i cant see any of my friends , nor streaks nor memories nor maps. how do i over come it . plzz help

  18. When ever I try to type on a picture the color will only change from white to black how do I fix this?

  19. One of my snapchat chats, has snaps I’ve delivered but it hasn’t said they’ve been opened, when apparently they have and the names frozen even though I’ve changed it. This is not in the friends menu though, it’s when i open the chat up and nothing’s disappeared since the 15th of march.

  20. Hello. Since I updated snap a few months ago the button to get into the Trophy case no longer appears. This is normally in a button bar in the profile screen. I have tried reinstalling with no success. I am running it on an Android phone.

  21. My snapshot is not working on my one plus 6t ….. Again and again, crashing
    And also snapshot is running very slow there are some errors also something is going on that is very annoying and I have downloaded 7-8 times again and also tried every possible solution but the snapshot is not working properly from last 2 weeks I don’t know why?

  22. I use snapchat and some long username keep popping out I don’t know who is it and the user name is 1c08aae9-d818-4139-8d2e-f963ad687a50 and there was another user name also but they keep coming and disappearing

    Is my snap getting hacked?

  23. hello, i own a huawei p 30 and everthings going well on snapchat, except the bounce feature
    when i make a video i can onlc choose between play once or play infinite but im missing the bounce feature and i cant figure out where the problem is

  24. I just downloaded the app and the camera screen is black. I have triple checked that all the permissions have been enabled. Can some one help?

  25. Hi
    What do you do for when you snap a video with music from and app but the the words and actions DNT correspond at all ?
    Thank you

  26. I can only use the male to female filter to take photos, it cannot be recorded because the filter doesnt work in real time. My phone is not a problem, fast enough to do that with 6gb ram.
    it has a find face thing in the middle when i try to use the female filter, the other filters can be used in recording videos.
    it just annoys me, i see others can use this filter to record videos also.

  27. When I try recording a video with a filter the snap chat doesn’t record well like normal phone video recorder, it normally hang and the video won’t be smooth as I want.

  28. Trying to record a video while my music is on but the stuff won’t rhyme at all. It hangs and doesn’t flow like a normal phone video recorder. Most especially on infinix phone. Am using infinix hot 6
    And my sister is using infinix hot 6x. But still the same issue

  29. Hi when my friend opens a chat normally their Bitmoji or sticker will come up on the chat when there present on the chat or if there typing my snapchat has just stopped that completely when I’m on a groupchat and people are present on it nothing comes up at the bottom like there name how do I fix this it’s very annoying and the message will just pop up on the chat. I’ve deleted the app and downloaded it again I’ve logged back in and out I’ve refreshed the app and I turned by phone on and off and it still won’t go back to normal

  30. My Snapchat won’t allow me to take pictures nor videos. I tried clearing the cache, I went to permissions in snapchat and when I tap it nothing happens, and tried going to my settings for my device and did everything u said and nothing worked plsssss help I’m so stressed.??

  31. My Snapchat just says you have no snaps available I can’t still look at stories and everything but nothing else I deleted and reinstalled and still didn’t work notifications are coming up but when i go on nothing is there

  32. When I open the app, a little notification pops up in the middle and you can’t get rid of it, it says to go into settings and allow the camera but when I go into settings there isn’t an option to do just that, what can I do to fix my snap?

  33. whenever I send a Snapchat, there are black bars on all 4 sides of the picture / video – so its like half the size of the pic i took.
    it happens to everyone I send the picture / video to but when i took the picture it looks completely normal.
    Can you help? Thank you so much!

  34. So everytime I get a video sent to me directly, and I try clicking on it to open and view it, it either shower a circle loading sign or it shows me a black screen with no sound. But when I get pics sent to me it they open perfectly fine.

  35. I faced the same issue twice. It is a bug i guess. I am able to see my friend chatting with someone and its not me who is texting him but there are messages going from my side and i can just see them, neither my snapchat was logged in by someone else. and I deleted the app and reinstalled it and there was no sign of that chat of my friend. But this same issue occur again today and I do want you to deal with it. Also the data of my friend is going in the chat on my behalf but its not me who is chatting.


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