Almost everyone who has a cell phone today has had a number that just wouldn’t quit calling and offering random things like credit cards and extended car warranties or asking if you are interested in going back to school. You have also probably heard in the news about how Cell Phone companies selling your phone number to outside companies.

These calls are something just about everyone faces because of automated telemarketing companies trying to sell you something and the large number of scammers that are constantly trying to get your bank information or other sensitive private information.

Most people just ignore the calls when they come in or answer the phone and tell them to stop calling. That isn’t how it tends to work though. The same people call back again and again. It seems like once one of these people or companies gets your number, they don’t ever stop using it.

That means that it is up to you if you want this to stop. You can of course block the number from calling altogether. That is good if you are trying to stop scammers or annoying salesmen. If it is someone you know though, you might just want to silence their calls instead of blocking them completely.

You can send calls directly to voicemail so you can screen what they have to say before deciding to call back or not and you can call back at a time that works for you.

1. Using Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode is used to completely “unplug” your Android device from the rest of the world. This will turn off all interaction between your phone and any network it might be connected to, including any Wi-Fi networks

1. Swipe your screen down from the top of your home screen to open your Notification Panel

2. Tap the Gray Icon that looks like an Airplane. This will activate Airplane Mode and stop all incoming calls and messages as well as turn off your mobile data

3. The icon will turn Blue when it is activated, and your calls will be sent straight to your voicemail

4. To turn Airplane Mode off, just tap the icon again

2. Using Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is used to direct incoming calls to a second number that you choose. You can use this to forward a business line to your personal cell phone or home phone to make yourself available anywhere and anytime.

You can also use it to send incoming calls to your voicemail, so you won’t be bothered when you are busy. You just need to know your voicemail box number and to follow these steps.

1. Open your Phone App which should look like a Landline Phone

2. Now, Tap the button that looks like Three Vertical Dots in the top right corner of your screen

3. Tap the Settings tab and then Tap More Settings

4. Tap on the Call Forwarding tab

5. Next, Tap on the Voice Call tab

6. Choose the Always Forward tab and a pop up window will show up

7. In this window, Type your voicemail number into the blank

8. Tap Turn On or Enable.

All incoming calls will go directly to your voicemail now and will not ring through on your Android

3. Using Do Not Disturb

1. You need to Open your Settings by sliding your Notification Bar open from the top of your screen and Tapping the icon that looks like a Gear

2. Tap the Sounds and vibration tab

Turn on Do Not Disturb

3. You will find the Do Not Disturb option here, toggle the switch On to activate the feature

4. Using this will keep your phone from ringing on your end but will still ring through. The call will still show up on your phone though

5. You can also just Tap the Do Not Disturb Icon in your Notification Bar instead of Going into your Settings

4. Turning Your Android Off

This is the last resort to finding silence. You can turn off your Android and this will stop all activity on your device. All of your incoming calls will go to voicemail as a result of this.