Single Use Restricted PS5 (The Full Guide)

Single Use Restricted PS5

The Sony PlayStation 5 fell during the height of the pandemic that recently struck the world. Due to this, a global chip shortage caused production of the PS5 to be extremely limited, which made getting your hands on one extremely difficult if not impossible.

Luckily for gamers everywhere, some vendors worked out a system to randomly select people that met certain criteria to be eligible to purchase a Sony PlayStation 5. While most people are used to being able to go to a storefront and purchase their items, the Sony PlayStation 5 is still not readily available on the shelves even almost a year later.

To get a Sony PlayStation 5 from most vendors, including Walmart, you will need to receive a single-use restricted purchase link that will allow you to successfully add the Sony PlayStation 5 to your cart and checkout.

The logistics behind the single-use restricted checkout links can be confusing. This guide will help walk you through many of the common questions that people have regarding the single-use restricted checkout links and explain in detail the ways that you might encounter and utilize them.

If getting your hands on the most popular and sought-after video game console of this generation is important to you, this guide can help better your chances of being able to purchase one of these rare consoles.

It might seem strange that a company as big as Sony is having trouble meeting production demands for what is their biggest source of income, but the pandemic and chip shortages have caused massive production delays that will likely take years to resolve themselves.

Till you are able to buy a Sony PlayStation 5 in stores, this guide is the best way to help improve your chances of finding a Sony PlayStation 5 without massively overpaying.

What Does Single-Use Restricted Mean?

If you have received a single-use restricted purchase link for the Sony PlayStation 5, the single-use restricted notation merely indicates that the purchase link you have followed is only good to purchase one Sony PlayStation 5 and is limited to the account of the user who has been sent the link.

While most items that you purchase online can be bought in multiples as long as the stock permits it, the Sony PlayStation 5 is restricted to one per customer. This is in an effort to keep scalpers from purchasing large quantities of Sony PlayStation 5 consoles and selling that at an upcharge.

Scalpers utilize bots to help make purchases faster and more efficiently than a normal human could. This drives scarcity for the Sony PlayStation 5 making people more likely to purchase the console at a much higher price, often as much as twice the original cost.

Obviously, this is not an ideal situation for gamers who are excited about stepping into the next generation of video game consoles. Luckily, Walmart and many other online vendors have adopted this one-per-customer rule and use the single-use restricted purchase links to allow users to make their purchases.

Why Does Walmart Say Single-Use Restricted?

As previously mentioned, the Walmart single-use restricted purchase links for the Sony PlayStation 5 are given out to customers who have been unable to recently complete a purchase of a Sony PlayStation 5 due to it being out of stock.

If you have attempted to purchase a Sony PlayStation 5 and had your order canceled due to the item being out of stock, you could potentially receive a single-use restricted purchase link to complete your order if there is a Sony PlayStation 5 available.

Most people will be used to adding whatever items they wish to purchase to their online shopping cart and completing the purchase like normal. This will not be the case for the Sony PlayStation 5 for many years, as Sony struggles to catch up with the needed production values.

Until then, you will likely only be able to purchase a Sony PlayStation 5 using a single-use restricted purchase link. This link will allow you to purchase one Sony PlayStation 5 on the account that you have received the purchase link.

Is The Single Use Restricted Sony PlayStation 5 Different From The Normal PS5?

The Sony PlayStation 5 devices that you can purchase using the single-use restricted purchase links are the exact same devices like the PS5 that you can normally purchase. The only difference between them will be the method of purchase.

Using a single-use restricted purchase link to buy your Sony PlayStation 5 will limit your purchase to only one console and is only redeemable through the account that you have received that purchase link.

If there was no PS5 shortage, you would likely be able to purchase as many as you wanted using the regular means of online purchasing. You can find Sony PlayStation 5 consoles for sale outside of single-use restricted purchase links but you should expect to pay double the original price of the console if you choose to purchase this way.

This could bring your total cost of your Sony PlayStation 5 to over 1000 dollars, which is a stark increase over the original 500-dollar asking price. It is best to wait for a single-use restricted purchase link to become available to you so that you can pay a much more reasonable price for your console.

How Do Single-Use Restricted Purchase Links Work

The single-use restricted purchase links work very simply. All the user has to do once they have received the purchase link is proceed with the checkout as they normally would. During the checkout, the vendor you are purchasing from will verify your single-use restricted checkout code which will allow the purchase to be completed and processed.

Can You Get More Than One PS5 From Walmart?

You cannot get more than one PS5 from Walmart. Due to the national chip shortage and the pandemic causing massive delays in production, the Sony PlayStation 5 is limited to only one per customer.

This is likely only going to be an issue if you are trying to buy and resell the consoles, so normal users should not have an issue with this limitation. Until Sony is caught up on production and the Sony PlayStation 5 is more readily available on the shelves, you will only be able to purchase one console per account from Walmart.

How To Get More Than One PS5 From Walmart

There is no way to legitimately obtain more than one Sony PlayStation 5 from Walmart.

That being said, you could receive multiple single-use restricted purchase links if you sign up for alternative accounts, though you will have to have the devices shipped to different locations as Walmart will be able to see that you have received and redeemed a single-use restricted purchase link more than once.

You can however purchase any of the Sony PlayStation 5 consoles listed on Walmart’s website by third-party sellers. These sellers will likely have the Sony PlayStation 5 listed for several hundred dollars more than the original price.

Because of the steep price increase that you will incur if you purchase from a third-party seller on Walmart, you should avoid this and be patient. If you are patient, you will likely receive a single-use restricted purchase link from Walmart or another vendor that will allow you to purchase the Sony PlayStation 5 console at a much fairer price.

Until the Sony PlayStation 5 is made more readily available for purchase, there is no way to get more than one fairly priced console from Walmart at this time. You will need to be patient and use your single-use restricted purchase link.

Final Thoughts

This guide has provided you with all of the important details surrounding the single-use restricted purchase codes that you may receive while shopping for the Sony PlayStation 5 online at Walmart or some other online vendor.

Due to the extremely limited stock of the Sony PlayStation 5, which can be attributed to the national chip shortage and the recent pandemic, getting your hands on a Sony PlayStation 5 is extremely difficult.

With the single-use restricted purchase links, customers will have the option to purchase a Sony PlayStation 5 using this link. This is currently the best way to purchase a Sony PlayStation 5, as it will ensure that you do not pay more than what the console originally cost.

These production delays and shortages will likely remain unresolved for the next few years. Sony has not announced any plans to up production so it is likely that the Sony PlayStation 5 will be hard to get for the foreseeable future.

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