Using the alarm feature on your phone can be a lifesaver and it can frequently be a critical tool in everyday life. For Android users, there are three ways that you can set an alarm.

Android users can set an alarm using the Android alarm, Bixby voice instructions, or Google Assistant voice to start their day right or keep time organized. Read the following for steps on how to set alarms those three ways.

1. Android Alarm

1. Launch the alarm app on your phone. You can usually find this by swiping up on your screen and searching Alarm in the search bar at the top of your screen. It will be a small, clock icon that you need to tap.

Add Alarm

2. Tap the Add Alarm.

set alarm time

3. Set the alarm time by scrolling through the numbers. Also make sure to choose whether your alarm is for AM or PM.

choose sound for ringtone

4. Choose the sound. You can scroll through the options that come already as choices or you can download your own sound to choose from. Tap Alarm Sound and then tap selected ringtone to sort through all the choices.

5. You may want to choose your vibration so that you can be more likely to wake up. This works if you set your device on a hard surface. Tap vibration and you can tap through all of the choices and choose whichever one you want.

6. Lastly, press back in the right corner and choose the snooze setting. Tap Snooze which is the last choice on the screen. You can choose the interval and the amount of times that it repeats.

Save alarm

7. Tap the back button in the right corner and press save to set your alarm. After you press Save you can see how many hours there are until your alarm rings. If you want to set another one, you can press the addition sign on the right side of the screen.

2. Bixby Voice

Bixby is Samsung’s voice assistant that can provide you services, like setting alarms or reading the weather. This is optional; however, you can use this in your alarm in an interesting way.

1. Open the alarm that you want to set. Change all of the settings that you would like to change.

Bixby alarm

2. Under Snooze you will see a setting called Bixby alarm and you will want to switch this on. This is the setting where, as your alarm rings with the vibration and sound settings that you chose, it will also use Bixby voice to read off the news and the weather as your alarm sounds.

This is an excellent choice for you if you are someone who may need an extra push in the mornings while you are waking up.

3. If you tap the Bixby Voice setting, you can even set the background music to your morning briefings. You can keep it on Recommended background music if you want the music to change bases on the weather forecast.

4. You will need to press the Back button in the right bottom corner of your screen, so you can save your new alarm.

3. Google Assistant

If you would like to use Google Assistant, there are not many steps that you have to take.

1. You can say “OK Google” to wake up Google Assistant. If that doesn’t work, then you can also hold down the Home button and this will wake up the Google Assistant for most Android devices.

set an alarm

2. You will see a small, white dialogue menu open up at the bottom of the screen. Say, “Set an alarm.

say the time you want the alarm set for

3. A new screen will pop up and you will have to say the time that you want to set the alarm for. Make sure you say AM or PM when you are commanding the time for the alarm that you are setting.

You can also do this manually since the section for you to scroll through manually appears on the screen.

you can see the alarm in the Clock app

4. The alarm that you set using Google Assistant can be seen in the Clock app mentioned in the 1st

Keep in mind that you can use Google Assistant to help you do other things also.