You may have sent a follow request to someone but now they’ve changed their username and you can’t find their account anymore.

Or, you may just want to cancel all of the friend requests you’ve ever sent on Instagram.

It’s quite unfortunate that Instagram doesn’t give you easy access to all of the requests that you’ve sent.

Instead, they may it quite difficult and they only show you a list of people who have accepted your sent requests and these are your followers.

How to see a list of sent Follow Request

Before you try and attempt to see this list, you’re going to need to be on a desktop and not an iPhone or Android device.

This is because you can only access this feature on the website version and not the mobile app.

Account and privacy

  1. Go to
  2. Click on your profile then the settings icon
  3. Click ‘Privacy and security
  4. Under ‘Account data’, Click on ‘View account data
  5. Under ‘Connections’, click on ‘View all current follow requests

Instagram current follow requests

From here, you’ll be able to see a list of all your current follow requests that are pending and haven’t been accepted yet.

When they haven’t been accepted, they’ll stay on this list.

When they are accepted, they go into your ‘following’ list.

How do I cancel my sent request on Instagram?

If you know that you have sent a follow request and you can see it on the current request list, this means that the person either blocked you, cancel the request (most likely), or they have deleted their account.

Cancel Instagram request

To cancel the requests, you see on the list, you need to copy and paste the names you want to cancel the requests for and paste them into the Instagram search bar.

From here, you can just click ‘Requested’ to cancel the request you sent.

When you request to follow someone on Instagram, why does it say requested and then goes back to follow?

This doesn’t mean they blocked you, it simply means that they cancel your follow request.

They may have not wanted you to follow them so they could have just cancelled the request.

You’d have to send the request again if you want them to accept it.

If they did block you, you wouldn’t be able to find their account in the first place.