How to Block or Skip Hulu Ads

Streaming videos over the internet have become one of the most popular activities amongst internet users.

It started happening because popular and unique titles have started to become available in internet streaming sites such as Hulu, Youtube, and Netflix.

I’ve been a Hulu user for quite some time now and the only thing I’m not happy with is the several long ads you have to watch just to get to the next part of the movie.

It just gets pretty annoying especially when you’re watching your favorite show.

Here I’ve put together the methods I’ve tried in order to get ahead of all the unwanted and annoying ads Hulu has on its videos.

How to Block Hulu Ads

If you want to block annoying ads on Hulu, the best way to do so is to use software that’s designed to block ads. There are many extensions and apps out there that will allow you to get rid of Hulu ads on either your desktop, Android, or iOS device.

1. Skip when you Open Two Tabs

  1. Open two tabs of the same program you watch on Hulu.
  2. Mute the 2nd tab and fast forward it to the first ad marker. Usually a different color on the stream bar.
  3. Get back to your 1st tab and watch your show.
  4. When the ad starts to play on your 1st tab, mute it and go to your 2nd tab.
  5. Go back to the point where you got interrupted and start watching again from there.

The 2nd tab would have already played the ad so you’d be watching from when the ad finished playing.

2. Ad Block Plus

The second method is using a browser plugin called the Ad Block Plus. It doesn’t really remove the ad but it blocks it by replacing the ad with a blank screen.

I tried this out and it did successfully block some of the long ads that Hulu inserted while I was watching a moving.

One of the drawbacks is that some videos and movies may not play because of this plugin. Simply go to your browser plugin settings and disable the plugin.

3. Blokada

If you’re the type to stream on your phone, then you’d be like me. Blokada is an android app that allows you to block Hulu ads on your Android. Blocking Ads on your desktop is easy but finding an app that can block those ads is harder, however, Blockada can do it for you.

  1. Download and install Blokada
  2. Open the app and Tap Blacklist
  3. Tap on Goodbye ads
  4. The Hulu ads will be blocked

This will do some of the adblocking similar to the ad-block plus in the previous method.

4. Enounce MySpeed

One other way to get ahead of the ads is to fast-forward it. That is exactly what Enounce MySpeed will do. The software gives isn’t free and you’ll have to pay $29.99 to purchase a license key to start skipping your Hulu ads. But, luckily you do have a 7-day free trial that will allow you to try and the software to skip your Hulu ads.

Enounce My Speed is Software that allows you to change the speed of the playback for most Flash and HTML 5 players. Since Hulu uses Flash, this will allow you to skip the playback and fast forward it.

If you’re trying to skip Hulu ads on your Windows, you can use Enounce MySpeed to speed up the playback when it comes to an ad. The typical duration for a Hulu ad is around 5 minutes and if your use this software to skip them, you’ll be done with the ad in about 30 seconds.

5. Refresh the Program Page

One neat trick is to refresh the program page. This does not necessarily remove or block the ad but it will shorten it.

This works because ads being played are dependent on the duration of the video being played so there’s a higher chance for 4-minute ads to be inserted in movies.

So when you’ve watched all the way until before the ad starts to play, refresh the page and the

6. Go Premium

Another way to get ahead on skip some ads is to go premium. The premium version of Hulu is at $11.99 per month which is a step higher than $4.00 per month but this will really remove those annoying long ads.

Sometimes, the premium price could be worth it since it’ll help the site continue providing its service and stay on the internet for a longer period of time.

Blocking Hulu Ads on Android

So the first way to block Hulu ads on your Android is to use Blockada which is a popular privacy app that you can use to block ads and trackers. If you install this app on your Android, you’ll have no problems blocking Hulu ads when they come up.

Another app that you can use to block Hulu ads effectively on your Android is Adblocker Browser. Adblocker allows you to block Hulu ads when watching on its browser. You no longer have to wait for Hulu ads to go past after you’ve just paid to use the streaming service.

Bottom Line

After the things that I’ve tried and used to block and skip the ads on Hulu, I have to say that low-cost tools are the most cost-efficient.

There is an added element of effort but that’s worth it because we get a lot of videos and movies to watch.

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