How to Send & Receive iMessages in Airplane Mode


You may be using an iPhone or an iPad for a long time, but do you know if you can send a text or iMessage in airplane mode? Honestly, most of the Apple users would get confused if this question is asked to them. Actually, the answer to this question is both yes and no; too much confusion, isn’t it? Well, you can simply say that the answer to this question is entirely down to Apple users and Non-Apple users.

You would be able to send a text or an iMessage in Airplane mode to people who are using Mac, iPhone or an iPad. Conversely, you cannot send any type of text to Android or Window’ faithful when your Airplane Mode is enabled. Now, the first thing you need to understand is that how Airplane Mode works. If you are already aware then excellent, but if you aren’t, refer to the explanation mentioned below.

Airplane Mode:

It is basically a feature which when enabled, disable the features like cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS, location services, and Bluetooth on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. As the name suggests, you can enable this feature during a flight as it works as a great battery saver too. Moreover, you can also utilize this feature when putting your phone on charging as it increases the speed by which your phone gets charged.

Now you would be wondering that how iPhone will send iMessage (it needs a cellular or Wi-Fi connection) when in Airplane mode? To answer that, you may still send and receive iMessages when in airplane mode, all it requires is your device to be within a range of Wi-Fi connection. Here is how you would be able to do that:

How to Send iMessages in Airplane Mode:

1. Go to the Settings to enable the Airplane Mode. You can also do that via the Control Centre on your iPhone.

2. Next, go the Messages app on your iPhone.

3. Now type the message and hit Send. Upon hitting send, you will see an error stating Turn Off Airplane Mode or Use Wi-Fi to Send and Receive Messages.

4. Tap on the option Settings (on warning Pop-up) and enable Wi-Fi.

5. No go back to the message and hit the exclamation mark next to the message with a Not Delivered error.

6. The message will get sent since the Wi-Fi is enabled now.

How to Send Texts on Airplane Mode:

1. Go to the Messages App.

2. Type the message and hit send.

3. Your message won’t get send and your iPhone will show a pop-up asking you to disable Airplane Mode or use W-Fi.

4. Since it is a normal message and depends on the cellular network, enabling Wi-Fi won’t help the cause. You will have to disable Airplane Mode in order to send it.

5. Tap Ok on the Pop-up message box. Go to the home screen and disable the Airplane Mode.

6. Now revisit the message screen and tap on the exclamation mark across the message with a Not Delivered error.

7. Your message will instantly get sent provided that you have an SMS package or enough credit to send a text.

Note: iMessages simply work between two Apple Devices. Your Wi-Fi would be of no help if you are trying to send an iMessage to a person having an Android device. That makes it clear that only iMessages can be sent while in Airplane Mode but regular SMS won’t.

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