There are a large amount social media apps that give the account holder the choice of interaction. Some forms of this interaction may be leaving comments, liking content, or posting media to several people.

Liking content, posting content, and leaving comments is very public, but there are more private means of interaction. Sending a direct message is a private way for you to interact on a social media platform.

On Snapchat specifically, you can send a private message in the form of text, picture, or even video. What will follow are the steps to send a text message on Snapchat. To send a person a message, you may or may not have to “add” them for them to receive this message.

To add them, all you need to do is search their username in the search bar of the app, which is at the top of the screen when you launch the app. You may proceed with the steps as follows after adding them as a friend.

1. Through your Messages

open snapchat

1. Launch the Snapchat app. If you are new to the app, it will ask for permission to have access to your camera. Snapchat is an app where the majority of functions involve having a camera. You will need to give Snapchat the access to your camera if you would like to use a large amount of the app functions.

Swipe right on the screen

2. Swipe right on the screen. It will bring your friends, or the people that you have added. You can also press the square in the bottom left- hand corner of your screen to display the people that you can send messages to. If you can’t find the person that you are looking for, you can search them in the search bar that is located at the top of your screen.

3. Click on the chat of your choice. If you do not see the person that you are looking for and you want to create a chat with them, click the square with the plus next to it in the upper right- hand corner of the screen.

4. You will see a blinking line at the bottom center of the screen. Press that box and your keyboard will pop up. You will be able to send a text message now.

Snapchat erases the messages as soon as you open them. To change this, you have two options.

Save the text message:

  1. After sending a message, press and hold on the message until it turns gray. The person that sent that message will be alerted that you saved that message.

Changing the chat setting:

1. Launch the app and swipe left.

2. Press and hold on the person whose messages you want to change the settings for.

Press “More,” which is the fifth option

3. A menu and a series of options will pop up. Press “More,” which is the fifth option.

4. After pressing “More” a new set of options will pop up. Press “Delete Chats…”.

5. New options will pop up in the center of the screen and you will need to choose “24 Hours After Viewing.” After doing this, you will be able to view the messages up to 24 hours after viewing. This helps to prevent you from forgetting the conversation that you were just having.

2. Through their Story

open snapchat

1. Launch the Snapchat app in your phone. It will open to a screen that has access to your camera.

2. Swipe to the left. You will now see small circles at the top of your screen. Snapchat describes these as a person’s “stories.” They are usually videos or pictures that the person posted that they are experiencing.

swipe left to view stories

3. Click on the circle of the person’s “story” that you would like to view. It will now pop up on your screen and you will now view them.

swipe up on the story to chat

4. At the bottom of the screen in the center, there is an upside- down “v” and underneath it there is the word “chat.” Swipe your finger up the screen.

5. Your keyboard will pop up and you will be able to type your response.

6. Hit the blue “send” button in the bottom right corner of the keyboard. Now your message is sent.