Shein Tracking Not Updating? The Fix is Simple!

Shein Tracking Not Updating

There are some instances where the SHIEN package tracking feature could not function correctly. This can be frustrating and make it hard to gauge where in the delivery process your item currently falls.

There are many reasons that this could be happening. This guide will focus on the many causes of the SHIEN tracking feature not updating correctly. Towards the end of this guide, you will find detailed troubleshooting methods that could potentially help resolve your tracking issues.

The list below contains many of the common causes of tracking issues in the SHIEN app. It is important to accurately identify your issue so that you can implement the proper troubleshooting method to solve it. Use the list below to figure out what is causing your tracking problems.

Why Is SHEIN Tracking Not Updating?

Shein Tracking Not Updating

1. Not Enough Time Has Passed

If you have only just recently made your purchase on SHIEN and have immediately begun checking the tracking information for updates, you will likely not see any new information presented to you until some time has passed.

The shipment process is a lengthy and complicated one. For your item to be updated and reflected in your SHIEN tracking, it could take at least 24 hours before the shipment has been processed.

Your SHIEN tracker only updates at certain points in time during the shipping process and will have to be manually scanned for the update to be reflected.

If your package has not yet made it to the appropriate scanning station, you will not be shown any updates until it reaches that point in the shipment process.

You can typically expect your shipment tracking to update no sooner than 24 hours after you have made your purchase. This can be frustrating but understand that it takes time to properly scan and process the mass amount of items that SHIEN is responsible for.

2. SHIEN Does Not Know Where The Package Is Due To No Tracking Data

If SHIEN has not received updated tracking data it will not be able to reflect it in your SHIEN tracking application. SHIEN depends on the tracking data sent from the carrier of the package to update its tracking system properly.

There are instances where your purchase could have been sent without a proper tracking number, which would lead your tracker to not show any information on the location of your package.

If this happens, you should attempt to contact SHIEN or the carrier of your package for more information. Generally, the tracking information could just not have been uploaded yet and will appear after some time has passed.

You should check back for your tracking information after 24 hours and if there has not been an update, you should consider contacting SHIEN for more information.

It can in some instances take up to 48 hours for tracking data to be uploaded and applied to your package. Only then will your SHIEN tracker application be updated.

3. The Delivery Company Is Not Notifying SHIEN About the Delivery

As previously mentioned, all shipment and tracking data that SHIEN makes available to you are provided by the carrier that is delivering your package.

If the carrier has not provided tracking information or has neglected to update it, you will not be able to view an accurate representation of your package’s whereabouts.

It is rare to receive a package that does not have tracking information applied to it, but it is still a possibility. If you believe this is the case, you should contact SHIEN and have them reach out to the carrier for more information.

SHIEN typically uses widely known carriers like Fed-EX, USPS, or UPS to deliver their packages. These carriers almost always provide proper tracking information so if yours is missing there has likely been some error made in the shipment process.

4. The Driver Is Being Slow

Your SHIEN tracking will only be updated as often as the item is scanned at checkpoints. These checkpoints are usually drop-off points for your package to be picked up by another carrier who will deliver it some or the rest of the way.

At these routine drop-off locations, your package will be scanned, and the location of your item will be updated and sent to the SHIEN tracker for you to view. That being said, there are instances where the driver who is carrying your package is behind, which could cause delays in your shipment tracking updates.

The speed of the driver who is in possession of your item will ultimately determine how fast or slow you receive your tracking updates.

There is no way to influence how fast your driver is but you can contact SHIEN if you believe that there has been some type of substantial delay with your item due to a slow driver.

5. There Is A Delay In The Shipping Process

Shipping process delays have become much more common in the past few years due to employee shortages. Any type of delay in the shipping process will cause your delivery to be stuck in transit which means your tracking won’t be updated regularly.

You might see your tracker update a few times and then remain in the same location for days at a time. This is most likely due to some type of shipping delay that has occurred during the process.

It is hard to know exactly what caused a delay in the shipping process. To find out more information you should contact SHIEN and have them reach out to the carrier. Keep in mind that a delay in the shipping process does not mean that you will not receive your item.

6. There Are Too Many Packages To Deliver That Day

If the carrier that is delivering your package has an extremely high load of packages to deliver that day, it could cause delays for your package. Your SHIEN package tracking application will not update until the driver has successfully reached the scanning checkpoint and manually scanned your item to update the tracking information.

On days that the carrier has several different packages to deliver, this could cause yours to not be scanned until a later time. This can be frustrating but it is common for all shipping companies.

7. There Is A Bug With The SHIEN Application

Your SHIEN tracking problems could be caused by an application error that you are currently experiencing. Bugs and glitches are prevalent with any type of software application. These types of errors could cause issues with key functions of your SHIEN application, including the tracker not updating correctly.

If your SHIEN package tracker is bugged out, you will not receive the proper updates even if your package has been scanned and updated appropriately. You will need to resolve the SHIEN application issue before you will be able to properly use the tracker and get accurate updates.

If your tracker has been stuck on the same location for longer than what is normal, you could be experiencing a bug or a glitch that is causing your tracker to not update correctly. You need to check your estimated delivery time and if it’s nowhere near that time, rest assured that you’ll get your delivery in time.

8. There Are Internet Connection Issues

Internet connection issues could be causing your SHIEN tracking information to not update correctly. The SHIEN tracker depends on a stable internet connection to properly access the shipping information and update the tracker.

If you are experiencing internet problems you will be unable to view accurate tracking information regarding your SHIEN shipment. Most internet connection issues resolve themselves after a short amount of time.

9. SHIEN Servers Are Down

If the SHIEN servers are down, you will not be able to access any of the network features, including the tracker. The SHIEN servers are responsible for all network features in the SHIEN application.

Server outages are rare but are still a possibility. Most SHIEN server outages are due to routine server maintenance but there are cases where the servers could become overloaded or damaged which will require them to be taken down for repairs.

SHIEN server outages will affect all users of the SHIEN application, not just you individually. You should check SHIEN’s website for more information regarding any current server outages that you may be experiencing.

How to Fix SHIEN Tracking Is Not Updating?

Now that you have gone over some of the most common causes of SHIEN tracking issues, you can begin to examine some troubleshooting methods that could potentially help resolve your problem.

It is important that you use the list above to accurately identify your issue before you move on to the troubleshooting methods. Doing so will save you time when trying to properly address and resolve your issue.

The most common fixes reported to resolve issues with the SHIEN tracker have been listed below:

1. Contact SHIEN Support

The first thing that you should consider when experiencing issues with your SHIEN tracking feature is to contact SHIEN Support and have them further investigate your issue. This will help you accurately gauge the status or location of your item currently being delivered.

You can get in touch with SHIEN Support on their website or through the SHEIN app. You will need to provide an extremely detailed account of your issue so that they can walk you through any potential troubleshooting methods that you might have missed.

They will then get back to you with detailed instructions on how to solve your problem. It can be frustrating to deal with customer support over the phone, but rest assured that SHIEN support will do everything they can to get your tracking updated and reflect the most accurate information.

2. Wait For The Tracking To Update

The easiest thing that you can do when experiencing SHIEN tracking issues is to wait a while and see if the tracking updates on its own. It can take up to 48 hours for shipment tracking information to be created and uploaded to your SHIEN tracker.

Any type of temporary delays that your package encounters during the shipment process could also cause your tracking to not update. Waiting for these delays to resolve will allow your tracking information to be updated as soon as your shipment reaches the proper scanning checkpoint.

It can be frustrating waiting for your tracker to update with the most recent and accurate shipment information but simply waiting for it to update on its own can save you time and a headache.

3. Contact The Courier

You should attempt to contact the courier that is delivering your item if you are unable to get the information from SHIEN directly. The courier will be able to check for the exact location where your item was scanned and help narrow down its position in the shipment process.

4. Request A Refund

If you have not received your item and your tracker has not updated correctly for some time then you should consider requesting a refund. SHIEN will offer a refund if the item you have purchased has been lost or if the shipping tracker has not been updated in some time.

SHIEN has been reported by customers to extend a one-time offer that will allow you to keep a returned item while still receiving a refund. This will only be available once for your account and you must be chosen at random to receive this offer.

Users who have been selected to receive this offer will be presented with the following message during the return process:

To our valued customer, we are happy to provide you with a priority refund for this item. You are welcome to keep the item without returning it, no return label will be sent. (note: one-time chance only). This is randomly selected by our system and is not applicable to all.)

As the message indicates, users who receive this offer will receive a refund and will not be tasked with packaging and sending the item back. This is a sign of good faith by SHIEN to try and stimulate customer satisfaction.

Keep in mind that not all items are applicable for this offer, which can influence your likelihood of receiving this offer. If the item you are attempting to return matches the criteria for this offer, you will likely get the chance to keep your returned item.

This will allow you to receive your refund and still have a chance to receive the item. SHIEN sometimes allows refunds without returns as a one-time offer to customers. This is in an effort to drive up customer satisfaction as well as get rid of any unwanted stock.

5. It Might Turn Up Later In The Day

It is likely that your item will turn up later on in the day even if the tracking information has not been updated correctly. As long as there has been some tracking activity for you shipment there is a possibility that it will show up and that your tracker was just experiencing issues.

Most deliveries are made by sundown so if you have not received your item by then you could be experiencing a different issue. That being said, you are likely to receive your package after any delays are resolved that have been keeping your tracker from being updated with the most accurate and recent information.

6. Restart App

Most common issues can be solved by simply restarting the SHIEN application. While the application is running it can sometimes encounter run-time errors or bugs and glitches that can temporarily cause errors in functionality.

When this happens, a restart can help encourage the resolution of these errors and restart the application running fresh. This is a good solution for many problems people encounter on the SHIEN app, including the tracker not updating properly.

7. Log Out and In

Logging out and in can help resolve tracking problems with the SHIEN application. If you are experiencing issues with your tracker, consider logging out and back in to help resolve these issues.

This can help refresh your tracker and account information and stop any hang-ups that the app is currently experiencing.

8. Reinstall the SHIEN APP

Sometimes application files can become corrupted or damaged in some way. This can lead to the SHIEN app not working as intended, potentially causing your tracker to not function correctly.

If you are experiencing persistent issues with your SHIEN app and the tracker function, then you should consider reinstalling the application. Reinstalling the SHIEN app will clear your device of any potentially damaged files and replace them with fresh copies.

This will also apply to any updates that you have missed since your first installed the application. It can also help to encourage your tracker to update automatically to reflect the most recent data for your shipment.

9. Fix Internet Connection

To be able to properly access and utilize the SHIEN tracker and have it update correctly, you will need to ensure that you have a stable internet connection. If you are experiencing internet issues, this could cause your SHIEN tracker to not function as intended.

Consider resetting your router or moving it closer to your device. If you are experiencing persistent internet issues after resetting your router, then you should consider contacting your internet service provider to report an outage and get more information.

10. Update The SHIEN App

If the SHEIN application has fallen behind on updates, you could potentially experience issues with the tracking function. These issues include shipment information not being processed and updated correctly, as well as numerous other bugs and glitches.

Updates for your device act to patch out the bugs and glitches that could potentially cause issues with functionality. Missing out on these updates will keep your SHIEN application from working properly.

You can check for updates or have them downloaded and applied automatically depending on your app installation settings on your phone. It is safe practice to keep automatic downloads turned on for all your apps so that you do not fall behind.

11. Consult The Internet For More Information

Guides like the one that you are currently reading can be a valuable resource for problem-solving when faced with any issue while using SHIEN app. This guide has provided you with detailed troubleshooting methods and step-by-step instructions to ensure that your SHIEN application and tracker are always functioning as intended.

The internet is full of communities where other SHIEN users are discussing their issues with the application. You will likely find any issue that you run into already being actively discussed or solved somewhere on the web.

12. Wait For SHIEN Server Issues To Resolve

If there is a SHIEN server outage, simply waiting for the server’s issues to be resolved will often help fix your tracking issues. If the servers are down, you will be unable to access any network features, including the live shipment tracker.

The SHIEN servers will typically only go down during routine maintenance and will be brought back up to service as soon as the issues and maintenance have been resolved.

Final Thoughts

This guide has provided you will all of the information that you need to fix your SHIEN tracking issues. Using this guide, you can now accurately identify your issue as well as troubleshoot your issue using the appropriate fix.

It can be frustrating dealing with shipping problems. This guide can help you mitigate that frustration by keeping you informed on the ins and outs of the SHIEN shipping and tracking process.

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