Have you ever answered one of those quiz sites that asked you how many books you will read in a year? My answer is one good title a month and going through several reference materials like journals and textbooks.

1. Library Genesis

library genesis

This is a site you may want to check out for the book title you’re looking for. Library Genesis is a depository of many books that are free to download.

Library Genesis states that its database contains more than 2.7 million books and 58 million science magazine files. You can easily browse through their site for any book using their search feature. They even have academic journal selections and magazines within their library.

Download books at Library Genesis

2. Bookboon


If you’re looking for a textbook or an academic reference, Bookboon.com is one place to start looking. Simply key in the title of the book and you’ll get the top results that are related to your search term.

They have thousands of textbooks in several categories that start from Accounting to Physics. I was looking for a management book and they had the full version available for download.

Bookboon.com also has a premium service with a free 30-day trial and its $3.99 per month after.

Download books at Bookboon.com

3. Project Gutenberg

project gutenburg

This is one of the oldest resources for books, references, and other digital content. They have over 58,000 titles in their library so the chances of seeing the title you are looking for is pretty high.

They have almost all types of books for download in HTML or EPUB form. They even have books in different languages like Arabic, Czech, Old English, and more.

It’s also pretty easy to browse through their site and their top 100 list of most recently downloaded is a good suggestion to discover new and old titles. When I clicked this, I was surprised to see Pride and Prejudice as the top result.

Download books at Project Gutenberg

4. The Internet Archive

internet archive

Imagine having to document and record the internet. It’s massive and so is the collection of the Internet Archive with 550,000 modern e-books in their library, on top of that, there are approximately 20,000,000 texts that are available for you.

One thing that I like about this is that they have a lot of PubMed texts which are generally used for medical research and education.

Twenty four hours is surely not going to be enough to go through this library.

Download books at Internet Archive

5. Open Library


If you’re keen on better quality titles, you can also check out Open Library. There’s thousands of selections for each book category like almost ten thousand for fantasy and sixteen thousand for romance.

When you’re using this site, you can either read directly or they’ll let you borrow the book. It’s like being in an actual library and showing the librarian your library card.

Download books at Open Library

6. Authorama


When they say it’s free, it really is. Authorama is a site where you’ll find free public domain books. You can download them or read them on your browser. The authors are listed alphabetically so you can skip to the letter of the author, say Mark Twain is listed under the letter T.

Authorama’s selection is somewhat limited but the easy HTML formatting provides quick reading so there’s a trade-off.

Download books at Authorama

7. Free-Ebooks.net

free books

Free-Ebook.net is a great place to find a book or many books on the internet. They have categorized each book thoroughly so they have subcategories for each major category.

For instance, under classics, you’ll see drama classics, fiction classics, horror classics, and so on. They also show you featured e-books and latest arrivals. Similar to what a book store may do when you visit the corner one down the street.

Download books at Free-Ebooks.net

8. LibriVox


How does reading and listening sound? LibriVox makes this possible with free downloadable audiobooks. So you can use your computer and tablets to read e-books you can get from other sites on this list while you listen on a portable device, mobile phone, and Bluetooth speaker system.

The audiobooks are read by volunteers all over the world. You can even try to read one yourself. LibriVox has thousands of Non-English Audiobooks in 36 languages.

Download books at LibriVox

9. PDF Drive

pdf drive

PDF Drive is another resource for books that you can download and read for free. The site has sixteen categories for all the book types and it’s quite comprehensive especially when you’re offering free downloadable e-books.

PDF Drive even has an android app which you can check out. The app lets you get the titles straight to your mobile phone.

Download books at PDF Drive

10. Many Books

many books

Many Books lives up to its name and title with a good amount of popular and new titles in its collections. For instance, you can find titles such as Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera.

When I was going through Many Books, I liked that you could read online or download the books for offline use. Their read online experience is pretty intuitive and feels like you’re actually flipping through pages.

Download books at Many Books

Bottom Line

Honestly, I’m a romantic myself and I like to read a lot of adventure and science-fiction. If you’re like me, you’ve already bookmarked some of the sites that I listed above. The hours will just breeze by quickly when you have a title you simply can’t put down.

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