Bumble, like many dating apps, offers the same “swipe left, swipe right” mechanic that aims to match people together. And through the mutual liking of each other, the opportunity to chat with one another is opened for business, right? Well, not exactly, as it will be explained in detail below.

Suffice it to say that Bumble works similar to, say, Tinder, but it’s the way the “swipe left, swipe right” mechanic is implemented that makes Bumble radically different, pushing Bumble out of the crowd and away from Tinder. With the way it handles matches, it makes it a great online dating app, especially for women.

Let’s break Bumble wide open and collect the honey.

What is Bumble?

When you thumb through what Bumble has to offer, it may seem like it’s all for women, and that is partially true. However, it isn’t exclusive to women. Men can use Bumble too, but the way the mechanics work is centered around women; there’s a difference.

By Bumble’s own words, their aim is:

…a desire to reinvent the antiquated rules of dating. We empower women by giving them the ability to control the conversation when dating, finding friends, and networking online.

It’s more of a platform for women to safely enter the dating world without being harassed by macho men obsessed with the idea of “alpha males,” a concept that has been largely criticized, rather than exclusive to women.

How Does Bumble Work?

Are you familiar with Tinder? Then you’ll know how Bumble works. Bumble uses the same mechanic of swiping left to pass on someone’s profile, but swiping right means you like their profile and want to know more.

Once a connection has been made between two people, a conversation can be opened, but it’s the way conversation is handled that makes Bumble stand above the crowd of dating apps.

Messaging in Bumble

You’ve swiped right on someone and they, fortunately for you, have swiped right on you, too. When does the messaging start? Well, if you identify as a man, than you are out of luck; you won’t be making the first move.

You see, Bumble is the ‘Sadie Hawkins’ of online dating apps. When a match is made between two people, the person that identifies as a woman is the one that makes the move, even if both individuals swiped right on each other. Always. The ball is in the woman’s court and they have to be the one to make the decision on whether or not to pass the ball back or leave the ball behind, cutting the connection entirely.

If you do identify as a woman, and you do want to chat with the person you’ve matched, you’ll see a notification pop up over the person’s profile, provided they swiped right on you too, and Bumble will start counting down, indicating how much time you have left to respond or cut off the connection. As for the time limit, you have exactly 24 hours which is, to be frank, plenty of time to make a decision. However, there does exist an extension you can use, but you can only use the extension once. Make sure the extension is worth using.

You can have several conversations ready to be opened under “Expiring Connections.” Simply tapping their name will initiate the conversation. When you do respond, the other person will, naturally, be notified and given 24 hours to respond to you.

If you identify as a man, well, there isn’t much you can do. Of course, you’ll be notified that you were matched, but the conversation is then out of your hands unless your match responds. That may seem unfair on the surface, but you have to consider to scores of men who act in rather inappropriate ways, hence, why Bumble is popular among women. Sorry, boys.

The Finer Details of Messaging in Bumble

So, opposite-sex connections have been covered, but what about same-sex matches? It would be silly for a man to match with a man and not have the ability to respond to one another, would it not? Fortunately, the rules above in the section “Messaging in Bumble” do not apply to same-sex matches in Bumble BFF. Both individuals have equal power in sending the first message.

Bottom Line

As you can see, sending messages to your matches isn’t any different than it is on, say, Tinder. It’s different for Bumble users that identify as a man, but after the conversation has been allowed, Bumble turns into your typical online dating app. You can exchange messages to one another until you feel like taking it further or cutting the conversation short and moving on.