Snapchat Mutual Best Friend Glitch 2024? Try These Fixes

Snapchat Mutual Best Friend Glitch

There are several reasons why you’re seeing the mutual best friend emoji when you don’t share a best friend but luckily, we have a few fixes.

Why Does Snapchat Put the Mutual Bestie Emoji Beside Someone When You Know You Don’t Share a Bestie?

1. Bug

There may be an issue with the app itself. You might just be the unlucky person that ran into the bug at this moment. The bug that everyone gets when they are using the app is sometimes caused by a problem with the code.

If you are having trouble with your Snapchat, you can check social media to see if there is a known issue.

If you run into any bugs, you can report them. If you are the first one to run into these bugs, you can save a lot of others from having the same problems.

You are able to tell Snapchat there is an issue for them to look into that they might not have found when they were testing the app, which is why you should do it.

There are bugs sometimes that take someone from your list and make them friends with everyone.

If this happens, you can do some things about it to get it taken care of. You can also talk to your friend, but if they don’t even know who you are talking about, it’s pretty clear they didn’t do it.

If they have never met, it’s most likely an issue with the app, and there is probably a bug that you will have to get worked out. You can contact Snapchat, and they should be able to help you with this further.

Fix: Log Out and Log In

An old-fashioned restart is sometimes all the app needs. You can uninstall the app from your device, then redownload it and sign back in. This will often solve the issue and you’ll be able to use the app.

What can be done to the device itself if it doesn’t work? Devices sometimes just get old, and you need to update them with new ones. If you find that your device won’t update any longer, this might be your only solution.

You can also try looking at your app from a different device or with a computer that can work without the app connected.

This can show you what is going on with your Snapchat as well as if the best friends are still the same on there as they were in the app. Then you will know if there it’s something you should be working on fixing or if you need to have a conversation with your friend.

Fix 2: Clear Cache

You will be able to get rid of a lot of the bugs you are dealing with if you clear your cache from time to time.

Clearing your cache will help a lot if your phone is doing something. There are also a few things you can do to speed up your phone if it’s running slow.

This can improve your phone’s overall performance and how you upload and send messages or connect with the people you care for. You might need to look at getting a new device if this doesn’t work for you.

The sentence could be rewritten as “Your device may be too old.” A device that is outdated can’t update properly.

The apps on your device may require it to have a certain operating system, which can cause issues. If your device is unable to update that far, you will need to use a PC or get a newer device.

Fix 3: Contact Snapchat About the Problem

If none of these things work, you will most likely have to contact support. There might be an issue with your account that is causing you to be restricted from sending messages or other items through your app.

You can only find out this information by either receiving an email from Snapchat or by contacting them directly. The best course of action if you are unsure is to either email or call them.

They will be able to answer any questions you might have and tell you for sure what is going on with your account. They will also be able to tell you if there is an issue with the best friend section.

It’s possible the app is saying all of your friends are mutual best friends with everyone on your list.

This can happen if there is an issue with the app. They should be able to tell you if there is an issue and how to fix it. They may also be able to fix it right there while you are talking to them.

2. You Do Actually Share a Mutual Best Friend

This can happen even if you don’t know who they are or have never heard of them. You might know them as well, but don’t know them by that name.

You can get in contact with your friend and see if there is a way that they are friends with them, and you and you just don’t know who they are.

They will probably be able to tell you if they are friends and if they made that adjustment in their Snapchat in the first place. It’s not hard to do and can happen without you even knowing.

Fix: Ask Them Who Their Best Friends Are

You can ask them who they have as their best friends on the app. It’s very easy to just put anyone down and not pay attention to who they are.

This can happen when you have a lot of friends, and you don’t keep track of them in real life as much.

You might not even realize that someone has added you as a best friend in the first place. You can chat with them and make sure they know you, and they aren’t just putting you down without any reason behind it. This would make things awkward for everyone if it’s happening.

Fix Two: Check Their Phone If You Think They’re Lying

You can take a look at their phone if they won’t be honest with you or if you. You can pull up their Snapchat and see who they have as their best friends on the app and that will tell you if they were lying to you or not.

They might not be telling you the truth because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. If you are someone that is very protective of your friends or you get hurt easily, they might just be looking out for you and trying to make sure your feelings aren’t hurt.

If you find they have other best friends, don’t be upset. It’s just a label that many people use, and you can have more than one best friend.

You might want to talk to them about why they didn’t want to be honest with you, though. This could be a bigger issue if you don’t take care of it now.

Fix 3: Ask the Mutual Best Friend, You Think You Share If They Talk to Them.

You can have a talk with the other best friend to see if they are close with your friend. Start out by talking about how you know them and seeing if they will share that with you as well.

Sometimes it’s a simple as they didn’t know you were friends with them as well or they don’t talk about it. You can see if they have known each other for a long time and what made them friends in the first place.

This way you will know why they are best friends and how long they have been super close like this. Again, don’t be upset if they have been friends for a long time. People usually have more than one friend and they will call them their best friends a lot.

It might just be easier on the app because they might not live near each other in real life. They might only talk to each other on the app and want to keep their close friends at the top. Sometimes it’s that simple.

You can talk to both of them and see what they say. Maybe there were high school friends and not they talk only through the app.

3. The Bummer of Them All…Snapchat is Down

Applications go down from time to time. They might be having an issue with their servers, or they might just be doing maintenance and you’re just hitting the time they are working on it.

Although it might be inconvenient, it’s a fact of life. Apps sometimes just go down. If you still want to send the video after finding out that this is happening to you, then you might need to look at another way to send your video.

You can work with several other options, including email and other video transfer companies. Many are free to use. This is also a great way to find out if they have more than one best friend in Snapchat without it being weird.

You can simply state the app was down and it looked like it wasn’t working correctly, and you wanted to know about their best friends on there. You will probably launch into a conversation of who your best friends are in the app and beyond.

Fix: Wait for Snapchat Servers to Correct Itself

There won’t be a lot you can do if the system is down again. The best solution is sometimes to just wait for it to come back up. Although this can be annoying, they will be able to fix the issue and give you a better experience going further.

This could fix any bugs you may have run into on the app before this and make the app run better. Email is a good way to send messages to others when you can’t meet in person.

You might also notice the change with the best friend’s section once there has been a fix with the servers. Then you will be able to see who your friends’ best friends are in the app. It might not be what it looks like.

There are a ton of reasons there might be a new best friend on the app or one you haven’t seen before.

You should take a minute and make sure it’s not a technical issue and that you are talking with your friend about it in a nonjudgmental way.

This way you will be able to understand why they are doing what they are doing. You never know someone’s reason. It might not be what you think it is.

Don’t be sensitive if your friend didn’t want to tell you about another best friend. They might have wanted you to feel special and not let you know they use it for others in their life.

Take a minute and listen to what your friend has to say. They probably have a good reason for keeping these things to themselves.

This is especially important if you are sure there are not tech issues making things look like there are more than one best friend on the Snapchat status.

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