The Best Friends list is made by Snapchat for you and is based on who you talk to the most through the app. Every time you send a snap to another user, a chat, or engage in a group chat with a user, Snapchat uses an advanced algorithm to tell who you talk to and how much you talk to them.

Your Best Friends list is made up of the people you talk to the most and can have up to 8 users on it. If you don’t talk to that many people through the app or don’t use it very often you can have less or even no friends on your Best Friends list. It is also affected by how often they talk to you.

One of the things that makes the Best Friends list so popular is that there are different levels of Best Friends. There are actually 7 different types of Best Friend and each friend type has its own emoji to indicate what it is. This will appear next to your friend in the list. Snapchat is constantly changing these emojis so that is something to be aware of, but this article will cover what these are currently and what they mean.

Where is Your Best Friends List?

Your Best Friends list is easy to find. It is located on your Send To page which is where you choose who to send your snaps to. Follow these steps to find it.

1. From your home screen you want to tap on your friends button which is the speech bubble in the bottom left corner of the screen

2. Then, you want to click on the Send To button which is the speech bubble in the top right corner of the screen now

3. Your Best Friends will appear at the top of the complete list of friends in its own special box above your recents

4. If you don’t use the app very much you may not see this box because you don’t have any Best Friends on the app

5. You can also take a snap then hit the blue arrow and you will see a list of friends with the Best Friends at the top as well

Why Did My Heart Emoji Change?

When you have been working with a friend to get a certain condition of Best Friend with them it can be frustrating to see the emoji go away. Especially if you finally got to the Super BFF level. Two months of hard work just disappeared, and you don’t know why. Well, all this means is that the relationship has changed.

That means that one of you became BFFs with someone else. All of the emojis can change and/or disappear when the status between the two of you changes or maybe you missed a day of talking together.

Is it Possible to Get the Heart Emoji Back?

There is only one way to get back to or restore one of these emojis next to a friends’ name. you have to go back to being whatever level of Best Friends that you were before. That means making them your BFF, Super BFF, or whatever other status that you were and are trying to get back to.

If you think that this streak has been wrongly changed and shouldn’t have been, you can write to Snapchat and see if they can restore it. That doesn’t mean that they will do it if the streak was actually broke. You can’t just go asking for a streak to be added.

Changing These Emojis

A lot of users don’t realize that they can actually change the emojis that pop up for each of these statuses of Best Friend. You can customize each one to be something different than the default. You will be the only one to see these, so your friends won’t be seeing the changes you make. They will still see the default ones or the custom ones that they have chosen. This is a fairly easy process.

1. Open your profile settings in Snapchat

2. Scroll down to the Features tab

3. Then, select Customize Emojis

Click on the emoji you want to change

4. Click on the emoji you want to change

5. Then, choose the replacement emoji that you want to take its’ place

6. You can repeat this step for all 7 levels of Best Friends on Snapchat. Just remember which ones you chose for each one, this way you don’t get confused after customizing them.

So, with all this info about the Best Friends list and emojis that go along with it, you now know that the only way to get these emojis back after they are gone is to go back to whatever status of Best Friends that you were when you had the emoji.