What Does Server Unreachable Mean

What Does Server Unreachable Mean

A popular issue that service providers such as Verizon and Straight Talk provided by Verizon is that the server can at times become unreachable.

Despite this being a very popular and common error for Verizon and Straight Talk, follow the next steps in order to go ahead and get this issue resolved.

What Does Server Unreachable Mean

But to start off, what does it even mean to have a server that is unreachable? This unreachable status in many cases is just a temporary status message and it differs from one phone to another.

To some users, this might be an indication that your mobile phone is turned off or that the phone itself is out of range. For some phones, on the other hand, this server unreachable message could also mean that there could be an issue with your service provider.

Why Does It Say Server Unreachable

In most cases, this message can be traced back to an outage that your server is suffering from and this eventually will cause the direct network server to become temporarily unable to be accessed.

Sometimes changing browsers in times in which this is happening could be a possible solution to your problem as well as trying to restart your internet connection and switching your firewall settings.

But since these issues are solved differently by different service providers that phones are connected to, there are several steps you can take in order to resolve your issue. Go ahead and try the following steps in order to get your issue fixed as soon as possible.

1. Issue with Advanced Calling Feature

If you are getting the error of having a server that unreachable, the first thing you want to try doing is seeing if there is an issue with the advanced calling feature on your phone. In order to see if this is really the issue, you will want to ahead and turn off the advanced calling feature from your phone.

Fix – Turn Off Advanced Calling Feature

Before you go ahead and make this change to turn off your advanced calling feature. This feature is when advanced calling uses voice over long-term evolution technology to route voice calls, texts and picture messages over a 4G LTE network.

If you want to go ahead and proceed with turning off this advanced calling feature on your phone, follow the steps that listed out next.

If you have an Android phone, follow the next steps to turn off the advanced calling feature.

1. Go ahead and navigate to your phone’s Home screen where you will be able to access the Apps page.

2. From Apps, go ahead and scroll down and find the option of settings. After you are at the Settings of your phone, find the option to edit and control the Advanced Calling of your phone.

If this does not lead you to Advanced Calling, then go ahead and try another way of finding the Advanced Calling function. Navigate to your phone’s setting and from there try to find the option of Network and Internet.

From here, you should be able to scroll down and find the option of Advanced Calling. Once located, you should be able to easily tap on the Advanced Calling switch which on the upper right hand corner to turn it on or off.

When turned on, tap either of the following to go ahead and enable or disable the feature: HD Voice and Video Calling. The feature is enabled when a checkmark is present.

If you have an iPhone, the process will also be different than the process from before. You will want to go ahead and navigate towards the phone;s Home screen. Find your Settings app on your Home screen.

From your Settings, go ahead and navigate to the function of Cellular where you will be able to make changes to anything that deals with your cellular data. Once you are here you will want to make sure that the cellular data is turned on.

Tap Cellular Data options and from here you will be able to Tap Enable LTE. After this is done, select Voice and Data to enable or disable. It will show as enabled when a check mark is present.

When checked, voice calls between compatible devices is carried over using the 4G LTE network. If the option is not checked, then the function has been disabled.

2. There is Bug In Your Phone

Sometimes the case of receiving any sort of error is that there could be a bug that is causing the issues that are coming from your unreachable server. Bugs in your phone simply mean that there is an issue within the software of your cellular device.

If this bug is the real issue behind this problem that you’re receiving an error, then there are a few steps you can take in order to get of this bug in your phone.

Fix – Reconnect Your Mobile Network

When you need to reconnect your mobile network on your phone, it means that the SIM card in your phone is failing to register with a network.

This problem may happen when your phone does not show the network symbol in addition to your device’s WiFi showing as offline. There are quite a few fixes for reconnecting your mobile network on your phone.

One of the first fixes that you can go ahead and try is restarting your device. As much as this can seem as an obvious solution, this is simply one of the most common solutions. Rebooting the phone will allow for all apps that were previously opened to close.

Sometimes this can also cause for a high drainage of battery and furthermore, will result in assisting the user in resolving many problems that are found within the phone.

After doing this restart of your phone, you will want to go ahead and restart the network as well in order to assist with reconnecting. Go ahead and start this process by unlocking your phone. Once it is unlocked, you will want to go to your phone’s Settings.

At your Settings app, you will want to go ahead and select the option that says Mobile Network. Upon clicking the Mobile Network option, a screen will pop up and this will go ahead and display all the SIM cards that are currently inserted into your phone.

If you happen to have a dual SIM phone, select the SIM card that is having the network problem. Once you do this, then go ahead and press the button next to Enable in order to switch it off.

Wait approximately 30 seconds and then on the SIM card again. This will go ahead and reset and reconnect your mobile network.

Fix 2 – Restart Service By Toggling Airplane Mode On/Off

You can also try resetting your phone’s service by toggling with whether your airplane mode is enabled or disabled.

Airplane mode on a phone means that data is turned off and you will not be receiving any sort of notifications or data activity until Airplane Mode is turned off and data is enabled once again.

In order to go ahead and start toggling with your phone’s Airplane Mode, go ahead and unlock your phone. 

Once you are at your phone’s settings, you will want to go ahead and find the option that says Airplane Mode. Once this is found, it is quite a simple process to turn this feature on and off.

At the info screen for the phone’s Airplane Mode, you will notice that there will be a tab where it currently should show as white because Airplane Mode should ideally always be turned off unless you wish to enable it.

Turn this white tab green and that will go ahead and turn Airplane Mode on. You will notice that your cellular data icons at the upper right hand corner of your phone will disappear and instead, they will be replaced with an airplane icon.

This means you are in Airplanr Mode. Wait about 30 seconds in Airplane Mode. Once that time is up, go ahead and tap on the green tab and turn it white again so you can disable the Airplane Mode and go back to using your phone’s cellular data.

Fix 3 – Reset Your Phone

This will go ahead and reset the phone to its original settings and will clear any bugs or glitches that you may be having with the phone.

To go ahead and get start with the reset process, you will want to turn on your Tracfone and head over to the Settings option from the main menu screen.

A list of options will now become available in a drop down menu. Proceed with selecting “Other Settings”.

From here, you will notice that another list of options will appear on your screen. From these options, you will want to select “Initial Setup” and then select “Master Reset” from the list of given options on your screen.

When prompted, you will go ahead and enter the following numerical sequence: “1234”. This is the security code that allows for a user to reset the cellular phone. Once you go ahead and enter the code, the phone will the proceed to start the reset.

Fix 4 – Update Phone

If you would prefer not to return your mobile phone to its original settings, you might want to try updating your phone before you even try making a reset on the phone.

When you update your phone, the latest software will be installed onto your phone and by downloading this new software, many companies use this as an opportunity to fix any bugs or issues that users were having with previous versions of the software.

1. To go ahead and start with a phone update, turn on your phone and head over to your phone’s Settings app.

2. At your Settings menu, go ahead and select the General option. This will take you to another menu where you will have different options.

3. Choose the option that says “Software Update”. Click on this option and once you click on this, if there is an update currently available for your phone, then you will have the option to download and install the update.

4. If there is an update, click on Install and follow the next steps that are prompted to you. This should take about 10 minutes in total to complete and at times may require for your phone to be connected to a power source. All in all, your phone will reboot and start up again once the update has been completed.

3. Your Phone Is In A Closed Area Without A Signal

If after these previous processes to debug your phone have been completed and you are still receiving an error that tells you that your server is unreachable, there might an issue with your signal and how well your phone is receiving this signal from your server.

If you find yourself in a rather closed off area, then this could be a reason as to why your signal is weak and your phone is not receiving a good signal for whatever you want to use your service for.

As great of signal as your service provider may claim, there is not one service provider that has a one hundred percent signal reception across the world so having an issue with your signal is not something that should be of big worry to you.

Simply moving to an area that is more open around you could easily fix this issue that you are having.

If you find yourself in a closed off area, try to find an area that is uncovered and is not surrounding by any big objects that may be obstructing the signal towers that give your phone its signal.

Try moving your phone around over your head and see if this also helps improve your signal. Once you are out of the closed-off area, try using the service you were using previously and see if you are still receiving the same error.

4. Your SIM is Installed Incorrectly

In order to be able to communicate with your service provider, your phone must have a SIM card inserted in it in order to be able to take calls and use the data that is found under your service provider’s plan.

Many times, if there is an issue with how your SIM card is inserted or if it is inserted incorrectly, then you will not be able to connect with your service provider and your services will be disrupted as well.

However, this also has a simple fix where you can easily perform a SIM replacement yourself without the need to take your phone to an expert anywhere else. Your SIM card is most likely located on the side of your phone.

Look for a slot on the side of your phone and make sure to not get confused with your phone’s power button or its volume buttons. This slot should have a small hole in it that is used to open the slot and have access to your phone’s SIM card.

Once you have located this SIM card slot, use a small pointed item to open the slot by plugging it into the small hole that is on the slot. The slot should pop out very easily and should not require much force.

Once the slot has open, you will want to take out the SIM card that is inside the slot and let it air out for about 30 seconds. After doing this, go ahead and place the SIM card back into the slot and try closing it.

If the SIM card has been inserted correctly, it should smoothly and easily slide back into the slot and there should not be any issues when closing the slot.

Turn your phone back on and try using the service you were prvevioulsy using. If you are no longer receiving an unreachable server error, then the issue behind it was an incorrectly placed SIM card.

5. Your SIM Card May Be Broken

After trying to use your phone again, if you are still receiving an unreachable server error even though you have already tried reinserting your SIM card, this may indicate that there are deeper issues with your SIM card and it actually might be broken.

A broken SIM card is not very easy to fix and it might be more cost effective to simply get a new SIM card. This is not an expensive process and many times service providers will provide a replacement SIM card at no cost.

In order to get a new SIM, you have a few options. You can start off by heading to your nearest service provider location near you. Let them know the issues you are having and that you believe your SIM card may be broken.

They should be able to easily replace your SIM card. If this is not an option for you, you can also have a new SIM card sent to your house via mail. Contact customer support for your service provider and let them know of the issues you are having.

You should be able to receive a new SIM card via mail with no issue.

Once you have the new SIM card on hand, go ahead and open up the SIM card slot, take out the old SIM card and replace it with the new one you received. Test out your data and service on your phone to see if the issue has been resolved.

6. You’ve Maxed Out Your Data and Minutes Plan

There will be times when the issue with having an unreachable server is not a technical issue but more of an issue that can be caused by a limited phone and data plan.

Because lots of users do not fully use their unlimited data and phone plans, they may opt to having a limit on how many minutes and data usage they are allowed to use each month.

This means that they need to be wary of how many minutes and how much data they have remaining to use at the designated time of the month.

If you have already maxed out your data and your minutes for the month, there is a high chance that your phone will let you know that your server is unreachable because you simply do not have access to your server anymore.

Try adding more minutes and data at an additional cost or simply connect to a free wifi network nearby if you do not wish to pay for additional minutes and data.

7. You Haven’t Paid Your Phone Bill

Adding on to maxing out your phone’s minutes and data plans, there might be a chance that you missed a payment on your phone bill and your services have been disconnected.

This is very common and most service providers disconnect any phone service after a payment has not been received. Go ahead and make a payment in order to get connected to your service again.

Many service providers have extension options or payment plans if you cannot pay your bill but still would like to stay connected to your phone’s minute and data plan.

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